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Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous In 2023? 7 Tips To Avoid Risks

In today’s times when technology has moved on to AI and much advanced things, there have also been some off the track methods to earn money. One of these methods to earn money is by selling feet pics online using platforms like Feet Finder and Feetify. 

Is selling feet pics dangerous? Yes, it can be risky. In this article, I will talk about the same in detail. is the platform I recommend


Feetfinder is where I make my money as well. Their support team is great and you can sell your Feet pics safely and securely.

  • They prioritize your privacy
  • Most number of Buyers
  • Excellent customer support

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

Selling feet pics online can be a great way to earn an income but such things require a few  precautions from the content creator.

There may be risks associated with this activity but these are mostly basic protocols for anyone who uses online platforms.

The most prominent reason among the dangers is that the seller should not reveal their identity or give out any personal information. 

These activities require a very strict rule of anonymity to ensure that the seller does not attract unwanted attention. Turning off your location and ensuring that there is no way to find where you are at should be the way to go.

The target audience for foot pics may not be your average consumers since this falls under a common psychological term referred to as fetishism and in this case a foot fetish. 

Websites like feet finder have a very strict policy on verifying the age of the user posting feet pics on these websites ensuring under age people cannot post.

The other risks of content theft and scammers will be covered later as well. 

Can You Get In Trouble For Selling Feet Pics?

Besides the dangers associated with this earning mechanism there may also be some legal troubles associated with it related to taxation.

This is not illegal and it is just like modelling and selling your calendar, selling feet pics has no legal repercussions. Many of these websites, like feet finder, allow feet pics to be sold online and are a registered business approved by the government, so it is completely LEGAL! 

Although, I think, there may be an issue if the income is not showcased and taxes are not filed. This may attract some unwarranted attention from the income tax department in your respective country.


Modern online transactions and dealings have a huge risk of running into scammers and this is a very tricky situation if you are stuck with scammers.

Websites or platforms like feet finder and feetify are trusted sources and have verified ways of working on payments that make selling feet pics online a breeze.. 

Saying that, sellers should be aware of the dangers and ask for the payment and ensure that they are not giving anything away for free. I’d say that don’t share any picture before the payment is made.

Websites like feet finder have paid subscribers where money is paid upfront before you share the pics.

Content Theft

Artists, content creators and influencers have all fallen victim to content theft and there are some ways to tackle this issue.

Watermarking your content is a foolproof way of ensuring that your content cannot be stolen. Although there is a risk that there are image editors who could really do a number on these but it is very rare.

Content can also be stolen as a direct consequence to a hack. Pictures stored on your device can be stolen if hackers hit your system and they have a chance to end up online. 

Clients Might Request You For Inappropriate Pictures

Direct consequence of selling your feet pictures online is that the people with foot fetish may reach out to you for more inappropriate pictures. This is all the more reason to stay anonymous which helps in staying safe in such scenarios.

When such requests are made it would be advisable to report to the websites or platforms and block the user. If you feel threatened or the user reaches out using more accounts, legal action may also be needed in some cases.

In my opinion, protecting your privacy should be the most important task at all costs.

Risk Of Getting Your Information Hacked

There is a huge risk of getting hacked and losing all your images in the current digital world where everyone has multiple digital identities.

The hacking comes at the risk of losing all your feet pics which can also fall under content theft. Cybersecurity has been a huge topic of discussion since Covid-19 and it has never been as important as it is now.

Ensure that all the basic security protocols are followed to ensure that you hold your end of the bargain and the other end can be tied down with Internet security services and softwares.

How To Be Safe While Selling Pictures? 

There are a few basic rules that every one should follow if they are selling feet pics online. A few of them are mentioned below with brief descriptions. is the platform I recommend


Feetfinder is where I make my money as well. Their support team is great and you can sell your Feet pics safely and securely.

  • They prioritize your privacy
  • Most number of Buyers
  • Excellent customer support

Sell Your Feet Pics On Reputed Platforms

Any transaction online has to be done using reputed platforms since anything that concerns money has to be secure, should keep your identity a secret and respect your privacy.

To ensure the above needs are met, it is best to use verified websites then to fall into a rabbit hole of other risks that come with selling feet pics online.

Do Not Show Your Face, Be Anonymous

It is always advised to be anonymous online especially when you are selling anything that could be fetish or is part of any deviant nature. If identities are revealed it becomes easy to find your identity in the digital world. 

There may be stalkers, spams and a lot of other shady people who may want to contact or harass you online. It is always safe to ensure that your privacy is not compromised in any way. This is directly related to using a reputed platform.

Using VPN, turning off location settings are other ways of being safe.

Use A Business Bank Account

Using a business account will ensure that you can avail the tax benefits of being a business. 

Always Set Clear Terms & Conditions

Your terms and conditions should be crystal clear and ensure there are no loopholes that people can use. Terms and conditions on use of the image, nowadays there have to be rules about owning digital copies and payment should be done before the deal

This ensures there are no disputes and the terms and conditions will help you if there are any legal proceedings of any sort.

Watermark Your Images

Online images that are not watermarked can be freely used by anyone that can lay their hands on the image. A watermark ensures that people cannot use the image until payment is made and confirmed.

This keeps away scammers and image thieves, there may still be some picture editors who could remove the watermark but they may be a minority.

Always Send Pictures After Receiving The Payment

While you are selling your feet pics online, it is customary to ensure that the payment has been made first before you decide to send the pics. There is a high chance that the person requesting these pictures may be a scammer.

In my experience, even with trusted websites and all the checks, scammers tend to find new ways to scam you and use your pics to sell it as their own. It is always better to include a clause in the terms and conditions where you can mention that you will only send pics after the payment is made.

Do Not Deal With Shady Buyers

Since the nature of selling feet pictures may come across as a fetish, hence there is a high probability of attracting shady buyers. Buyers who will ask a lot of questions and try to find your address.

They may also want to connect on social media or request to speak on call. This is a very risky prospect and should be avoided at all costs.

Shady buyers also include the ones who seem to have no intention to pay, these kind of buyers need to be told to pay first before they can get any pictures.

Use Secure Payment Processing System

Online transactions that follow a secure processing system that goes through a trusted website will help you sleep peacefully at night.

Scammers can offer to pay using some random means which will never work but they can try to convince you to use their mechanism for payment, hence security is a necessity and trusted payment processing systems are the way to go.


Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Selling feet pics is absolutely safe legally but you have to take a few precautions that are necessary to avoid trouble.

Ensure privacy, keep your identity anonymous, turn off location and use VPN service.
Find a safe place to sell you feet pics (feet finder, shutterstock) and click high quality images and upload.

Watermark your images, have terms and conditions signed before the user can purchase and follow a pay first policy. These rules can help you immensely to make your experience a safer one.

Is It Illegal To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram?

It is not illegal in any way to sell your feet pics on Instagram. You may need to have a business account and you can earn from Instagram through brand endorsements and collaborations.

The payment mechanism on Instagram may differ from websites like feet finder and shutter stock, but it is possible to make money from Instagram, if you want to sell feet pics.

Are feet pictures worth selling?

Selling feet pictures online is worth it because it can earn you a very good amount of side income and does not take a lot of effort except taking care of your feet.

There is a high demand for such pictures from footwear brands to foot fetishists.If you manage it correctly you can make a very good side hustle out of this and it does not require a huge initial investments as the modern tech has ensured mobile phones have amazing cameras.

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