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Backlinks remain the Number One Google Ranking Factor. If you don't build content-driven Backlinks consistently, your competitors will zoom past you in Google before you know it. Attention Always helps you earn White Hat Backlinks with our scalable & authentic Link Building approach. Learn how to Build Backlinks & Increase your Revenue by clicking the Button below.

Our Four Step

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Content Audit

  • Analysing Existing Content
  • Helping You Creat Link Worthy content
  • Selecting Content Assets to Promote
  • Optimizing Content Assets for Higher Rankings
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  • Making a list of potential Linkers
  • Cherry Picking Highly relevant Targets
  • Making notes on how to pitch them
  • Collecting their Contact information for Outreach
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  • Setting Up Email Account
  • Reaching out to Potential Linkers
  • Explain why they should Link to You
  • Following up
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Get Links

  • Making a list of Links achieved
  • Reporting to You about New Links
  • Monthly Traffic Increase Report
  • Monthly Call to Discuss about Your Campaign

What People are Saying

I can vouch for Shaurya Jain. He’s a smart Cookie and he knows a good link when he sees one! His outreach emails are not your usual s*** either - He makes an effort to personalise the emails properly and with real information. He does not just chuck F_name in there and be done with it; he does his research.

And bottom...he gets results, which is all that matters 🙂



Building Links to bring traffic tsunamis is my Profession

The Skinny Brown Dude on the left is me: Shaurya Jain. I help brands build white hat Links to take their site's traffic to the next level.