90+ Links for Coupons and Cashback Site

So we were hired by a big Coupon Codes and Cashback website in the US to help them get links. Although they were earning links already thanks to the value they provide to people, they wanted to build more links proactively to keep up with the competition.

The Challenge

The website needed links to “brand name + coupons” or the homepage. This is always difficult as people are way more likely to link to Blog content than commercial pages or Homepage of a website.

The Solution

To solve this problem we had zeroed in on two strategies: The moving Man method/broken Link building and Guest posts
The Moving Man Method: As a part of this method, we found coupon and deal sites that are no longer working. After digging hundred of pages we found some dead coupon sites with hundreds of quality backlinks whose backlinks we could acquire.

The way we did this was first to filter the backlinks which met particular metric criteria and then reach out to the site owners with a personalized message that the site that they are linking to is dead and they could replace it with ours.

Here is an example Email we sent:

We got a lot of Homepage links this way!
Guest Posts: In order to get links to particular “brand X + coupons” pages, we did a big guest posting campaign.
Since we have control over the content in guest posts, we could link to any page we want.
We did a lot of guest posts in niches related to coupons: Personal finance, Make money online, Frugalism etc.
The results
We got 90+ links from both the campaigns combined.
We got links from sites like:
Easyfinance.com (DR 58)

moneypantry.com (DR 56)

Preview of Links we got:

Guest posts:
Broken Links:

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