[ANSWERED]What Does It Mean When It Says Instagram User?

You open your Instagram DMs and scroll through them and then you come across this unidentified profile with their username written as ‘Instagram User’.  

But you do not understand why your friend’s or acquaintance’s account is termed that way, why you cannot see their profile picture? 

Do not worry, in this blog, we have fully explained all your doubts and questions related to the ‘Instagram User’ tag.

What Does It Mean When It Says Instagram User?

This mainly happens because someone temporarily or permanently deletes their Instagram account. In the worst case scenario, that user could have been banned from the platform and or they might have blocked you. 

On Instagram, everyone has one username which is unique to their account. However, sometimes we check our DMs and notice that all their pictures, followers, and even their username have vanished. They are just left with the tag of ‘Instagram User’. Now you know the possible reasons

Let’s look at these reasons in detail: 

User Has Deleted/Deactivated Their Account

If an Instagram user deletes their account, then their username will go away and would be replaced with a dummy account with the ‘Instagram User’ tag. 

You can still access the old chats with them but you will not be able to see their posts, tagged pictures, follower list, or even profile pictures. Also, since they have deleted their account, your messages will get delivered to them. 

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The User Has Deactivated Their Account

Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed by social media and need a break from it. Instagram gives users the option of deactivating their accounts. 

This is like temporarily deleting your account. So, if someone has deactivated their account, their username goes away and the tag ‘Instagram User’ comes up. 

In this, you can access your old chats but you can’t see their profile picture and other posts. But you can still see their bio and follower account. If the user activates their account, all of these things, including their username will be back to normal again. 

Instagram Has Banned The User

If some user fails to follow Instagram’s rules and guidelines, they can get banned from the platform. Users are banned to keep the platform safe. All the users must follow the terms and conditions set by the platform. 

Therefore, if someone is banned, instead of their original username, you will find out that their profile disappears and their account will just have the tag of ‘Instagram User’.

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Does Instagram User Mean That You’re Blocked By Them?

In most cases, ‘Instagram User’ is not an indication that a user has blocked you. It usually happens when a user deletes or deactivates their account or gets banned on the platform.

If you are still able to access their chats, that certainly means that you are not blocked by that Instagram user. Only if you can’t read your old messages with them, it can be a sign that you are blocked. 

Also, go to that user’s profile, even though their name might be written as ‘Instagram User’ check if you can see their followers and followers count, then it definitely means that you have not been blocked by that user. They have just temporarily deactivated their account. 

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How To Come To Know That You Are Blocked By Someone On Instagram?

There are three ways through which you can find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram. Let’s find out:

Search Their Account

If you are suspicious that someone has blocked you on Instagram, search for their account. If the account does not appear in the search tab, it most likely means that you got blocked by the user. 

In the case of big Instagram celebrities and verified accounts, their account will show up in the search. You can see their profile picture and the username but not their posts and the list of followers.

Ask Your Friend To Search For The Account That May Have Blocked You

You can also ask your friend and ask them to search for the user who you are suspicious of and if they appear in their search tab, that means you have gotten blocked by them. 

If they do not appear in their search tab, that can be an indication that the user might have deleted or deactivated their account. 

Can’t Access The Old Chats

If you have had a conversation with that user and you can’t find it anymore, it definitely means that you have been blocked by them. 

Even if the user deletes or deactivates the account, you still access their old chats. However, Old chats only disappear when you get blocked by someone. So, if you can find their old chats, that probably means they have either deleted or deactivated their account. 


If you see the ‘Instagram User’ tag, it does always mean that you got blocked. Usually, that tag appears when someone deletes or deactivates their account. It can also appear, in the case if a user gets banned from the platform. In any case, you cannot message or see their posts. 

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