40+ links to Resume Distribution Site in 2 Months using Skyscraper Method and Broken Linkbuiding

A resume distribution agency approached us to help them get links. They were investing heavily in Paid ads but knew that SEO was important for their long term growth.

The Challenge

The Client’s website had no Blog content that be could be used for Linkbuilding. Despite a lot of “Blog Posts”, none was indepth enough which could attract links.

The Solution

To solve this problem, we analyzed the industry and found a type of content that was proven to get a lot of Links – Free Resume and CV templates.
The client created 11 Different resume templates for both Google Docs and word format and hosted it on their site.

Now to get links to this awesome resource, we zeroed in two tactics.: Broken Link Building & Skyscraper Technique.

Broken Link Building: We found a page which earlier hosted free resume templates but was dead now. It had a whopping 93 links pointing to it.

We got a list of the linkers and reached out to them with personalized emails notifying them about the dead resource. Many people thanked us and linked to it happily and many people ignored our emails. But its all part of the game.
Here is an example email we sent:

Skyscraper method: In this method, we reached out to the linkers of similar resources to ours and asked the site owner to link to us as well. Initially, we had a list of around 1100 prospects which we filtered down to 250 as the rest were not high-quality sites.

Next, we reach out to these 250 odd prospects with personalized emailing highlighting how what they are already linking to is not good enough and how our templates are better.


By the end of the two campaigns, we had 40+ links.

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