Top 5 Sites to Buy YouTube Likes That Stay Forever

Youtube is one of the best platforms to showcase your video. Whether you are a musician, a brand promoting its products, or a content creator looking to earn an income, YouTube is the right place to achieve your goal. However, If you have just created your YouTube channel, you know how hard it is to get YouTube likes. 

With millions of videos posted daily, it is not easy to get noticed. You try everything from creating top videos, promoting them, and even hiring SEO gurus to help you rank, but nothing seems to work. What do you do if you feel like giving up? You do not have to worry, as you can buy Youtube likes.

Why You Should Buy YouTube Likes

If you are unsure if buying YouTube Likes is a good idea, here are a few reasons to consider making the decision.

Increase Your Subscribers

When you create your YouTube channel, the next step is to find subscribers.  When you buy likes from real people, these people will likely become subscribers.

Get More Likes

YouTube recommends videos with a lot of interactions to other viewers. Therefore, when they see that your videos are receiving a lot of likes, they will recommend them to other Facebook users, increasing your likes.

Enhance Your Image

However, with millions of videos posted daily,  it’s easy for your content to get a lot in the sea of videos. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to increase the number of likes on your videos. One of the effective ways of doing that is by buying likes that stay forever.

Top  5 Sites to Buy YouTube Likes

Now that you understand the benefits of buying YouTube likes, here are the top sites to buy from.


Score: 9.5/10

One of the sites that have made a good reputation for selling authentic subscribers that will boost your channel’s engagement is SocialWick. Though it has existed since 2017, the site still has many 5-star reviews. It is safe to use with fast but gradual delivery of likes.

 Besides, all buyer’s information is kept discreet and confidential. You dont need to enter a password to buy likes. With 24/7 customer service, the site offers a seamless buying experience. Whether you are a beginner Youtuber or an established YouTube channel, they have packages that will meet your needs.


  • High-quality and authentic likes

  • Fast but gradual delivery of likes

  • Multiple package options

  • No password needed


  • No free trial period

SocialWick focuses on real user engagement to deliver high-quality likes from people who will easily become subscribers. This makes it the perfect choice for growing your YouTube channel organically. To try out their packages, you can visit


Score: 9/10

JayNike ranks second to SocialWick in providing high-quality likes from international sources. All likes from the site are from real Youtuber users, providing your channel with a more authentic look. The platform also prides itself in delivering likes fast but gradually. This ensures that you start seeing the growth of your channel immediately while protecting your account from getting flagged.

Jaynike has some of the most affordable prices. If you are a beginner Youtuber, you can buy 100 likes for $4.99. But if you are an established Youtuber user wanting to buy thousands of likes, JayNike will still serve you well. All purchases are discreet, so nobody will know you bought likes from them.


  • High-quality likes from active accounts

  • Likes from international sources

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Fast delivery


  • No free trial period

All likes from JayNike do not drop. If they do, the site guarantees free refills. In case of a problem, they have an active customer service team ready to serve you. To check out their prices, visit


Score: 8.8/10

SubscriberZ offers a wide range of social media services, including YouTube likes. All the likes from the site are high quality and from international sources. You can choose to buy targeted likes from your preferred country or demographic. The site has a wide range of competitive packages, making it the perfect choice for upcoming and established artists.

When you order from SubscriberZ, you can expect to start getting your followers within one hour. All likes from the site do not decrease as they are from real people. However, to provide you with ther peace of mind, the site still offers a 60 days refill guarantee.


  • A refill guarantee

  • Likes do not reduce

  • Great customer service

  • No password needed


  • The site isn’t user-friendly

With its timely delivery, unmatched customer service, and quality followers, Subscribers has all the qualities you need to grow your YouTube organically. The buying process is straightforward; you just need to enter the URL of the video you need likes for. To try out their packages, you can visit


Score: 8.5/10

 One of the reasons why we recommend YoueiberStorm is that they specialize in YouTube services, making them experts in the field. Besides, they have built a network of real people in the industry who like your videos. This also ensures that your likes are authentic and not from bots.

YoutubeStorm has several flexible packages to meet different user’s goals and budgets, allowing you to choose one that meets your needs. While their YouTube likes are from international sources, you can order likes from a particular country, audience, or demography. If you have a problem when ordering, you can reach their super-responsive customer service.


  • High-quality likes

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Affordable prices

  • 100% safe and secure


  • No free trial period

YoutubeStorm is a great choice for providing high-quality likes at an affordable price. If you are a beginner Youtuber on a budget, you can order 100 likes for $4.95. To start your order, you can visit


Score: 7.5/10

Another site that offers a wide range of social media services, including YouTube likes, is MediaMister. The site has different packages, enabling you to choose one that is best suited for your site. They have a user-friendly site that makes the whole buying process a breeze. Once you visit their site, you can easily find the package you are searching for.

MediaMister has a reliable checkout process that guarantees the security of your personal and financial information. Therefore, you can shop without the fear of your credit card details falling into the wrong hands.


  • Wide range of social media services

  • User-friendly site

  • Good customer services


  • Likes drop after sometime

While MediaMister looks like a pretty genuine site to buy YouTube likes, some users have complained that they sell bot likes that drop after some time. Therefore, you should be aware of this before buying.

FAQs on Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes

Some of the questions that people constantly ask on buying Youtube likes that stay forever are:

How do you buy Youtube likes?

It’s pretty simple to buy YouTube likes on sites such as YoutubeStorm. All you need to do is enter the number of likes you want, your email address, and the URL of the video you are buying likes for. You can then make a payment and wait for your likes.

Which is the best site to buy Youtube likes?

Our research found that SocialWick is the best site to buy YouTube likes. The site sells high-quality likes and processes all orders fast.

What is the best site to buy YouTube likes cheap?

If you are on a budget and want to buy YouTube likes cheaply, we recommend buying from JayNike. The site has affordable packages that start from less than $5.

Final Thoughts

Buying YouTube likes is one of the easiest ways of giving your YouTube account that much-needed bump. However, this also depends on where you are buying your likes from. With so many scammers selling bot likes, you should be careful when purchasing.

If you need high-quality likes that do not decrease, we recommend buying from SocialWick, JayNike, SubscriberZ, and YoutubeStorm. With one of these service providers, you can be guaranteed top-quality likes that contribute to the organic growth of your account.

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