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7 Of The Best Data Extraction Tools

You cannot afford to lose your time when it comes to data extraction and handling, more so if you have the responsibility of handling an organization where loads of information is to be dealt with.

Organizing, analyzing, and storing the assembled information from piles of data on the internet is very time-consuming and difficult.

So here is the million-dollar question. How can the data be extracted with minimal effort and without using many resources?

This is where data extraction tools come to the rescue!

What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction is the process through which relevant data is extracted from a pile of big data lying around the web or any other data sources and then using the information for further benefits. Data extraction is simply taking the structured data from one format and subsequently converting it for your desired needs with the help of artificial intelligence or any other technology.

Data extraction is not just extracting the valuable information from some a web page, rather it is the extraction of the required data from any open source that might prove to be helpful for the organization. The data source can be your agreements, documents, invoices, WebPages, PDF file, or social media handles and the number could be different sources are countless.

Significance of Data Extraction

Your time is valuable, and data extraction in simple terms has emerged as a boon for businesses. The right use of data extraction can work wonders for an organization if used efficiently and properly.

Wasting time on searching, analyzing, and storing the unstructured data manually is not an option anymore, rather your main focus should be on how to interact with the leads and grow your business to the next level and resource the outcomes.

Data extraction not only saves your time but also relieves you from doing all the heady jobs that are not only time-consuming but the investment of resources that could be diverted towards other parameters of your business growth. Data extraction improves accuracy and reduces human errors that might otherwise prove to your enterprise. Data extraction can be a game-changer in this era where money and time are interrelated.

Here are six of the best data extraction tools and their systematic review that you can employ to extract data and ensure the desired outcomes:


ScrapingBee is a web scraping tool designed to scrape multiple job boards and corporate websites without dealing with proxies or chrome browsers. ScrappingBee offers an API, so you don’t have to worry about learning programming languages. It is compatible with all languages and is quite popular, being used regularly by numerous Fortune firms for web scraping tasks.

ScrapingBee handles various issues, including server-side headless chrome browsing and constantly changing proxy IP to avoid being blocked.

In addition to taking care of the data extraction for you, ScrapingBee provides the following additional benefits:

  • ScrapingBee is ideal for real estate scraping, pricing research, and scraping reviews from the internet without being blocked.
  • ScrappingBee specializes in discovering and exploiting development possibilities, such as lead generation, and contact information extraction
  • There is no rate limit limitation because of dynamic proxies.
  • ScrapingBee enables multi-language support, allowing you to utilize the API key in your applications without translating it first.
  • Scapingbee provides REST API support, allowing it to be used with any programming language, including CURL, Python, NodeJS, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Go.

ScrapingBee provides a free plan with 1000 free API requests, enough to understand and its capabilities. It also comes with flexible subscription plans that may be tailored to your company’s demands and budget. So, you may choose the ideal strategy for your company’s needs to get productive results.


TexAu is an amalgamation of growth automation and web automation platform that helps you to grow your business faster. TexAu ensures to get hold of your partners and clients who matter more than anything for your enterprise. TexAu scales up your business by scraping the most vital data you require in no time.

TexAu is a pretty powerful tool that allows cross-platform working to be smooth and efficient. TexAu has more than 120 integrated automation to get your business going through the most difficult sites and web pages. TexAu does data integration from various sites that help you to build your data most effectively and more smoothly and ensures that you do not miss any opportunity of getting a lead.

Along with all these features, TexAu offers the following added advantages:

  • Managing and extracting data from your social media handles efficiently
  • Growing your Instagram followers strategically
  • Increasing the reach of your LinkedIn profile
  • Managing leads using CRM
  • Getting cookies from websites
  • Enriching your Sales and marketing leads
  • Landing new LinkedIn connections
  • Missing no messages from your contacts & Engaging efficiently with them
  • Extracting codes with ease
  • Extracting data from Reddit
  • Scraping data from Product hunts
  • Extracting data directly into an usable structured format
  • Customizing workflows.

TexAu comes with a free 14-days trial and can be paid in a monthly and yearly subscription. Subscriptions vary from $29 to $199 per month based on the features that fit your needs and budget. You can use TexAu as a browser extension for free, so remember to give it a try.


Apify is a cloud platform for web scraping, browser automation, and data for AI. It enables you to build reliable web scrapers, known as Actors, that can rapidly automate anything you would normally do manually in a web browser.

Actors are serverless cloud programs that run on the Apify platform and perform computing jobs. They are called Actors because, like human actors, they perform actions based on a script. You can use your favorite libraries, as Apify works well with both Python and JavaScript, including Playwright, Puppeteer, Selenium, Scrapy, or any other library.

Let’s dive into some of the many advantages of using Apify:

– You can crawl millions of websites and extract data you need for market research, competitor tracking, or product development in formats such as Excel, CSV, or JSON.

– Automate manual workflows and processes on the web, such as filling in forms or uploading files. Let robots do the grunt work and scale up. 🤖

– Connect web services and APIs, and let data flow between them. Add custom computing and data processing steps for more complex workflows.

– Use the large pool of data center and residential proxies to never get blocked. They rely on smart IP address rotation with human-like browser fingerprints.

– Store structured data or binary files, and export your results in CSV, JSON, Excel, and many other dataset formats.

And the best part? It offers a free plan that lets you use most of the features of the Apify platform, but with certain limitations (no credit card required).


Phantombuster is a code-free growth automation platform designed for growth hackers who always want their leads to be on the top.

Phantombuster is another data extraction tool that helps in the easy extraction of the data and gets the job done quickly and easily without having to code even a single line. You can opt to have your customized workflow or use the ones made by professional salespeople, marketers, and growth hackers.

Phantombuster facilitates to schedule and triggers your actions the way you want them to, so just sit back, relax, and let Phantombuster do the job for you.

If you happen to be one of those who don’t have proper knowledge of coding or a SQL server and need to excel in your job without having to code, Phantombuster can be your best option to rely upon.

Apart from handling the data extraction for you, Phantombuster offers the following added advantages:

  • Extracting data from any web page
  • Managing your social media handles efficiently
  • Auto-following profiles and auto liking posts
  • Saving data in a simpler format
  • Sending customized messages
  • Customizing software based on your own needs
  • Computing Cloud database
  • Customized workflows
  • Improving reach on LinkedIn
  • Customizing control of the workflow & Workflow run 24*7
  • Getting leads on GitHub

Phantombuster is tailor-made, available both as a free and a paid subscription tool. The free version offers you only limited features and the paid one has multiple additional features to be utilized, ranging between $30 to $900 per month. PhantomBuster is also available as a browser extension for free. is one of the leading data extraction tools available for you in the market that promises to scrape data 8 times more than a manual data extraction process. So you cannot afford to miss out on any valuable information in your data sources. promises you 60% faster data extraction compared to other data extraction tools and it also provides you with 20% more data accuracy making it one of the choicest tools of data extraction. provides you with one of the trusted web integrations that are essential for managing data from different websites into one valuable data resource. That is necessary for managing your workflows into one single process as you have always desired, and this all is done with no hassles. makes data extraction a reality in a click. has numerous machine learning-based suggestion features that make searching and extraction easy for you while you work with loads of data.

Let’s have a look at some of the additional features offers:

  • Makes Alternative (alt) data more accurate and precise
  • Prevents you from financial risks
  • Enhances Marketing intelligence
  • Refined data provided is used by data scientists and analytics
  • Data provided help in equity research
  • Makes more prominent market strategies
  • Monitoring of sales is more efficient
  • Price monitoring is more convenient
  • Schedules and controls workflow
  • Export big data directly into readable forms
  • Extracting hidden contents
  • Multiple data extraction (Email Address, Image, Ip Address, Phone Number, Web Data Extraction). does not offer fixed prices for their subscription. Their subscriptions are customizable depending upon the needs of your business and your budget. has flexible pricing for everyone based on their requirements. So you can choose a plan that fits best for your business needs to have resourceful outcomes for your business.


ParseHub is a web scraping tool that can be used by anyone to extract data at a click of a button from the web. ParseHub does data mining from the multiple websites that use JavaScript or Ajax with ease and in no time.

With ParseHub by your side, you will face no problem in extracting data from even those sites that restrict the content using gated techniques. The extracted data is returned in form of JSON, Microsoft Excel, or API formats so that the data can be used in the preferred form of your choice easily and quickly.

The most significant feature of ParseHub is that it pulls the complete data ahead of schedule and makes your work more specific and easy.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of using Parsehub as a data extraction tool:

  • Sales leads are enhanced
  • Extracting large data from documents becomes easy and quick.
  • Scraping without any use of coding
  • Developers get a clean and neat HTML code
  • A high-quality analysis of data by Data scientists
  • Scraping of products from websites
  • Extraction of data by keywords
  • Proxies provided for keeping your IP address rotating
  • Aggregate related and useful data into a single file
  • Scraping prices and reviews of the product from online retailers
  • Extracting from tables and maps
  • Cloud-based data storing
  • Data can be retained for 30 days
  • Multiple data extraction (Email Address, Image, Ip Address, Phone Number, Web Data Extraction).
  • Scheduling workflow

You can get multiple choices for ParseHub subscriptions. their subscriptions come with both free and paid forms. The free version has only limited features and the paid one has many additional features starting. Subscriptions of ParseHub start at $149 per month and can be utilized as per your business requirements, budget, and resources. With the subscriptions of ParseHub, you can avail of some additional discounts for students, non-profit and academic institutes.

Web Scraper

As the name signifies. Web Scraper is a web scraping tool that extracts the data quickly and simply with just a click on the required data. Web Scraper is simple and easy to use for everyone out there, even for the ones lacking the basic knowledge of data extraction or coding.

Web Scraper is a very efficient tool for extracting data from sites having multi-level navigation, JavaScript, or infinite scrolling. Although extracting data from these sites is quite a difficult task but with the help of Web Scraper, the job has been made easy.

Web Scraper tool is based on cloud computing technology, so it is a very useful utility tool and you need not worry about your data getting lost or misplaced ever again. The data extracted by Web Scraper is converted into a simple format such as CSV, XLSX, and JSON from the browser and can be directly used by you in word or excel sheets with no time delays.

Now, let’s have a look at the advantages of choosing Web Scraper as your data extraction tool?

  • Scraping data from e-commerce sites
  • Streamlines your data post-processing
  • Coding is not required
  • Extract data from sites having multiple levels of navigation
  • Scraping data from dynamic pages such as JavaScript + AJAX, infinite scroll
  • Scraping multiple records from a single file
  • Scraping of product prices
  • Extracting data from dynamic websites
  • Proxies available to keep the IP address rotating
  • Managing scrapers through API
  • Workflow is maintained 24*7
  • Customize workflow based on your requirements
  • Export data directly from a webpage into a usable format

Web Scraper is also available as a browser extension for free. Web Scraper prices are dynamically customized based on the needs of the user. The prices start from $50 and go all the way up to $300 per month. You may choose the plan that fits your business requirements to have the best yield on ROI.


Crawlbase is one of the leading crawling and scraping platforms in the industry. They have built their own APIs on top of millions of rotating data centers, residential, and mobile proxies worldwide.

The asynchronous nature of crawlbase enables faster and more efficient data extraction from websites, saving time and resources. With the ability to set the scroll time variable, you can receive fresh website data in real time, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information. 

Moreover, webhook integration of crawlbase simplifies data retrieval, making receiving crawled pages directly to your server seamless.

Need to extract large-scale data? Crawlbase is super-efficient in handling huge volumes of data, allowing you to process vast amounts of information without compromising performance. Access valuable insights from web data, empowering data-driven decision-making and enhancing your competitive edge.

The best thing: You can tailor the crawlbase to suit your specific requirements, allowing for a highly flexible and customizable web scraping solution.

Now, let’s look at the advantages of choosing Crawlbase as your data extraction and web scraping tool.

  • Increasing your LinkedIn profile reach and getting new LinkedIn connections
  • Handling and extracting data from your social media handles efficiently
  • Expanding your reach and followers on social media platforms strategically
  • Managing leads using CRM
  • Getting cookies from websites
  • Extracting codes easily
  • Extracting data from Reddit and Quora
  • Scraping data from Amazon
  • Extracting data directly into a usable structured layout
  • Computing Cloud database
  • Enhances marketing intelligence
  • Plans and controls workflow
  • Export massive volumes of data directly into readable forms
  • Scrape hidden contents
  • Allows anonymous extraction
  • Beats geographical restrictions
  • Proxies provided for keeping your IP address rotating
  • Scraping prices and reviews of the product from online retailers
  • Extracting from tables and maps
  • Cloud-based data storage

Actually, no, the best thing about Crawlbase is its pricing. It charges only 3 cents per request for regular pages and 0.6 cents for JavaScript pages. You only have to pay if your request is successful.

Moreover, you can test for free. No price is charged, and no card is required for the first 1000 requests. It offers simple pricing without any hidden charges for small and medium projects.

It’s a relief to know that you can cancel your subscription anytime.

It’s indeed Happy Scraping with Crawlbase!

Wrapping it up!

We are living in an age where data has become equivalent to gold for businesses. Data science has become a new field of study. The above-mentioned list of data extraction tools is a valuable asset to any organisation. They will reduce the risk of errors, increase efficiency, do the data entry, data analytics and productivity, and help in boosting the organization’s recognition and credibility.

Still, the key to choosing the right data extraction software lies in your need. So set your goals and budget first and then only strive to choose the most appropriate tool for your brand.

Also, this list only scratched the surface of a plethora of data extraction tools present. There are plenty of other tools in the market you can compare and get the gist for a better strategy.

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