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Can’t Login to Instagram Account: Causes and Solutions

Instagram is known worldwide for its wide range of functions and features. You can publish your photos and videos in the public domain, post short stories, communicate in private chat, engage in commercial activities, and advertise your product. But sometimes, a nasty problem can arise when you start the service making you unable to log in to your Instagram account. In this article, you will learn how to solve it the fastest way possible.

Is It A Serious Problem?

The inability to login to Instagram may be a minor annoyance for regular users, but digital marketers take it more seriously because it affects many of their work goals. For example, you can’t manage your content, schedule posts, or interact with your audience (miss the opportunity to reply to comments and direct messages or engage in conversations). 

Thus, it can disrupt your content calendar and overall content management workflow, reducing audience engagement. Moreover, Instagram provides valuable data and analytics to help SMM managers assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. However, you can’t track reach, engagement, subscriber growth, or conversion rates due to Instagram errors.  

It can also disrupt current relationships with Influencers or make it difficult to establish new partnerships. Many digital marketers use Instagram’s advertising features to reach a wider audience and increase conversions. Not logging in to Instagram will deprive you of the opportunity to manage and optimize your ad campaigns, leading to a spent budget.

As you can see, being unable to log into your working Instagram account can have severe implications for your advertising campaigns’ effectiveness and your brand’s reputation. But if you know how to solve this problem, these negative consequences will never affect you.

Causes Of Errors When Logging Into Instagram

The root of the solution to any problem lies in its understanding. In other words, you need to find out precisely what might have been a barrier to logging into your Instagram account. And based on that information, figure out how to solve it. 

📌 The user inattention. When logging in, the system requires you to specify a secure password and log in. If there is an error in personal information or invalid parameters are set, the security system will not allow you to access your profile. So check whether you have permanent Internet access and money on the tariff plan of the connected operator.

📌 Software. A timely update plays an essential role in the stable operation of the mobile application to the device’s operating system.

📌 Incompatible device. The Instagram program has minimum system requirements; it is suitable only for modern gadgets. Outdated phones will not support social networks.

📌 Structural problems with the device. Failure of the receiving antenna or SIM card.

The last two items require replacing or purchasing a new phone. All other problems can be solved independently in short terms. Below you will find some effective methods to fix the Instagram error.

Forgot Your Contact Information to Login into Your Instagram Account

Since September 2021, Instagram has required an email address or phone number to log in. Without either of these details, entering the social network will be problematic but possible. So first, select the “Forgot your password?” or “Need help?” option on your Instagram login screen. It will guide you through the account recovery process, which usually involves providing your account’s email address or phone number. 

You can contact Instagram support directly ( if you cannot access it. Then explain your situation and provide all the necessary information about your account. Alternatively, if you’ve connected your Instagram account to other platforms or services (Facebook), you can try logging in through those platforms. 

However, you can also choose the easiest and shortest route possible — recover Instagram account without phone number with the help of experts of an online consulting service, who often solve these problems online. However, if you know your contact information, below are the most common login error problems and methods to solve them.

Instagram Updates

Instagram is constantly updated with new features, graphics, and built-in tools, which become available only after the mobile application is updated. Software developers recommend keeping track of the appearance of new software and installing the latest updates promptly. Innovations affect the following factors:

  • New features and functions appear in the service.
  • Increased security and privacy of personal information.
  • Increased speed of data processing and page loading.

If you use an outdated firmware version, you risk encountering errors and cannot enter and exit the profile. To install the update, you will need the following:

  • Launch the software store Play Market or AppStore on your smartphone. 
  • In the search box, type the name of the utility Instagram. 
  • Download and install the update.

Moreover, the best option here is to activate the automatic installation of add-ons. You can also enable this function in the official software store. Perform the saving of changes, after which the system will track the release of innovations and run them without your intervention. The same algorithm of actions is performed on a PC.

Poor Network Speed

Instagram requires a stable connection to the Internet for smooth operation. You cannot authorize the service if there is no connection to the network or minimal download speed. Below consider the causes and ways to resolve them:

  • Check the availability of stable mobile data reception in your location where you are. If it is unstable, find a region with active signal reception from the service provider.
  • If you use a wireless network via Wi-Fi, you can restore the connection by trivial rebooting the router.
  • There may be problems with the smartphone, the receiving antenna, or the SIM card. So run any other application or browser on the device to check. In the worst case, you must have your phone repaired or buy a new one.

Not the Current Date and Time

The Instagram mobile app may only behave correctly if your phone’s operating system is set to the current time or date. The service uses system certificates, and if the time in them does not match the one specified in the device, this leads to errors. To avoid this situation, activate the automatic detection of the time zone and date on your smartphone. You can do this in the gadget settings. Consider also that the location of the items differs on different models of devices.


Difficulties encountered when trying to login to your Instagram account can be frustrating and interfere with your workflow. However, it would help if you understood that this is a common issue many users face. Login problems can be caused by many things, from forgotten passwords to technical glitches. However, the solutions described in this article will help you quickly and easily regain access to your accounts and restart your Instagram activity.

Shaurya Jain
Shaurya Jain

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