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App To See Who Views Your Instagram Free

You must have come across a boatload of apps that promise to help you discover the hidden secrets about your audience and understand what type of content intrigues them the most.

However, this prompts the question, “Are these tools really beneficial, or are they just another gimmick?” Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Apps To See Who Views Your Instagram

Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 Insta stalker apps available now and evaluate their details!


One of the most popular apps for analyzing Instagram follower stats, Influxy is available on Play Store and has a staggering 1 million+ downloads. The app has a rating of 4.4/5  and provides seamless services to its users.

All follower activity can be tracked very easily using this app— including people who follow and unfollow, people who visit, people who blocked or visited the most times, or how the relationships change between 2 individuals. The app categorizes the follower status as a parameter to check if a friendship has been changed between 2 users (sounds cool, right?).

The app is also available on the App Store where it has got a rating of 4.7. The app works very efficiently and provides good results to users. Most Instagram business users rely on this app for their important stuff!


Rated 4.7 on the Play Store, InStalker is one of the most trusted apps by users. The app was developed by InStalker Inc and was launched in 2020. The app has more than 1 million downloads from the Play Store and is regularly updated with new features.

InStalker provides many useful Instagram insights like followers who blocked or unfollowed your Instagram account or ghost followers (fake users) or users who stalked your profile or viewed your stories. It instantly notifies the users so that they can make immediate decisions about this. The website, provides complete details about the timeline of this app till now.

This Insta stalker app provides 3 duration based paid subscriptions to the users — 1 week, 1 month, or 3 months. These subscriptions provide extended features and insights to the users!

Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer was launched in 2020. The app has been consistently updated since then to improve its performance. The app provides useful tracker features like follower activity, ghost followers, visitors, etc.

Currently, the app is not available on Play Store and has to be downloaded from third party websites.

Apart from follower activity, a person can also analyze his popularity by knowing the most watched video or the most liked video/photo on his profile. Extended functionality includes the display of followers who engage the most with the profile’s content and also the ones who do not do it at all.

^ These are some unique features of this app not available to competitors.


The app, as its name suggests, tells a person every detail about his Instagram account. Complete follower activity is shared with the user so that he can make changes to his profile accordingly. The app’s APK is present on various third party websites and the app has received a decent rating of 4.3 from users. The app was launched in 2021 and has a user base of ~120, 000 persons!

The app tells a person about all his Instagram activity and how popular his profile is in real life. The app gives Instagram insights like the followers who unfollowed a profile or who stalked a profile. All social media activity related to Instagram is displayed by this app.

Followers Report IG

The app provides details about the deep insights drawn from an Instagram profile. The app is both available for the app store and the play store, where it is rated 4.2 and 4.3, respectively.

The app has more than 100,000 downloads on the Play Store. The same insights as others are tracked by this app which includes the number of followers and unfollowers, the users who spend considerable time on a profile, and many more.

The app was launched in 2020 and has proved to be highly beneficial for both common and business account users. According to, this app is the best Instagram analyzer tool for influencers. The app has been regularly updated since its launch and provides an excellent experience to its users!


The app was launched in 2016 and has more than 60,000 downloads. The app is available for both android and IOS users and functions like other Insta stalker apps. It is not available on the Play Store and can be downloaded through websites like instameter.

The app is rated 3.9 on the Appstore and is popular among the reviews. The app provides useful follower insights like who viewed your posts, and stories and stalked your profile or who is the most active follower.

Instagram analytics are well understood by this app and it gives insights to the users about how popular they are among the public. The app gets regularly updated depending upon the requirements.


InMyStalker – Who Viewed My Profile, the name speaks for itself. This app developed by InMyStlkr Inc is not available on the Play Store. One has to download its APK directly from other websites.

According to Androidout, the app has ~8 million followers and is continuously maintained by the developers. It’s only available on Android as of now and is free to use. Some special features are paid for, however. The app gives all details of stalkers, followers who unfollowed or blocked the Instagram account, and secret admirers as well.

The app was launched in 2020 and has received great responses from users as well. The functionality of the app to provide deep Instagram insights like follower activity has caused a furor in the market. Apps like these help people a lot in maintaining their profiles.


Another third-party app or a follower tracker for Instagram. The app gives details about stalkers and followers who engage with the content (commenting, liking).

Like most others, this small app is not available on the Play Store too. This app is one of those that have both an Android and a PC version. The PC version requires a certain set of specifications for the system to function properly.

The app provides the same details as story viewers, followers, unfollowers, and top engagers. This app is not so popular among users due to the dominance of competitor apps.

Stalker Reports

Like the ones described above, this last member of the list also has the same functionality of tracking Instagram profiles deeply. It also provides reports of stalkers, genuine followers, ghost followers, and secret visitors.

Stalker Reports is one of the most popular Instagram tracker apps, with more than 100,000 downloads. It is available on the Play Store and has an excellent rating of 4.8.

Users are delighted with the functions of this app due to its flawlessness and excellent performance. Also, the UI of the app is far better than many others. The app was launched in 2020 and has grown enormously since then. Websites like Steprimo, provide the APK of this app too.

Visitors Pro

The app is an alternative for IOS users who wish to keep track of their Instagram insights. The app is available on the app store and is rated 3.2.

When it comes to Visitors Pro, the app performs the same actions as others — finding out who viewed your Instagram profile, who is your most active follower, who are ghost followers, and who were the top 5 visitors. These insights help in managing the engagement rate of the profile well.

However, the app reviews on the app store inform that most of the users are unhappy with its high pricing structure and malfunctioning features. The app has not done well, which is clear from the rating it has received. They feel that the app does not provide all the features it promises!

Launched in 2017, the app has not been able to generate considerable reach among Apple users due to its faulty services and bad reviews. Reports claim that the app has less than 10,000 users worldwide.

Are Instagram Stalker Apps Safe?

In our honest opinion, these apps are not that safe to use. They provide valuable stats and enable the profile owner to know who visited the profile and for what purpose. They are undoubtedly very useful, but these third-party apps can be irritating at times.

Developed by not-so-big, low-level companies, often the apps are broken and do not function properly. They can be the cause of leaking viruses into your system too. Moreover, the data tracked by them is used for trade-offs and is sold to unknown organizations for high amounts.

It can’t be confidently said that these apps are entirely safe, as data theft has become a common malpractice these days — so make sure you do your complete research before using third-party apps!

Shaurya Jain
Shaurya Jain

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