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DIY vs. White Label Partner: Which Graphic Design Approach is Right for Your Business?

What is one of the most remarkable things about a brand identity? In other words, as a brand follower or customer, what reminds you about a brand? Most respondents agree that the logo, advertising campaign, or graphic design can be best associated with a brand. A graphic helps an organization effectively communicate with its target audience. In a way, it shapes the visual identity of a business. With large businesses spending a significant portion of their marketing budget on graphic design, it poses a question for small and medium-sized enterprises regarding how it should be dealt with. If a business decides to outsource graphic design tasks, the businesses need to check the ratings of top white-label design services. On the other hand, a few things must be considered when considering the DIY option.Let’s dive directly into the specifics and compare white-label graphic design services vs. DIY for your graphic design needs.

What is DIY Graphic Design?

DIY (Do It Yourself) graphic design is an option adopted by small and medium-sized business owners who aim to create visual and graphic content using available tools, software, and creativity. There is no involvement of professional designers in such a case. There is a wide range of free and paid software/tools available online, which business owners often use in creating their visual campaigns. According to Statista,  Adobe Photoshop leads the graphics software market with an approximate 42 percent share of the global market, as of February 2024.DIY graphic design has numerous pros. For instance, the process is quick and cost-efficient. The delays in revisions could be the least as no third parties are involved. However, on the downside, DIY projects might not be as good as the ones done by professional designers. This implies that the outcome might not be as impactful as a business might need. Further, creating a graphic design has a large learning curve (especially regarding learning to use the tool/software). Hence, it might take a lot of time before a business starts getting the anticipated results. 

Understanding White Label Graphic Design Services

These services are particularly critical for businesses that do not have an in-house design team and need the DIY option. The process includes outsourcing design projects to professional designers or agencies under another company’s brand name. Businesses can easily leverage external service providers’ expertise to care for their design needs. There are numerous advantages of using white-label graphic design services, starting with cost-effectiveness. Compared to having an entire team of designers in-house, outsourcing can save a significant amount of money for an enterprise. Second, the overall quality of work is quite better than a DIY alternative as agencies offer professionals having specialized skills and industry knowledge, ensuring high-quality results that align with their brand aesthetic and objectives.Furthermore, there is the advantage of scalability, which is financially and operationally rewarding for any enterprise. Many services, such as logo design, branding, marketing collateral, and web design, are easily outsourced. External agencies also provide tailor-made solutions that align with an enterprise’s business idea and objectives.

Deciding Between the Alternatives: DIY Graphic Design vs. White Label Graphic Design

Choosing between DIY and White Lable services can depend on various factors. It is crucial to notice that the decision-making involves something other than businesses with an in-house design team. Here are some of the critical factors:

  • Budget Considerations: Even though white-label services are quite economical, they are not completely free of cost. Hence, DIY can be the right choice for a small business facing strict budgetary constraints. On the other hand, it is always advisable to look at the list and ratings of top white-label design services and ask them for a free quote. There are tailor-made solutions that are often affordable for businesses. Time Availability: If a business owner or manager needs more time to devote to DIY designing, using third-party white-label services is highly recommended. Design Expertise: DIY is possible only when the owner or manager has some graphic design skills. In case there are none, it is highly recommended to outsource the job to a team of experts. Project Complexity and Level of Customization Required: Once again, if the nature of the project is highly complicated and complex and requires a fair bit of customization, it is recommended that White Label services are opted for by the decision-maker. Brand Consistency: White label services often have the expertise and tools to ensure that all your designs maintain brand consistency. This is crucial for businesses that want to establish a strong and recognizable brand identity across all marketing materials. In contrast, maintaining this consistency might be more challenging with DIY, especially if the person lacks design experience.Access to Advanced Tools and Technologies: Professional white-label design services have access to the latest design software and tools, which might be too expensive for small businesses to purchase or too complex for them to use effectively on a DIY basis. This access allows them to produce high-quality, cutting-edge designs that can set your brand apart.Risk Management: When you outsource to a reputable white-label service, you also outsource some of the risks associated with the design process. These providers are likely to have established workflows and quality control processes to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. In contrast, DIY projects can often go awry without a clear process or oversight, leading to wasted time and resources.Focus on Core Business Functions: By outsourcing graphic design work, businesses can focus on their core activities without being sidetracked by tasks that are outside their expertise. This can lead to better use of time and resources, driving growth and efficiency in the areas that matter most.Professional Feedback and Consultation: White-label design services can provide professional advice and feedback that can significantly improve the outcome. This expert insight can help refine your branding strategy and ensure that your designs effectively communicate your intended message.Speed to Market: White-label services can often turn around projects faster than an in-house team, especially if the latter is already stretched thin. This quicker turnaround time can be crucial for timely marketing campaigns or when trying to capitalize on current trends.

Whichever approach you choose, you need to know the design trends to make your application stand out in the design market. Refer to this blog to know the top graphic design trends in 2024.

Summing up

As a business decision-maker, it is critical to understand the importance of flawless campaigns and the role of good graphics in making them interactive. The decision to choose between the DIY and White Label options could be quite tricky and need a lot of assessment. Based on the business requirements and constraints mentioned in the blog, it is possible to reach a decision. Having said that, deciding in favour of white-label graphic design services can be a critical business decision that can give a new direction to the marketing and promotional campaign and an enterprise’s branding activities. 

Shaurya Jain
Shaurya Jain

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