Can You See Who Views Your Pinterest In 2023?

Pinterest is more than simply another social media platform; it also functions as a search engine. On it, one can literally find information on virtually anything and everything.

Having said that, despite the fact that the platform is fairly well-known, there are still some questions regarding the users’ privacy on the platform that have not been answered, which causes confusion among the platform’s users.

In this blog, I will tackle the most frequently asked question about Pinterest: “Can you see who views your Pinterest?” and answer any other questions you might have about the site!

Can You See Who Views Your Pinterest?

Well, here the answer is a strong NO. Pinterest doesn’t let you see who views your profile or Pins on the platform.

Despite the fact that there is no way to monitor who accesses your Pinterest account, you are still provided with a wealth of information regarding the individuals who interact with the Pinterest Pins you post through Pinterest analytics.

Knowing all of this helps you identify your target market, and Pinterest trends, craft the right Pinterest strategy, and implement the right Pinterest marketing techniques.

Pinterest provides a thorough analysis of your audience involved in the analytics tab. This includes saved pins, Pinterest views, monthly views, and other metrics that give you a clear picture of your audience’s location and how they interact with your content.

But when it comes to viewing profiles, this social media site doesn’t give you that feature where you can see who stalked your profile or went through your posts.

Are There Any Third-Party Apps That Can Track Your Pinterest Visitors?

Before I continue, just a brief warning: using a third party can put your sensitive information in danger.

Despite the fact that there are numerous tools out there that promise to help you discover more about your Pinterest visitors and let you know about your Pinterest monthly views, it is always best to avoid using any third-party apps on your profile.

In case you go for any third-party tools, make sure you are using the one that has a good rating and reviews. So remember to do your research properly before using any such software!

How Can Pinterest Analytics Provide You Insights About Your Audience?

By gathering the correct audience analytics, you can better cater to your followers, develop more fascinating idea pins, create material that is relevant to your audience, and get more Pinterest views

There is a need here, though, before you can access the analytics: In order to view your analytics, you must first switch to the platform’s business or professional account.

I will now discuss how to view the analytics:

Step 1 — Most important step: Log into your Pinterest business account or go to your Analytics Page

Step 2 — Click on Analytics at the top of the screen

Step 3 — Finally, select Audience Insights and you are good to go!

Now, once you get into audience insights, here’s what you can see:

  1. Total impressions: Pinterest impressions count how many times a user has seen one of your Pins on their screen, that is, your Pinterest views count.
  2. Total audience count: This counts the number of distinct users who have viewed your Pin, that is, it shows your distinct Pinterest viewers count.
  3. Total Saves/Repins: This shows the total number of people who have saved your content and helps you know what relevant keywords/keyword you should target.
  4. Engaged audience: The number of people who have personally interacted with one of your Pins. Here you can see the Pinterest monthly viewers count and check the stats.
  5. Pin clicks rate: This statistic measures the ratio of the total number of clicks your content gets on or off Pinterest to the number of times your Pin was displayed on a user’s screen.
  6. Audience demographics: This group includes details on language, gender, device usage, and data on categories and interests.
  7. Conversion metrics: This measures ****your return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per action (CPA).
  8. Total page visits: The number of times people visited your website from Pinterest.

How To Restrict People From Viewing Your Pinterest?

Well, there’s no way you can switch your profile to private on Pinterest. While it’s not possible to hide your active Pinterest account entirely, you can use secret boards to keep your Pins and content out of the wrong hands.

These boards are great since they are only accessible to you, but you can grant others access by inviting them to a specific board.

Pins can be moved or copied from a public board to a secret one, and vice versa, at any moment.

In this way, you can safeguard your privacy by restricting access to the platform to those who truly need to see your content.

Now, I will explain the action steps for creating a secret Pinterest board.

For existing boards:

Step 1 — Head on to your Pinterest page

Step 2 — Now hover over the Board you want to change to a secret board

Step 3 — Next, tap the Edit button denotes by a grey pencil icon

Step 4 — Once the pop-up window opens up, scroll down to the bottom and go to Settings

Step 5 — Finally, toggle on the Keep This Board Secret and it’s doneee!

Can You See Who See Who Repinned Your Pins?

Knowing who saves your pins or content and where they save them specifically can be a terrific method to learn more about your audience and the market.

And guess what? Pinterest users have complete freedom to see who has repinned their pins and determine how effectively their content is working on the platform.

Finding out who has saved your Pins is actually quite simple to do in this case. These are the actions to take:

Step 1 — Log into your Pinterest account

Step 2 — Now go to your Analytics dashboard in the upper left corner of your screen.

Step 3 — Next, scroll down to the Top Pins and select Impressions

Step 4 — You can just open up a few of your pins in separate tabs and in each tab, you’ll see the stats written on the top

Step 5 — Next, click on See More Stats

Step 6 — Finally, just click See All and you’ll get the data of all the users who have pinned your content!


Can Someone Come To Know If I Visit Their Pinterest Profile?

If you’re worried about someone finding out that you visited their Pinterest profile, then worry not! Pinterest doesn’t show any data on who has visited their profile.

However, if you have pinned or saved the content of another person, they will be able to see your name along with the content piece that you have pinned.

Can You Follow Someone Secretly On Pinterest?

Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but you can’t anonymously follow someone on Pinterest. As far as the platform is considered, there isn’t a way to make your list of followers private on Pinterest.
However, if demand for this feature grows, we can expect this social media platform to introduce this feature soon!

How To Remove Your Followers On Pinterest?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a feature that will let you delete any of your Pinterest followers from your list. However, you always have the choice to block someone on the platform if you don’t want them to follow you online or see your content.
Here’s how you block someone on Pinterest:
Step 1 — Login to your Pinterest Profile
Step 2 — Now go to the User’s Profile that you want to block
Step 3 — Tap on the Flag in the lower right corner of the screen
Step 4 — Finally, once the report menu pops up on the screen, click on Block.

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