15 Links in One month for a Meditation Site (With Shotgun Skyscraper Technique)

I was hired by an author in the meditation and spirituality space to do a technical SEO audit and build links to his site. Due to the Medic update, his blog had suffered a decline in traffic and he wanted to see if building links helped him recover a bit.

The Challenge

This was a dream client so I would not say there was any challenge as such. He has awesome content on his site so I was pretty confident that we would be able to links quite easily and we did.

The Solution

Like I said building links was not going to be a big issue! We zeroed in on skyscraper technique to build links since he has so many comprehensive posts.

In the skyscraper technique, we reach out to the linkers of similar pieces of content and show them our more comprehensive piece of content. 

I chose one piece of content from my client’s site that had 15 similar pieces of content with a combined total of 300 odd prospects.

This is the email that we sent the prospects:


And this is one of the typical responses:


In total, we got 15 links by the end of the one month campaign. 

Some of the big sites we got links from are:

Techboomers.com (DR 55)

Hive.com (DR 62)

Purposefairy.com (DR 58)



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