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Instagram has become the most popular social network in the last few years. As social media has grown immensely over the years, many apps have popped up on the internet that are more or less similar to Instagram. 

Apps Like Instagram:

Trying to find an app that is like Instagram? Worry not, we have curated a list of best apps that are eligible for being Instagram alternatives.


Pinterest is a popular social media app for someone who loves aesthetic visuals, offering a wide range of content categories including fashion, decor, cooking, and design. For users looking to create visually appealing collages, Pinterest also serves as a great source of inspiration and ideas to fuel their creativity, especially when combined with the use of a photo collage maker. With over 433 million monthly active users, the app provides a vibrant community of users who share and discover captivating visuals.

One unique feature of Pinterest is that it helps you to discover similar people who share your interest. You can do that by ‘pinning’ (saving) someone else ‘s post. You can create a ‘board’ by pinning multiple images/ posts. The ‘boards’ are collections of images/ videos for different topics. We are certain that Instagram users would love this app.


Facebook is the best Instagram alternative app. It is the most popular social media platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users (as of 2022). In fact, Facebook owns Instagram.

It was acquired in 2012, for $1 billion. On this app, you can post pictures like an Instagram post, chat with your friends, and interact with other people’s content. You can also link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile.

On Facebook, you can add a story just like how you post an Instagram story. It has also added innovative filters and photo-editing features, like Instagram. It is a great platform for you to post content, and interact with users and you can even be part of different communities of your liking. 


Snapchat is one of the best alternatives to Instagram. On this app, you can communicate with each other by sending ‘snaps’ (photos/ short videos). It was Snapchat that came up with the idea of stories and then Instagram also added the ‘stories’ feature to its app . 

A unique feature of this app is that the photos and images you send to your friends are self-destructive. On Snapchat, you can also create your avatar, which is called ‘Bitmoji’, and locate your friends on a map. Also, on this app, users cannot like and share ‘snaps’ nor can they see them more than once, just like how they have been displayed in an Instagram profile. 

Now, just like Instagram’s Explore page, Snapchat also has its very own ‘Discover’ page where you can find photos and short videos of other users. Snapchat also started ‘Spotlight’ which is similar to that of Reels.


TikTok is a short video creation and sharing app that is growing tremendously worldwide, it has more than 1 billion active users. It is the first Chinese app that is giving a tough fight to the apps from the west like Snapchat, Facebook and even Instagram.

On this app, users can create short, fun, entertaining videos and share them with their real followers. It has an amazing in-app video editor with many effects, filters and stickers. The app is always coming with exciting challenges, trends and contests. 

You would notice a lot of similarities between an Instagram reel and a TikTok video. It was TikTok that brought the wave of short-form content. Just like Instagram, you can go live on TikTok and even earn money. Users can buy you virtual gifts with the app’s currency TikTok Coins and you can encash them for real money.

Additionally, brands and businesses not only do Instagram marketing but they also prefer TikTok to advertise their products. So, if you are an Instagram influencer, finding a platform that can get you good brand deals, TikTok is the right place for you.

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We Heart It 

We Heart It is a photo-sharing app which is somewhat similar to Instagram. The app is similar in terms of functionality to the Instagram app. It has features like user pages, curated galleries, and a search function. 

The app has an innovative photo editing tool that not only edits pictures but also helps users to create various aesthetic backgrounds if they want to share their quotes, you cannot do such a thing in your Instagram photos.

Though it is a similar app to Instagram, it focuses more on inspirational content rather than on lifestyle content. Also, on this platform, it does not allow users to comment on each other’s posts, which means you can post your content without worrying about any hate and judgements. 

If you are looking to get away from the game of Instagram followers and Instagram likes, this is a great app for you.

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Do you like creating funny and creative gifs? But wait, you cannot post them on Instagram. Retrica is a photo-sharing app that lets you post pictures, videos as well as gifs. It has many creative filters, and stickers or even makes a creative collage of your photos. 

The app is very much like the Instagram app. It lets you share pictures and offers you an amazing photo editing tool and with all those innovative filters, it makes it a great platform as a replacement for Instagram. You will connect with people here with ease as Retrica is a small and close-knit community, it has only 50000 monthly active users. 

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Tumblr was the first photo-sharing site like Instagram that came out in 2007. It was earlier a microblogging site based on texts rather than on visuals. However, eventually, it allowed users to upload visual multimedia content on its platform. You will love this platform if you are into blogging. You can also be part of communities who share your interests and hobbies, 

You can be as creative as you want to on this platform. You can post a picture, long video, audio posts, photo threads, and gifs – the choice is yours. You can post any type of content. However, Tumblr does not have features like stories and live streaming.


Flickr is a photo-sharing site that is specially designed for people who are passionate about photography and videography. This app can be used like your own portfolio wherein you can share your visual work/ content. It is like LinkedIn but for creative artists. 

If you like the world of visual arts, Flickr is the perfect app for you. It will connect you with other like-minded visuals. A unique quality about this app is that it places a lot of importance on the quality of content that you are posting on this app, it emphasizes less on the following or any other metrics. 

Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a short form video creation and sharing app. It’s just like Instagram. Users can create fun, short pieces of content and post them on the platform. You can make videos in a variety of niches like dance, comedy, beauty, cooking, etc.  

On this app, you can import music or any other audio into your videos or even on your photo slideshow. The app always comes with fun new challenges and rewards the users. It has a powerful editing tool with lots of different filters and stickers. 


Dribbble is a photo-sharing app specially curated for designers and visual artists. Users can create an online portfolio of their work by posting different videos and photos. It is not laid back and casual like Instagram, it has a more professional vibe to it. You post pictures, videos, and gifs on the app. Other users can chat and interact with your content. 

It even has a feature through which you can find jobs related to graphic design, web designing, typography, icon designing, etc. It is a great platform for someone looking to expand their professional network and showcase their art. 

If you love Instagram food pages, then you will love this Instagram alternative app that is specially designed for foodies. Yummi is a photo-sharing app that is exclusively focused on food. It is for those who want to document their food experience. Users can post pictures of food and geotag a restaurant/cafe.

While the app has very similar features to that of Instagram. But it has its own distinctive features too. The app structures the posts chronologically through timestamps and it even lets you sort posts by cuisine. 

With the help of geotagging, you can find many different local restaurants and their food reviews and pictures. Through its feature of the calendar view, you can get an overview of your entire food journal. You can even view your follower’s food diaries. It is a great platform to start your food blogging journey after all it is like your “restaurant and food dairy”.

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