[ANSWERED] What Does 5k Subscribers Mean On Snapchat?

Have you ever visited a Snapchat account and spotted a “subscribers count,” and felt confused as to what it actually means?

You might well have observed that although some of them have the tag “5K” on their profiles, others have a precise number displayed on them. Make yourself at ease if you’ve ever been confused about this; I’ll clear up all of your questions today!

What Does 5K Subscribers Mean On Snapchat?

As the name suggests, 5k subscribers mean that the user has more than 5000 followers or subscribers on the Snapchat platform.

Remember that for a profile to show this count there are 2 requirements:

  1. The account should be a Snapchat public profile.
  2. The followers count should be more than 5000 followers!

Once a user fulfills the above requirements, they will have the option to display the “subscriber count” shown on their profile.

If their Snapchat subscriber count is less than 5000, it will show “<5K” on their creator profile and will not show the exact number of Snapchat followers.

Showcasing your subscriber numbers on your public profile is primarily useful for keeping tabs on your platform interaction. It’s also a terrific method to wow other Snapchat users on the site and brag to your fellow users about how popular your profile is!

Quick note: For making a public Snapchat profile, follow these steps:

Step #1 — Log in to your Snapchat profile

Step #2 — Tap on your ”Profile icon”

Step #3 — Scroll down to the “Public Profile” section.

Step #4 — Tap on “Create Public Profile”

Step #5 — Follow the “On-screen instructions” to create your Public Profile.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Make Money On Snapchat?

You don’t require a specific amount of subscribers to start making money on Snapchat; so, your subscriber count or follower count doesn’t determine how much you can monetize your account.

Although your current subscribers could play a significant part in this, they are not the sole force at work.

There are numerous things you can do in order to make money on the platform, including:

  1. Create viral interesting content
  2. Engage in affiliate marketing
  3. Take up brand sponsorships and brand deals
  4. Sell filters and Snapchat lenses

How To Increase Your Subscribers On Snapchat?

For increasing your subscriber on Snapchat, you can do various things like — posting regularly on Snapchat Spotlight, Hopping onto new trends, Running ads, Collaborating with other Snapchat creators, and sharing your Snapchat profile on other social media platforms.

Let’s understand each of these points in more detail!

Regularly Upload Snapchat Stories & Videos On Spotlight

My most trusted thumb rule for excelling on any social media platform is to use it regularly and consistently.

By being active on the platform, it becomes easier for your audience to recall you, and when you consistently provide interesting and relevant content, your audience will be compelled to subscribe to your channel and interact with it more.

Hence, if you frequently keep posting Snapchat stories, snaps, and videos on Spotlight, it will help you attract more people and increase your subscriber count! In fact, try to even increase your snapchat score with your friends & other users.

If your content is well-liked by people in Snapchat’s spotlight, the algorithm will push it to a larger audience, increasing the likelihood that your channel will attract new subscribers.

Even in the Snapchat spotlight, you have the option to add trending hashtags to your Snapchat video — helping a person find your content easily and boosting your account’s overall visibility.

I’d say, keeping up with the latest trends is a surefire way to attract new Snapchat subscribers.

Any music, dance routine, etc. that is trending on the platform gives you an opportunity to reach a larger pool audience — so make sure you leverage trends to build your own subscriber base.

By hopping on to the new trends you can stay up to date with what is actually happening in the social media world and you can resonate more with your audience!

You also have a competitive advantage on the platform if you consistently keep up with the most recent trends. By spotting the newest trends before your competitors do, you can make content that is more relevant and engaging and win over your audience.

Run Snapchat Ads

Running Ads is the age-old method of reaching your target demographic and audience. Similarly, Snapchat ads are a great way to boost your profile’s exposure, which in turn will attract more viewers and potential subscribers.

Snapchat curates the entire audience based on user behavior, content preferences, and the accounts they follow. It only displays your profile to those it sees fit for your account.

It ensures that you are connecting with the people who will find your content engaging, and it boosts the odds of more people subscribing to your Snapchat account.

You can include a call to action button (that is the subscribe button) to your ad that encourages people to subscribe to your creator account.

This strategy makes the whole subscribing thing much more interesting and helps you attract a lot of subscribers in a very short amount of time!

Also, always remember to keep your app updated and clear the cache so that there are no glitches inside the app.

Collab With Other Creators People

There is no better way to ensure that you are tapping into a diverse audience than by using this strategy!

Collaboration with other creators on the platform gives you the chance to make your content visible to a new set of audience that hasn’t seen it before, which boosts your visibility and encourages users to subscribe to you.

When you work with another Snapchat influencer, you have the chance to cross-promote your respective works. This means that you can share the work of the other snap stars and help them in reaching a larger audience, and vice versa.

Working with a large creator community offers an opportunity to make professional connections; these contacts can then be leveraged to get new future partnerships.

Share Your Snapchat Profile On Other Social Media

Sharing your Snapchat profile with your existing followers on other platforms is a great way to gain more exposure and develop your following. I’ve always seen this strategy working.

Having a profile on another social media platform increases the likelihood that people who already follow or are friends with you there will check out your Snapchat, raising the probability that you will gain new subscribers.

Promoting your Snap account on other social media will increase your audience’s awareness of your brand and encourage them to follow you there.


How To See Your Snapchat Subscribers?

Follow these steps for seeing the list of your Snapchat subscribers:
Step #1 — Open Snapchat app
Step #2 — Now, tap on your “Profile icon” on the top left corner of your screen
Step #3 — Next, scroll down to the Snapchat “Subscriptions” section and tap on it
Step #4 — That’s it! You can see the list of all your Snapchat subscribers in alphabetical order!

How Many Subscribers Do You Need On Snapchat To Get Verified?

While having a certain amount of followers can increase your chances of having your Snapchat account approved, there is no such magic number that will make your account verified on Snapchat.  Instead, the verification depends on the number of Snapchat story views you are getting.

According to Snapchat, in order to get your profile verified, you need at least 50,000 story views (that is, 50,000 people seeing your story till the end).
However, it is not clear if you need to have 50,000+ views on every story you upload or just a few.

Does Snapchat Pay Money?

According to Snapchat, they paid 12,000 creators more than $250 million in 2021 as part of its Snapchat Spotlight programs — this shows that Snapchat does actually pay money.

It is reported that Snapchat pays out a staggering $1 million per day to its users depending on various factors like the virality of the video!

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