100+ Funny Things To Comment On Instagram

Social media is all about commenting, liking and sharing pictures. If you are struggling to come up with a funny comment for your someone, do not worry, I have curated more than 100 comments for you. 

30+ Funny Things To Comment On Instagram For Girls

  1. Hey Guys! here you can get to know about all the latest updates of Instagram filters.
  2. Hehe. cute monkey.
  3. You’re too short, just like your brain.
  4. Hey, you brainless cutie….
  5. I am still wondering how can god create this kind of bizarre human being who is cute, adorable at the same time and has no brain.
  6. You are my precious fool.
  7. Hello idiot!
  8. What did I just see, that’s amazing, oh sorry it’s you!
  9. Cute little bitch.
  10. Surely you’d have used a photo editor.
  11. Which magazine are you posing for today?
  12. I didn’t know you became a stylist!
  13. This belongs on the cover of Vogue.
  14. Begging you to take me shopping.
  15. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were a fashion icon.
  16. It’s official…I’m letting you style me next time we go out.
  17. Watch this outfit…I might steal it when you aren’t looking.
  18. Perfect fit…no [baseball cap emoji]
  19. I’m pretty sure you’re breaking the laws of physics with that pose.
  20. This picture is proof that moneys do exist.
  21. Chimageez lady 
  22. I’m pretty sure you’re a rat disguised as a human.
  23. This picture is so filtered, it made me forget how to scroll.
  24. You’re so weird, I think I just lost my mind.
  25. You’re so stunning, I think I just went blind.
  26. The background in your picture is so beautiful, but not you.
  27. You’re so gorgeous, I think I just discovered a new planet.
  28. This picture is so stunning, it made me forget how to use words.
  29. You’re so beautiful, I think I just discovered the cure for boredom.
  30. This picture is so gorgeous, it made me forget my own name.
  31. You’re so stunning, I think I just discovered a new form of art.
  32. This picture is so beautiful, it made me forget the meaning of time.
  33. You’re so gorgeous, I think I just discovered a new color.
  34. This picture is proof that beauty and humor are a winning combination.
  35. You’re so beautiful, I think I just stumbled upon a treasure trove.
  36. This picture is so stunning, I think I just uncovered a mystery.
  37. You’re so gorgeous, I think I just found the missing piece to a puzzle.

30+ Funny Things To Comment On Instagram For Guys           

  1. Your post just made me snort-laugh in public. Thanks for that!
  2. Is there anything you can’t do? I mean, besides being not funny? 😉
  3. You’re so hilarious that I almost forgot to like your photo!
  4. I’d say you’re funny, but my abs hurt too much from laughing to say anything at all!
  5. You’re officially my favorite comedian on Instagram!
  6. Your sense of humor is on point, and I’m living for it!
  7. I’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine, and your posts are just what the doctor ordered!
  8. If there were an Olympics for making people laugh, you’d be a gold medalist!
  9. You always know how to brighten up my day with your humor!
  10. Please stop making me laugh so hard. My phone screen can’t handle any more tears!
  11. This post is giving me all the feels. Mostly the “I need a nap” feel.
  12. Wow, you must have a degree in photogenicity! (Is that even a word?)
  13. I’m pretty sure this post just broke the internet. You’re welcome, Andrew Tate.
  14. This post is so good, it deserves its own reality TV show.
  15. Stop being so weird. It’s making the rest of us look bad!
  16. You’re like a fine wine – you only get better with age (and more likes)!
  17. I think you need to start a tutorial on how to take the perfect Instagram photo.
  18. If I could give this post more than one like, I totally would!
  19. This post is so cute, I almost couldn’t bear it.
  20. You’re the funniest person I know on Instagram. And that’s saying something, considering I follow a lot of cats.
  21. You are whacky money!
  22. Funny Look
  23. Your Smile, Like Monkey 🐒
  24. Innocent Look!
  25. Looking like a rainbow!
  26. Girls will die for you
  27. Long time no see
  28. Sizzling and smart boy
  29. Beautiful
  30. You’re best and all other is bad
  31. This picture is lit.
  32. Champion
  33. Mind-blowing pic
  34. Cute baby
  35. What a pic yr
  36. Romance king
  37. Always Smart!
  38. Wowooo looking handsome buddy.
  39. I think we’ll be friends forever because we’re too lazy & uninterested to find new friends.
  40. Great friends, don’t let you do weird things alone.
  41. I’d take a nerf bullet for you. That’s my friendship, Hahaha!
  42. You make every other boy in the group feel inferior, and I so so love you for that. Kisses & hugs!
  43. I will text you 50 times in a row and feel no shame & regret about it!
  44. You’re my friend; you signed up for this crazy human!
  45. We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us is the bad influence. Umm, I guess it’s YOU!
  46. I never think of having ice tea when I start the day with you.
  47. There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with desserts & food.
  48. I can normally laugh all day with this one around, and he won’t find it annoying. Me being me!!

30+ Cool Things To Comment On Instagram

  1. This post is the definition of cool!
  2. You’re always on the cutting edge of style and fashion. Keep it up!
  3. This post is so cool, it’s giving me chills!
  4. I’m seriously considering stealing your style after seeing this post.
  5. You’re always so effortless and cool, it’s inspiring!
  6. You make even the simplest things look cool and trendy.
  7. This post just made me want to go out and explore the world.
  8. I can’t wait to see what other cool things you’ll share on your feed.
  9. You’re a true trendsetter and I’m always looking forward to your posts.
  10. This post just reminded me why I follow you. You’re just too cool!
  11. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. This post is so cool!
  12. This post is a work of art. You have such a great eye for design and style.
  13. You’re always ahead of the game when it comes to cool and trendy content.
  14. Your Instagram feed is like a work of art. I could spend hours scrolling through it.
  15. This post is so cool, it’s giving me major inspiration for my own content!
  16. You have a way of making even the most mundane things look cool and interesting.
  17. I’m always blown away by your unique and original ideas. This post is no exception.
  18. Your posts are always so well thought out and visually stunning.
  19. You have such a great sense of style and it really shines through in your Instagram feed.
  20. This post is proof that you’re a true master of your craft. So cool!
  21. My jaw dropped 😯
  22. You look amazing
  23. You’re killing it
  24. Keep on hustling
  25. Sheeeeeeesh!
  26. Out of this world
  27. Um, I’m totally here for this content.
  28. Perfect location for a beautiful shot. You’re killing it!
  29. Where did you get that [Insert object]? Adorable!
  30. OMG! I went there last summer, did you visit [Insert interesting venue/place]?
  31. Wow! They’re my favorite band too! Which album do you like the most?
  32. I love that restaurant. Have you tried their [Insert your favorite dish or beverage]?
  33. You have an amazing voice! I never knew someone could sound that good.
  34. I love that book too! Definitely one of my all-time favorites.
  35. I’ve been wanting to watch that movie/series too!

30+ Savage Things To Comment On Instagram

  1. Jealousy is a terrible disease. Get well soon.
  2. I’m so funny.
  3. If you think money can’t buy happiness, then transfer it to my account.
  4. Be a little unfiltered bitch!
  5. People love the good until they find the better.
  6. Makeup makes you beautiful.
  7. You’re just like math, I hate math.
  8. Where are you from again? Definitely, not from our generation.
  9. I was a bird, I know who I’d shit on.
  10. Interesting how you are posing alone.
  11. You gotta understand that I’m hard to understand.
  12. You were my cup of tea, but I drink champagne now.
  13. If you see me talking to myself, I’m having a staff meeting.
  14. Me to me: Bitch, you tire me out.
  15. Don’t study me, you won’t graduate.
  16. You’ll lose your mind in trying to understand mine.
  17. I’m your boss, babe.
  18. I keep it real, cause I’m not afraid to make enemies.
  19. Some people are such treasures that you just wanna bury them.
  20. Some didn’t copy a Pinterest outfit and pose.
  21. Since you know it all, you should also know when to shut up.
  22. I don’t have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.
  23. In order to insult me, I must first value your opinion. Nice try though.
  24. Keep your head high, and your middle finger higher.
  25. Queens don’t compete with hoes.
  26. Roses are red, Love is fake, Weddings are basically funerals with cake.
  27. Bitchcraft: The art of pissing people off by telling them the truth.
  28. If you’re reading this, I’m beautiful.
  29. You had me at ‘I hate him too. Yaya!
  30. At least this buffoon likes me for what a crazy human I am.
  31. As my friend, just know that I will mind both my business and yours too. Did you get that?
  32. True friendship is when your friend comes over to your house, and then you both just take a nice nap.
  33. I am the best friend you have to explain to your other friends before meeting me.
  34. Do we run? Yes. Out of patience and money.
  35. Ask me if I give a shit.
  36. Treat me like a joke, and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.
  37. I think my guardian angel drinks.
  38. You look like something I drew with my left hand.
  39. Me? Jealous of you? Bless your delusional heart.
  40. Don’t like me? Fuck off. Problem solved.
  41. Me, weird? Bitch, I’m limited edition.
  42. I’m a nice person. Just don’t push the bitch button.
  43. Nerd? I prefer the term Intellectual Badass.
  44. People say I act like don’t care. It’s not an act.
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