What our Clients Say.

I can vouch for Shaurya Jain. He’s a smart Cookie and he knows a good link when he sees one! His outreach emails are not your usual s*** either - He makes an effort to personalize the emails properly and with real information. He does not just chuck F_name in there and be done with it; he does his research.

And bottom...he gets results, which is all that matters 🙂

I recently hired Shaurya to run a small outreach campaign for one of my sites. I wanted to see if there really are small providers out there that can do a stellar job. In one week he:

  • Created a Persona and an email account.
  • Sourced an incredible list of prospective sites (with my metric requirements in mind!!)

And then sent out a HIGHLY customized set of emails. When I say highly customized, I genuinely mean, I could not have done it better myself.

Now to the epic part. In just one week, he got over 32 positive responses (enough for that project’s link pipeline for a while) and he even helped my team with strategies and so on.

Hire him before he is booked out, that is all I am saying.

I used Shaurya’s Link Building outreach services for an affiliate site in the dog niche. I don’t believe this service is expensive when you consider the value of the links. If you have a quality site with Good content and struggle with white hat outreach then I can certainly recommend this service. It is exactly as explained.