How To Get 1k Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes

Are you envying your friend who jumped up to 1000+ followers on Instagram in the last 2 days? Well, to calm you, let us confirm that no rocket science is behind it.

Read the blog till the end and know some common hacks and methods used by people to increase their popularity on Instagram!

How To Get 1k Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes?

Getting 1k followers on Instagram is not an easy task. However, if you really want them, there are few hacks that can help you here like buying followers, getting a shout-out from an influencer, and posting some really engaging content!

  1. Buy fake followers from services like Social Bar,, etc. A shady technique of getting instant benefits that do not last long as these are fake Instagram followers that are actually Instagram bots and spam accounts. The chances of the account getting shadowbanned or suspended due to such malicious activity are high.
  2. Get a shout-out from an influencer Collaborations and paid promotions can help you in getting followers. These tactics can be immensely useful in obtaining real followers that will actually engage with your content.
  3. Post some unique content Content that has the power to ignite public emotion and goes viral. Usually, such cases happen rarely because every second there are over a million content pieces posted on the platform. So your content really needs to stand out.

Honestly, getting 1k Instagram followers depends on the way you manage your profile. There is only one universal strategy applicable for getting a large number of followers on Instagram, and that is delivering high-quality unique content to the masses.

These are definitely some of the possible shortcuts for gaining instant followers and raising the follower count of a profile. However, most of these methods are either tough to implement or not very reliable and can even backfire at times.

In case you’re still interested in buying followers, we’ve mentioned a few good providers in the next section.

Top 3 Instagram Growth Services

There are a number of platforms recommended on the internet for getting a huge number of followers (>1k followers). However, not all are reliable and provide value for money.

Let us list down a few popular growth marketing agencies that can be of real use!

You To Subs

You To Subs” is an innovative service that promotes Instagram growth through a stringent process to secure real, active followers. Understanding the significance of genuine engagement over superficial numbers, the service meticulously scrutinizes every Instagram profile, filtering out mass followers and fake accounts.

“You To Subs” uses a robust criteria to ensure the quality of your followers: a minimum profile age of 3 months, at least 15 real photos, a follower count of no less than 40, and a maximum following count of 600. This focused approach provides its users with an authentic audience base, fostering meaningful connections and interaction on the platform.

The pricing is also extremely competitive, 1 active follower who will view all your Stories and Reels and like all of your posts costs just $0.02 per day.


Kicksta is a growth service ranked at the top by websites all over the internet. Kicksta uses cutting-edge AI technology to increase the followers of a profile. The platform is also capable of automating engagement marketing through which the activity of a profile boosts rigorously.

The platform offers 3 different plans to the users, namely:

  • Standard which costs $49/month
  • Premium which costs $99/month
  • Boost which costs $218/month.

The price difference is on the basis of users targeted by Kicksta for increasing your profile’s following. In the Standard Plan, this number is 10, in Premium it’s 40, and in Boost it’s 40 along with a guaranteed increment of 850 followers.

Although it’s expensive, Kicksta has been the most preferred choice of users when it comes to growth on Instagram. The platform has served 100,000+ users and has helped many influencers in establishing a solid Instagram follower base.

Flock Social

Similar to other Instagram growth services, Flock Social helps in getting more followers to an Instagram account.

The promises made by the company are that:

  • It only fetches real Instagram followers
  • No harm to the user’s account
  • No use of illegal tactics to meet the target

Flock Social has served more than 15,000 customers so far, proving that the company’s claims have in fact proven to be a strong draw for users.

Flock Social offers 600 real followers in its Instagram Rising Star Program which is priced at $49/month. There’s no personal manager provided to manage the users of this plan.

The other plan named Instagram Business is a premium one that gives access to all features. There is a personal account manager provided along with priority support and consulting.

^This plan costs $99/month.

Flock Social makes a commitment to show results within the first week and guarantees 100% security of the account — proving it is a company that can be truly trusted!

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Social Monk

Social Monk is an Instagram followers app that helps Instagram influencers to grow engagement and followers on their profiles.

This German agency has served thousands of users to date and its working methodology involves the allotment of a user profile to a manager who takes care of the profile’s growth.

The company’s pricing plan is a bit costlier than other competitors. It offers 3 different plans based on the number of followers demanded by the customer.

  • The Standard plan comes at $9.90/week and offers 500 new followers in a month
  • The Basic plan costs $14.90/week and provides 1000 new followers in a month
  • The all-in-one Business plan is priced at $14.90/week and adds 1500 new followers in a month

The best part about Social Mon is that the company ensures that only the target audience is approached for increasing the following — making sure only relevant people follow your account!

Are Instagram Growth Services Reliable?

Instagram is a community of over 1 billion users which makes it a wide-open market for influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Often individuals and organizations are unable to crack the code of getting a huge Instagram following and they turn up to growth marketing agencies. Given the size of the market, finding a perfect solution is not that easy and sometimes they get taken for a ride by fraudsters.

Popular growth services like Kicksta, Social Buddy, etc. are completely reliable and have been tried by millions of users globally.

People have gained immense benefits from these services by making small investments. With the support of these agencies, they can focus on more complex problems rather than putting time into increasing followers on their profiles.

But not all growth services can be trusted. There are a lot of risky third-party apps that claim to help you expand your Instagram following.

Due to the extensive permissions these tools require, they pose a security risk and compromise user privacy. This is why it is always advisable to do your complete research before using any such third-party tool!

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Is Buying Instagram Followers Worth It?

At times on social media platforms like Instagram, it takes ages to make people fall in love with your Instagram content. As a bypass to the normal procedure, follower-increasing services that provide fake followers, act as boosters that achieve the expected target within minutes.

For accomplishing short-term goals like promoting an event or advertising the launch of a business, such hacks can be of relevance to a user. In the long term, the focus should be on maintaining persistent growth and obtaining real followers.

As a matter of fact, one should note that the outcome of these services is short-lived and can be harmful to the profile itself.

According to Neil Patel, the Instagram algorithm strictly monitors such activities that diminish its integrity. Hence, if more efforts are put in to raise the follower number organically it would be better than buying followers that are transient.

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Organic Ways to Increase Your Followers

If you are looking for an organic method to gain more than 1k  followers, here are the top five things you can do to make that happen!

Optimize your Instagram Account

Nobody likes to watch a cluttered scene. An Instagram profile of a user resembles an art gallery maintained by the user.

So, to please your followers, you should be careful about maintaining a good view of your profile. This is possible through efficient management of all sections of their profile like Instagram Username, Instagram Bio, and Instagram Highlights, followed by Instagram Posts, and Instagram Stories.

Random posting on Instagram is inimical to an account’s impression on its followers. For example, a meme account cannot post content related to education, and a news page cannot post memes to please its followers.

Content that is delivered to the IG followers should be very carefully structured and in sync with a pre-planned format. This technique should be implemented to obtain free Instagram followers.

Post Regularly

Engagement with users depends on the frequency at which content is provided to them. Reports tell that Instagram is used by ~25% of the world’s population and more than 500 million users surf the platform daily.

If you want to gain followers quickly on Instagram, you should post at least once every two days and use Instagram Stories every day. Your accounts risk losing a lot of followers if you don’t find a way to keep your followers interested on a regular basis.

Even according to Times Now dormant accounts are penalized by Instagram too. They are often considered fake accounts. Therefore it’s very important to show some activity on the platform occasionally.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are a medium to convey your content to a larger audience pool. According to Hootsuite, hashtags are categorical tags that display content related to a particular niche.

The addition of relevant hashtags in Instagram post captions and stories boosts the reach of the particular content piece.

Due to their specificity, hashtags are instrumental in connecting a profile with its target audience. However, the use of common hashtags is not as worthwhile as the use of unique ones. You must note that common hashtags are mentioned in millions of posts and hence the probability of standing out among all of them is very less.

Therefore, relevant and unique hashtags should be used as much as possible.

All in all, hashtags are very important on all social media platforms for growing the popularity of an account. Often many potential followers are attracted through this method!

Social media is like a barrel of fuel, even the slightest of spark is sufficient to bomb the entire surroundings. Hence, users going for a follower increase sprint, should make efficient use of reels and cover hot trending topics in them.

In the past few years, Instagram reels have become the most loved media for sharing and watching content online. These short videos mesmerize the viewers so much that they spend hours scrolling over them.

Due to their short duration, reels have made it very convenient for users to instantly get in touch with the main content, saving them the time of watching long videos.

If the content is unique and interesting, there is a high chance of the reel going viral as reels are the largest source of engagement on an Instagram account (they receive the most number of likes, comments, and shares)

Attracting free Instagram followers through reels is probably the most sought-after way to become popular on the platform these days!

Make Use of Instagram Analytics

On Instagram, analytics mainly covers the following data — Number of views, Instagram likes, shares, comments, interaction rate, and top-performing posts.

In-depth analytics through various third-party apps can help in knowing the number of people who followed/unfollowed your account. Even the accounts that viewed your profile can also be tracked.

These analytics are similar to the balance sheet of a company. It’s highly necessary to keep a track of the data being generated through the activities of an account.

This helps in deciding further actions and evaluating the performance of current ones. Such Instagram insights are very impactful in building content strategies and knowing to-dos and not-to-dos.


Success is the outcome of diligence and smartness. Getting 1k followers on Instagram is not at all easy if done all alone. Other than buying fake followers, efficient methods of Instagram profile management can help in gaining free Instagram followers.

The support of external growth services can also be effective in reducing the workload a lot but at times it can be damaging if not managed properly.

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