15+ Dirty Ways to Make Money In 2023

If you’re open-minded and want to make some quick cash online, there are a lot of odd jobs to assist you here. No, we aren’t talking about doing paid surveys, affiliate marketing, or launching a product on the Facebook marketplace. 

What are your thoughts on becoming an online girlfriend, taste-testing dog food, or cleaning the choked gutters? These are just a handful of the many unconventional ways of making extra money we’ve covered in this article. 

So, stop thinking about the odd nature of these jobs and dive right in! 

15+ Dirty Ways to Make Money

Sell Feet Pics Online

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $5 to $100/feet pic

Selling feet pics online to individuals and businesses is one of the unconventional ways of making quick money online. There are two main reasons for this. First, it allows you to remain anonymous, and second, you can also have a full-time gig as a foot model, like Zara Miller, Ashleigh Morris, and Claire Kesby-Smith. 

The best part about this job is its high money-making potential for both newbies and professionals. Although many factors influence your earnings, a minimum of $5 to $100 per pic is standard. The maximum? It’s limitless! 

From Instagram to dedicated feet pics websites like FeetFinder, you’ve got a number of places including popular social media platforms to sell your feet pictures to interested buyers. These include modeling agencies, pedicure sites, shoe manufacturers advertising new footwear, and more. 

If your feet boast delicately aligned toes and soft, well-maintained skin that radiates a healthy glow, the foot modeling industry awaits you. 

Become an Online/Virtual Girlfriend

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $20 to $50/hour

How about becoming someone else’s online or virtual girlfriend? Yes, you read that correctly. 

Also called internet girlfriend, this not-so-dirty job requires you to engage in a virtual or online relationship with your clients. While the nature of this job does vary with the other person’s requirements, it mainly involves fun activities like chatting, video calls, playing online games together, offering emotional support, and more. In return, you get compensated for your time and attention. 

With 3 out of every five adults, or 61%, admitting that they sometimes or always feel lonely, according to the second annual Cigna U.S. Loneliness Index, there has never been a better time to get paid to be an internet girlfriend. And marketplaces like OnlyFans and Fansly are there to help you. 

Sell Your Hair Online

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $150 to $600

Who would have thought selling your healthy hair could be healthy for your bank balance, too? 

Top-rated marketplaces like Pabbly, HairSellon, and BuyAndSellHair bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, making it a walk in the park to buy/sell hair. All you need to do is list your well-groomed hair on any of these platforms, wait for an interested buyer (who could be an owner of a wig shop, salon, beauty salon, or hair extension shop), and sell your hair. That’s all! 

So, why not sell your hair for extra cash instead of disposing it in the waste bin? 

Sell Body Fluids – Sperm/Breast Milk

Educational Requirements: Mostly no such requirements, except a college degree for sperm donation

Earning Potential: $100/donation (sperm) & $1-2/ounce (breast milk)

This particular job may sound strange, but it isn’t. Whether sperm or breastmilk, you’ll be surprised to know about the thriving market. 

You can register as a sperm donor with any reputed sperm bank around you, like Cryobank America. You can even register at Mothers’ Milk Bank, if you want to donate breast milk. But note that it’s mandatory to pass the eligibility criteria for these. 

Be a Professional Cuddler

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $40 to $80/hour

Contrary to what most people think, professional cuddling jobs are 100% legit and pay quite handsomely. These jobs fall under the category of touch therapy and involve offering comfort through touch, hugs, cuddles, and, in some cases, spooning sessions in exchange for a fee. 

Take the example of Keeley Shoup, a professional cuddler who charges a whopping $200 per hug session. Read here

Simply put, your job is to fulfill your client’s wish for a long bear hug to soothe them, say, after a toiling day at work. In case you don’t know, cuddling has proven effective in relieving stress, boosting the immune system, reducing pain, and getting sound sleep, among other things.  

Cuddle Comfort is one of our top recommendations for getting high-paying cuddling jobs. 

Clinical Trials

Educational Requirements: Background in life science or healthcare

Earning Potential: $10,000 to $20,000/year

Participating in clinical trials may be associated with slight risks and side effects, but its monetary benefits overpower everything else.

Once you’ve enrolled in a paid (unpaid opportunities also exist) clinical test, you’ll be coordinating and overseeing medical research studies to evaluate the efficacy of new medicines, therapies, and even treatments. 

Note: These trials usually comprise different Phases and may not have a fixed time duration. Hence, check the complete details while signing the informed consent form (ICF.)

Finding the best paid clinical trial opportunity is a tough job due to the strict guidelines followed by the screening criteria. Thus, we recommend using a professional tool, like Antidote’s Clinical Trial Search. 

Dog Food Tester

Educational Requirements: College degree in pet nutrition

Earning Potential: $46,506/year

Food testing may not seem like a dirty job; however, when it’s about testing dog food, it indeed becomes one! 

As a dog food tester, your responsibility involves assessing the taste, texture, and quality of various dog food products. This ensures they are safe, nutritious, and appealing to fur babies. After all, dogs are also picky eaters like humans. 

Note: In some cases, the pet food companies may require you to observe dogs’ reactions to different foods and provide feedback to manufacturers for improvements. 

Butternut Box is one such brand that actively looks for the ultimate dog lovers who could personally taste-test their home-cooked recipes before passing them on to customers. 

House Cleaning Services 

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $35,731/year

A cleaner house makes its inhabitants happier, healthier, and more productive. That’s one of the many reasons house cleaning is a hot market in the United States. In fact, worldwide. 

Usually, such a job comprises deep cleaning a house, from scrubbing off the kitchen fixtures to steam-cleaning upholstery. Not to forget vacuuming and mopping floors. You may also be tasked with removing stubborn grease, mineral deposits, and soap scum from various surfaces to meet the customer’s expectations. 

If you find this job profile interesting, head over to Google and search for the best opportunities. 

Although this is hard work, it is one of those hustle ideas that guarantees handsome cash benefits by the hour, and without partaking in any sort of illegal activities. 

Car Cleaning Services

Educational Requirements: High school diploma

Earning Potential: $39,949/year

Are you passionate about cars and have good knowledge about them? If yes, why not join a car cleaning (or detailing) service or start your own business?

This is another high demand side hustle with significant growth potential in the long run. As a car cleaner cum detailer, your day-to-day tasks will involve conducting detailed inspections of the cars, washing, buffing, and waxing the exteriors, vacuuming, running an under-body check, etc. 

Remember that being a car cleaner requires a lot of hard work. Thus, you should be ready to put in maximum effort. 

Gutter Cleaning Services

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $37,353/year

Gutter cleaning services is another decently paying side business idea requiring minimal investment. 

Although urban localities need gutter cleaning more than often nowadays, spring and fall are still the busiest seasons for cleaners. The credit goes to the falling leaves that will frequently block the drains. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics USA, the employment of janitors is going to increase by 4 percent from 2021 to 2031.

There’s another benefit to starting a gutter cleaning service. The majority of the time, the entire cleaning job won’t take more than an hour to complete. This means you can work a few hours daily and still make a good amount of cash. 

Pool Cleaning Business 

Educational Requirements: High school diploma

Earning Potential: $50,000/year

The contaminated water of a swimming pool is the breeding ground for several illnesses—for example, skin rashes, diarrhea, ear pain, cough, congestion, and eye pain. That’s why timely pool cleaning and maintenance is of utmost importance. 

This is where your pool cleaning business can help. You’ll not just have to regularly clean and maintain pools, but also adjust the water’s chemical balance, undertake minor repairs, check the health of pool equipment, and stay on alert for emergencies.

Start a Waste Disposal Service 

Educational Requirements: High school diploma

Earning Potential: $44,120/year

A cleaner, safer, and healthier planet is the need of the hour, and you can make this possible by starting a waste disposal service. 

As a trash disposal service provider, you’ll be responsible for collecting, transporting, and disposing of the various waste materials generated by households, businesses, and industries. In other words, your company will play a crucial role in waste management to prevent its environmental impact. 

Although most waste disposal services are privately owned, you can also partner with government agencies to broaden the scope of this business idea. 

Livestock Sperm Collector

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Animal Reproduction, Animal Science, or Biology

Earning Potential: $15/hour

Another equally dirty and dangerous job is that of a livestock sperm collector. This involves collecting semen from male animals, say, bulls, rams, and boars, for artificial insemination in livestock breeding. As a sperm collector, you’ll also be responsible for ensuring the well-being and comfort of the animals, maintaining records, etc. 

Although not much information is available regarding remuneration, $15/hour is considered a common starting point.  


Educational Requirements: Undertake any fishery program

Earning Potential: $55,831/year

The job of commercial fishers or fishermen may not be as high-earning as other jobs, but it’s definitely stable if we consider the bigger picture. And with the fish & seafood market expected to grow annually by 4.12%, you can expect more demand in this sector. Thus, trying your hands as a fisherman for some little extra cash isn’t a bad option. 

Most companies look for an angler for responsibilities like preparing the caught fish for sale, examining it for any defects or signs of poor health, and unloading the caught fish off the vessel. You may also be asked to undertake the repair work of fishing gear or other equipment. 


Educational Requirements: High school diploma

Earning Potential: $43,673/year

Pest infestation problems are becoming a common sight across workplaces, residential buildings, commercial establishments, etc. According to a 2021 report, about 14 million housing units in the United States have seen cockroach infestation in their homes since 2020. 

This is where an exterminator comes into the picture, responsible for identifying the type of pest and using either pesticides/manual solutions to get rid of them. 

Pro Tip: Take note of these Do’s and Don’ts of pest control to excel in this field. 


Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $36,235/year

A janitor’s job is very similar to that of a regular cleaner. They are employed for cleaning & maintaining a variety of buildings, ranging from residential structures, office towers, and schools to hospitals, hotels, and airports. Due to this, janitors never go out of demand, and have a positive job outlook, per the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics. 

As a janitor, your routine to-do list will typically comprise gathering & emptying trash bins, mopping building floors, cleaning restrooms, washing windows, doing minor repair work, etc. 

Roadkill Collector

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $72,000/year

Dead animals on the road may not be a pleasant sight, but they are a common one. If you often pass by roadkill, or live in an area where there’s a lot of it, collecting it and selling it to rendering plants can fetch you some quick money. This is the primary job of a roadkill collector, who must stay vigilant 24/7. 

Of course, this job is messy, and you must deal with the roadkill and oncoming traffic. But if you’re willing to put in effort, it’s a great service to humanity. 

Crime Scene Investigator

Educational Requirements: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, or Bachelor of Science in Biology

Earning Potential: $67,481/year

A bright job outlook for crime scene investigators (CSI) with regular salary hikes made us include it in this guide.  

The job profile of a CSI pertains to securing the crime scenes and gathering evidence. You may also need to process and categorize the evidence for further investigations. This might include collecting photographic evidence or physical samples from the crime spot, such as weapons, fingerprints, clothing, or biological evidence. 

Note that the job of a crime scene investigator is physically tough and mentally draining due to its long working hours.

Become a Cam Model

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $74,832/year

If you love modeling, a side or full-time kinky cam model gig to make money online isn’t a bad option.

Also called webcam modeling, all you must do is perform in front of a webcam for an audience on sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. You can have a simple convo with your viewers, show off your dance skills, play some music, or engage in explicit or adult-oriented content (only if you’re above 18 years old) if required. 

Unlike other dirty jobs, becoming a cam model involves some investment in a webcam-enabled computer, high-speed internet, and a good microphone. But you’ll be able to recover most of these expenses in the first few online sessions itself! 

If you’re having mixed feelings about this kinky way to make cash, understand that you are just another content creator! Although this might not be like influencers taking part in branded surveys, it’s not one of the illegal activities too, if you are catering to the privacy and other guidelines of the platform. 

Work at a Slaughterhouse

Educational Requirements: High school diploma

Earning Potential: $17.89/hour

Working in a slaughterhouse isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

This job requires slaughtering animals, butchering & cutting meat, trimming the meat cuts, sorting meat products, etc. All these make a slaughterhouse job both physically demanding and emotionally challenging.

But it’s also true that slaughterers earn generously for their hard work. Moreover, you’ll find most slaughterhouses in the city’s outskirts, so getting employed there will give you a nice break from the bustling city life.

Elderly House Cleaner

Educational Requirements: NA

Earning Potential: $18.76/hour

Last but not least, working as an elderly house cleaner also poses as a great side hustle. 

Aged people always look for a reliable cleaner to help them around the house due to their physical limitations, reduced mobility, and potential health issues. This is where you come into the picture. 

You’ll be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the various areas of the house, vacuuming, sweeping the floors, making untidy beds, replacing liners to keep the house clutter-free, and more. This is just a gist of the job profile, with the actual work likely to vary with the person’s needs.  


Here you go. We hope you found at least one suitable job among these 21 dirty ways to earn money. Whatever passive income source you choose, just take note of two critical things. First, the minimum educational requirement, and second, the job’s future outlook. 

So, are you ready to make money online?

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