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How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram


Instagram is such a great social media platform. Discovering who someone recently followed on Instagram can be intriguing.

However, the Instagram app itself does not provide this feature of how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram. In this article , we will explore reliable methods and third-party apps that can help track someone’s recent activity.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

Instagram lacks a built-in feature to view recent Instagram followers in another account. Two trusted third-party apps can help monitor the activity status of other Instagram influencers, such as checking their recent followers. 

To uncover who someone recently followed on Instagram, use reputable apps like Snoopreport or IGExport. One may need to download any apps and connect with the account. After downloading, open Instagram and connect the app to an Instagram account. This will help gain access to detailed activity reports, including a recent follower. 

These apps track interactions, providing valuable insights into the user’s network. Remember to prioritize privacy and only use trusted sources when accessing this information. Always exercise caution and refrain from sharing sensitive data with unknown or unverified platforms.


Snoopreport is a powerful third-party app that provides detailed reports on Instagram activity. It tracks recent followers, Instagram likes, or an Instagram story and comments, giving valuable insights into someone’s interactions on the platform.

The app is innovatively designed to track Instagram activity. It allows Instagram users to gain comprehensive insights into someone’s interactions on Instagram, helping one to know a person’s new followers. Upon connecting to the Instagram account, Snoopreport will diligently monitor any actions such as an Instagram story, follows, Instagram likes, and comments and provide you with detailed reports. 

With Snoopreport, one can see who someone has recently followed on Instagram. The app’s user-friendly interface and accurate reporting make it a trusted choice for individuals seeking to keep tabs on social media activity. However, it is essential to ensure that Snoopreport is used responsibly, hence respecting the privacy of others. 


IGExport is another reliable option for monitoring Instagram activity, like recent Instagram followers on an account. It allows the exportation of data related to an account follower, likes, and more, providing a comprehensive view of someone’s recent connections.

The app is a powerful third-party application tailored for Instagram influencers seeking broad insights into their activity and connections. Upon linking an Instagram account, IGExport will allow the exportation of vital data from a preferred account, including details like an Instagram follower and more. 

The app will help one easily view and analyze who someone has recently followed on the Instagram platform. The app’s in-built interface ensures a seamless user experience, making it an attractive option for those keen on monitoring their social media interactions. 

However,  IGExport needs to be used judiciously, respecting the privacy of other users. In other words, always prioritize the privacy and ethical usage of such a third-party app on an Instagram account.

The two mentioned apps are the best solutions on how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram. Otherwise, some other apps may only be the platform violators.

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Are Third-Party Apps Safe and Reliable To Track Someone’s Instagram Account?

While third-party apps like Snoopreport and IGExport are generally safe and widely used, it is crucial to exercise caution. The two apps are sometimes considered the only apps used to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

At times, these third pary apps may act as “Spy Apps”’ when tracking someone’s Instagram account. So, they may encourage Instagram influencers to be ghost followers on the platform.

Most apps may sometimes violate Instagram’s terms of service, more so when unethically used. Thus, using them may otherwise lead to the suspension or permanent closure of both the tracker and the tracked account at some instant. 

In addition, these third-party apps often require login credentials, which at most poses a significant security risk as they can misuse or steal sensitive information unknowingly.

Moreover, if not well-researched, many of these apps may claim to offer tracking features but often be scams or ineffective. They may provide inaccurate or outdated information, making them unreliable for serious tracking purposes. So, relying on such tools can compromise privacy and trust in personal relationships.

Trust and open communication are essential in any relationship. Hence, to track an Instagram account ethically and legally, it is best to communicate directly with the person in question or report any concerning activity to Instagram through their official channels. 

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Does Instagram Show Followers In Order?

Today, Instagram followers are not shown following a specific order. However, previously, Instagram had an algorithm that paced the followers chronologically. 

Instagram used to display followers chronologically, showing the most recent followers first. However, the platform no longer follows this pattern due to various updates and algorithm changes.

With a current Instagram account, the followers displayed on an Instagram profile are determined by a combination of factors. Such are mutual interactions, engagement, and the timing of when the following occurred. 

But as of 2023, the new algorithm is exclusive to Instagram and not publicly disclosed. In other words, there is no straightforward way to know the exact order in which followers are listed on someone’s profile.

Therefore, it is worth noting that Instagram regularly updates its algorithms and features. So, any observed patterns may change over time.

Consequently, the order in which followers are displayed may not hold a particular significance and should not be a cause for concern.

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Can Instagram On Chrome/Safari Show Me The Follower List In Chronological Order?

As explained earlier, Instagram on Chrome or Safari used to offer a chronological view of followers in the past. But, with recent platform updates, the following list’s chronological order is no longer a consideration. This is due to the platform’s algorithm prioritizing the engagement and relevance over the timing of follows.

For instance, Instagram on Chrome or Safari does not chronologically display the “Following” list. It is similar to the mobile app, with its update in September 2021.

The update for the Instagram algorithm for displaying followers and followings would only be otherwise based on such factors as mutual interactions and engagement and an Instagram post or any related post, thereby not adhering to a chronological pattern.

Therefore, it is essential to note that Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, Inc., may introduce updates or changes to its platform and cause such changes. Hence, the way the Instagram algorithm was before may differ from today. 


Sometimes, one may need to have full potential on the features of their Instagram. For instance, one may want to track a recent follower on an Instagram account. 

However, with recent updates on the platform, this is only achievable through reliable third-party apps like Snoopreport and IGExport. While Instagram does not provide this feature, these third-party apps like tools offer valuable insights into others’ activities.

Like other social media platforms, one may need to check the account activity status of others’ Instagram accounts, like recently followed accounts. So, this is where a third party app comes in handy. With an Instagram app and any of the two apps, all one would need is to connect with the Instagram account and check all one would require from another Instagram user account.

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