What Is The Procedure For Purchase Property Online In Thailand In 2023? [EXPLAINED]

Many are wondering if it is possible to buy property in Phuket, Thailand, online. Moving to a permanent residence can be very convenient: you do not need to rent a house while buying, and searching for your property is in progress. Also, by known flats for sale in Phuket, you can start receiving passive income without a personal presence in the country.

The Procedure For Purchasing Property Online In Thailand

You can buy property online in Thailand. Let’s talk more about this process.

Key stages of purchasing real estate in Thailand online:

  • Search;
  • View object;
  • Signing of documents;
  • Payment;
  • Property registration.

Remote Property Search In Thailand

A potential buyer can remotely choose the property using unique Thai real estate sites. There are Russian-language sites where managers are ready to provide any assistance.

With the help of convenient filters on the aggregator website, you can find the perfect property in Thailand that will satisfy all your needs. The site contains objects from developers and local agents. The catalog contains only current offers with prices in different currencies.

Managers of the aggregator will answer all questions and help if you need help finding real estate.

Virtual Inspection Of The Object

With the help of modern technology, viewing an apartment remotely is not a problem. The sites attach virtual tours of real estate; you can ask the owner or realtor to shoot a video tour. 

But the most convenient way is a video call with a realtor. So you can see the house in real time and ask to see the places you are interested in. Discuss the pros and cons of housing. So the buyer will not feel that he is buying property “blindly.”

Signing of documents

Signing contracts and agreements is a stage that scares online buyers. But you shouldn’t worry. You will administer a power of attorney to a lawyer who will sign and check your documents. 

The specialist will explain in detail all the nuances of Thai law. Also, the documents will be translated into Russian so that the seller cannot hide a single clause of the contract since the document flow in Thailand is conducted only in Thai.

Online payment for the purchase of the real estate

For online payment, you need to contact your bank and confirm the possibility of transferring funds to Thailand. 

Then the cash is moved to a Thai bank in foreign money, and already there, it is transferred to Thai baht. The payment process for a foreigner will be the same when making a transaction in Thailand.

Property registration

You will need to register the real estate ownership in the department of land and the local municipality. Registration documents – Tabien Ban (registration book) and ownership of Chanod – can be obtained in person later, or a trustee can do this for you by proxy.

What Types Of Properties Are On The Phuket Market?

Phuket has everything from low-rise housing to tall skyscrapers, apartment buildings, and private villas.

The Phuket real estate market has:

  • apartments in condominiums;
  • duplexes (two-family houses);
  • townhouses;
  • villas;
  • shop houses (on the ground floor, there is a shop; on the second floor, there is a living space).

Regarding the major pros and scams of living in an apartment and a private house in Thailand.

The Main Advantages Of Owning An Apartment

Affordable Investment

Owning an apartment in Thailand stands out as a remarkably cost-effective investment choice, attracting savvy investors worldwide. The favorable cost of entry into the Thai property market is a key advantage.

Compared to many other countries, the initial purchase price for apartments in Thailand is significantly lower, allowing individuals to enter the market without a hefty financial burden. This affordability extends beyond just the purchase price; property taxes, registration fees, and other associated costs are comparatively reasonable.

Moreover, Thailand’s economic stability and consistent growth further enhance its appeal as an affordable investment destination. The country’s strong tourism industry provides a steady flow of potential renters, translating into potential rental income for property owners.

Rental Income Potential

Investing in an apartment in Thailand presents an excellent opportunity to generate consistent rental income. The country’s thriving tourism industry ensures a steady stream of potential tenants, especially in popular destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya.

Tourists and expatriates often seek rental apartments for short-term stays, providing property owners with the potential to earn substantial income. Additionally, the demand for long-term rentals from expats and retirees contributes to the rental income potential. Property management services in Thailand can assist in marketing your apartment, handling bookings, and ensuring a hassle-free experience for both owners and tenants, maximizing rental income opportunities.

Stunning Locations

Many apartments in Thailand are strategically located in breathtaking settings, offering a desirable and luxurious lifestyle. Whether it’s the pristine beaches of Phuket, the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok, or the tranquil charm of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s diverse landscapes cater to various preferences.

Imagine waking up to stunning sea views, enjoying easy access to cultural attractions, or residing in the heart of a bustling metropolis. Thailand’s diverse locations provide residents with an enriching experience, making apartment ownership not only a sound investment but also a gateway to a high-quality, scenic, and culturally rich life. 

The combination of rental income potential and stunning locations makes owning an apartment in Thailand an attractive proposition for both investors and those seeking a piece of paradise to call their own.

Cheaper To Maintain

One of the compelling advantages of owning an apartment in Thailand is the cost-effectiveness of maintenance. The country offers a favorable environment for maintaining your property without breaking the bank.

Labor costs for repairs and renovations in Thailand are notably lower than in many Western countries, making it affordable to keep your apartment in excellent condition. Similarly, the cost of materials and supplies is often less expensive, ensuring that routine maintenance, upgrades, and repairs won’t strain your budget.

Furthermore, property management services in Thailand are competitively priced, helping owners navigate the complexities of maintaining their apartments. These services can handle everything from regular upkeep to emergency repairs, allowing owners to enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience without incurring exorbitant costs.


In the modern world, almost everything can be purchased online, and any transaction can be carried out remotely. With the development of technology, this does not cause difficulties. Contact Thailand-Real.Estate today and start your search for the perfect home in Thailand!

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