25 Guest Posts to Dog Affiliate Site in One month

An affiliate site in the Dogs niche approached us to get them high quality links. They were investing heavily in Content and needed Links to rank that content.

The Challenge

Since it was an affiliate site it was tough to get links to it as people are wary of linking to affiliate sites because of the amount of spam and false information affiliate marketers usually use on their sites.


To solve this problem, we decided to guest posts. I am particularly proud of this campaign because the outreach template we used for this campaign resulted in many bloggers thanking us for reaching out to them.

It had the perfect mix of personality, humor, and value.

Here is the email:

hey there 

As I sit here writing this email to you, my dog, George, is barking at me to go on a walk. Keep quiet George. Here I am trying to help your species through blogging, and you want me to go outside. 

Oh sorry, I got distracted! Does your dog do this too :-D? Anyway… 

I am John Devlin, Founder of Dogsbarn ( http://dogsbarn.com/ ) , the go to place to know Everything about the Tail Wagger you love unconditionally, adore limitlessly and care for selflessly. 

I’m emailing you because I noticed you accept guest contributions from time to time – are you still looking for guest contributions for Certapet? 

Right now, I have a few not so bad ideas about Dog health, and I think one or two of them would feel right at Home on your blog if you‘re interested? BTW, my blog gets about 19000 visitors PM all thanks to the 13 comprehensive article I have put up so far. This one is my favorite ( http://dogsbarn.com/dog-breathing-fast/ ) . 

Do you wish to receive a Super short email with 2-3 of my ideas? (don’t worry, I’ll keep it as succinct as possible) 

Your two legged Friend, 

John Devlin 

Dogsbarn.com’s owner, Experienced blogger, Terrible Cook  ‘


We sent this email to 150 odd prospects after personalizing the email for each one and two follow-ups and got 30 odd positive replies to our guest post request.
After sending topic ideas to those 30 sites, we got 25 interested in having a guest post from us.
This was all done in a span of one month. Since it was an affiliate site, their budget did not allow them to continue the link building for more than one month but they were very happy with the work we did for them in that one month.
Here is what the owner of the site has to say about us.

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