15 Best Alternative Apps Like Whisper

Somewhere, down the line, all of us like being in an environment that is judgment free and safe. Anonymous social media apps are one such place where you can connect with other strangers and be yourself, spill your secrets or just simply vent. 

One of the most famous anonymous social media apps is Whisper. It has garnered a lot of popularity in recent times. However, there are plenty of other anonymous app on the internet and I’ve curated the list of top 15 apps like Whisper.

15 Best Alternative Apps Like Whisper

Finding alternatives for the well-known app like whisper has become somewhat of a challenge as social media platforms have ingrained themselves into every aspect of our lives. 

So, I’ve looked through other apps similar to Whisper, details of which are here, under mentioned in brief.

Stranger Chat

Stranger Chat, as the name literally suggests,  allows you to connect with complete strangers while being completely anonymous. You can start conversations with total strangers, talk about anything you want, and connect with them. 

This app has some extremely cool features that instantaneously connect strangers from all around the world. You can find individuals from a particular country by using the country picker feature of this app. 

You can communicate with people who are close to you and who you could one day meet in person thanks to this. In addition to the geo-location, the app also provides a few mini-games for users to engage with one another when they run out of topics of conversation. 

People can use this fantastic video chat platform anonymously and without ever disclosing any personal information which makes it one of the best alternatives of Whisper app.


When it comes to anonymity, Reddit is one of the most well-liked apps. This is even my personal app.

To join a chatroom or community that interests you, simply create a Reddit account. Users are able to interact with one another and have anonymous discussions on any subject.

More than 52 million people use it regularly. This app is perfect for someone who wants a place to talk about ideas and subjects with random people. You may even create your own community around virtually anything with this app.

Go Secret

GoSecret is a free secure instant messaging and HD voice/video calling programme that provides you total control over your relationships and material. It also protects your privacy.

 Every day, people use the GoSecret to communicate instantly and for free with anyone in the world. Send and receive HD messages, take part in HD audio and video calls, and discover an ever-expanding range of additional tools to keep in touch. 

GoSecret technology is always activated to preserve high levels of anonymity so you may concentrate on sharing the moments that are most important to you. All the aforementioned makes GoSecret a good alternative of Wisher app.

Wickr Me

Users can send and receive end-to-end encrypted, content-expiring messages with attachments like photographs, videos, and files using the Wickr instant messaging apps. 

The programme is compatible with the Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems. Wickr was purchased by Amazon Web Services on June 25, 2021.

Popular information security groups have conducted frequent security assessments of Wickr since its introduction, which have confirmed Wickr’s code, security, and policy. 

Additionally, Wickr has started a “bug bounty programme” that pays hackers for discovering vulnerabilities in the app.


Connected2.me is regarded as one of the best Whisper app alternatives since it allows users to talk with strangers while masking their identity. Devices running iOS and Android can both use the app. You only need to install and launch the app, then fill out your personal information, to start meeting new people through it.

To conceal your identity, it is simple to use false information. Set a false profile picture if necessary. The app has a tonne of functions, one of which is the ability to alert you when your favourite pals are online. For individuals who wish to communicate with celebrities, professionals, and specialists, this app is a fantastic choice.

Askfm: Ask & Chat Anonymously

Askfm is one of the best alternatives of Whisper. On this app you can post and upload any questions anonymously. Moreover, you can also comment on other people’s posts, that too with complete anonymity. 

Here you can post anything, if you are struggling to find your identity, to dealing with some trauma or any random thing that you feel like asking strangers – you can ask as well as answer other people’s questions anonymously. 

It has more than 40 million active users and the app is totally free to use. The best part about this platform is, you can ask whatever you want, without any fear of any judgment. It can also help you to connect with other people and have meaningful conversations with them. 


Another anonymous app which can be used as a substitute of Whisper app is Sarahah.  This app enables you to write messages anonymously on other people’s user profiles. In Arabic, the name Sarahah implies “honesty.” It’s a great way to express yourself honestly.

The programme shields you from bullying and harsh remarks, so just because you have been provided with the opportunity to expresses one-selves doesn’t give you a right to abuse. Unlike Whisper, where users can feel unsafe, this app has excellent privacy settings.

Friend Shoulder 

As the name suggests, Friend Shoulder is an app through which anyone can share their problems, seek advice or just vent anonymously in front of other strangers. 

It is a safe space where anyone can share their problems, vent about maybe their bad day or just share their doubts, anxieties and they can get comforted by other users on the app, who may be going through a similar phase.

There are times in our real life, when we do not have anyone around us who can listen to us, comfort us or just simply be there for us – Friendly Shoulder is a great app just to vent out and feel better. You might make some online friends and seek valuable advice from them. 

On the app there are several categories where you can go and post your problems. Money, family, love, friendship, job, sexuality, these are some of the categories. You can meet people who can be there for you and listen to your problems and you can also do the same for other users who you feel empathetic towards.

MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

Meet Me is an app through which you can meet strangers around you as well as around the world. You can find people of similar interests and chat with them. 

It has 100 million active users. This is a great app if you are looking to date someone. It is a dating app cum social media site where users can post pictures, comments as well as chat with other strangers. 

If you are someone who just recently shifted to a new city or country, MeetMe can easily connect with nearby as well as people from other countries. You can text them, call them or even have a video call with them. 

One unique quality about this app is, you can even play fun games with strangers. It is surely one of the best Whisper alternatives. However, please note, only use this app if you are 17 and above. 


The most cutting-edge Whisper alternative available online is offered by Dirtyroulette. Most of the adult platforms are dominated by the male users, which may account up to 90% however that’s not the case with Dirtyroulette which provides you with the dirty chat rooms.

With the introduction of cams roulette, this free adult platform altered both cam sites and video chat. Using both of these together, users can freely talk cam to cam with thousands of hot girls! When you press the start button and instantly connect with a stunning girl on your screen, it is a wonderful feeling.

Text chat is available in every chat room, and connections can be filtered by country. This enables you to instantly video chat with girls in particular locations. Just make sure your webcam is turned on so that everyone else in the chat room can see you.


CoVerse is a fantastic app to try if you’re looking for guidance (or looking to provide it). In order to give you unbiased advice and responses to your most pressing questions, CoVerse matches you with other individuals.

Share your knowledge with others and express yourself while preserving your privacy. You can speak with users randomly using CoVerse’s Mixer feature or send anonymous messages to friends.


Chatous is another good alternative for Whisper app.  This apps enables you to connect with millions of people who share your interests. The ease of use of this software, together with its features like video chat and photo sharing, is the primary factor in its popularity.

By using the app’s video calls to interact with hundreds of individuals every day, you may demonstrate your talents. The software has a fantastic feature that allows you to change usernames at any moment and without any restrictions, enabling you to prevent profile searches. Through hashtags, you can also find other users to communicate with.

The gender filter on this app is another intriguing feature. But in order to access the functionality, you need to subscribe. The app has a passable video calling quality. In general, it is a good software to download.


Babble is an anonymous social networking site that gives you the freedom to share your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and confessions without worrying about receiving negative feedback. The software places a strong emphasis on encouraging its users to be sincere and helpful.

The Google Play Store has seen over 100,000 downloads of the free software Babbles, which features a fantastic user experience and complete identity security.

Users of Babbles are provided with features to add their stories, enjoy other users’ stories, and respond to them using emojis with this app’s fascinating function, which makes your chats more enjoyable. All the aforementioned features of this app make it a better alternative of whisper app.

HearMe – Empathy Not The Therapy

This software allows users to text with “trained Listeners who understand what you’re going through” in real-time about pretty much anything. HearMe’s main goals are to listen and comfort people, not to give advice or make decisions, as its name suggests.

In less than 60 seconds, you can select the category that best suits your requirements and locate a Listener. Relationship issues for LGBTQ+ people, discrimination, stress at work, and more are some of the categories.


A must-have Whisper app alternative for iPhone and Android is Moco. With Moco, it’s simple to meet new neighbours and have a private chat. Additionally, Moco allows for group, private, and public chats as well as phone and video calls with any stranger who also uses the programme.

One of the most popular applications for flirting with new people around the world and keeping up with locals is called Moco. You can choose from a variety of interesting features on Moco, as well as a lot of engaging options including amusing games and chat rooms. Unlike Whisper, which only emphasises texting, gaming, and meeting new friends, Moco also places a strong emphasis on entertainment. Additionally, the app offers a filter feature that allows users to search for new acquaintances depending on age, gender, geography, and sexual inclination.


Is there an app better than Whisper?

It typically needs a clean layout and a welcoming user experience for consumers to test an excellent Whisper alternative software. On the internet, you can find a huge selection of programmes that are similar to Whisper. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the top Whisper alternatives. I have gathered all of the apps that have features similar to those in the Whisper app as well as those that offer functionality that the Whisper app does not. These are all apps that merit your attention, and one of them may end up replacing Whisper for you.

Is the Whisper app still a thing?

Whisper is similar to a social media app where you may find and meet new individuals from across the world as well as send and receive anonymous messages. images and videos posted by other users. Whisper was built primarily for communicating candid ideas, exchanging tips, and making new chat pals.

However, as of October 2022, iOS has removed the MediaLab owned Whisper app from its platform, as a result of which the reach of Whisper app has been restricted to the Android users.

Is Whisper app truly anonymous?

The shortcoming of the Whisper app’s anonymity was recently covered by the Washington Post. As per the published report, Whisper exposed its users’ data which dates back to more than 7 years. Similar data exposure occurred for Whisper in 2014, but the company denied wrongdoing in both instances.

The apps mentioned above are also excellent substitutes for Whisper, which is still a fantastic option.

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