Tiktok Alternatives: 17 Apps like TikTok In 2023

With over 1.5 billion active users, TikTok has grown tremendously over the last decade. It has created a wave where short-form video creation and sharing is becoming more and more popular across the globe. Now, more apps like TikTok are coming out, to cater to the craze of short-form content. 

Apps like TikTok

A decade ago, no one knew short-form content could blow up this fast. Youtube, the biggest video-sharing platform, earlier only focused on long-form content. We would see content creators making long videos. It was TikTok that suddenly popularized the concept of short videos. Now, Youtube has ventured into YouTube Shorts to enter into the game of short-form content.

In this blog, let’s look at apps that have similar functionalities like the TikTok app. All these apps are available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a dedicated platform created by Instagram for short-form for short-form content. Just like TikTok, you can edit, trim and record the video on the app’s interface and create ‘reels’ ( short videos). It has several video effects, filters and a large database of music. Users can make videos in different niches including cooking, comedy, vlogging, fashion, etc. 

Reels were introduced in 2020, just in Brazil and within no time, it is now available in more than 150 countries. It is the best TikTok alternative. In fact, Reels has the highest engagement rate, compared to all other short-form video apps, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.  

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YouTube Shorts 

YouTube is known for its long-form video content. We would see creators making videos of 10-30 minutes. However, it has recently introduced the feature of YouTube Shorts that are basically similar to that of TikTok. Users can post short videos which be up to 60 seconds long. It has already accumulated over 5 trillion views.

It has also enabled users with an in-app editing tool and effects that let you create cool videos. You can add different texts, merge two clips, control the speed, add special effects and make your video clip innovative and creative. You can choose audio from the large music library on YouTube. 


Snapchat has also come into the game of short-form content. Earlier, it used to focus on chatting and day-in-the-life content. Now, It has launched its TikTok-like feature called ‘Spotlight’ where users can post short videos with several video effects and filters.  Users post funny videos, lip- sync, music, beauty videos, etc.

The videos will not disappear after someone has viewed them unless the creator deletes them. However, unlike TikTok, you cannot interact with the users. You will not be able to find comments and your profile will remain private. 

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KWAI is another chinese app like TikTok. It is social short-form content. Users can create videos in various niches including, beauty, comedy, pranks, magic, dance, blogging, etc. It has a “stories” feature that is similar to an Instagram story. Also, it rewards its creators. Just like TikTok, you can find a lot of challenges and contests on the app. 

The KWAI app is founded by Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao. It is under its partner company, Beijing Kuaishou. It has more than 300 million users. A unique thing about this app is, that it focuses less on filters and face effects, it does promote artificial beauty standards. 


Likee is an app that is very similar to TikTok. It is a short-form video-sharing app where you can create videos with different effects, and filters and even has a feature of live streaming. It is owned by BIGO Technology, a Singapore- based firm and has more than 100 million active users. It is growing tremendously. 

It is known for its innovative video effects like 4D Magic, and users can seamlessly record and edit their videos in the app. It also has its in-app currency called ‘beans’ which can be used to monetize content. 

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Firework is a mobile app that allows users to share short videos. However, the focus of this app is not about growing followers, it emphasizes more on the quality of the video. So, even if you don’t have a huge following on this app but you make good quality content, there is a huge probability that it will make you famous over the app. But, you will still find a lot of lip-syncing videos as well. 

It has a great video editing interface, several weekly challenges help users to earn rewards and cash prizes. This is a great platform for those who are into film-making and editing to showcase their special skills and talents. 


Lomotif is a platform for music lovers as they can create a music video show on this app. It has a large database of songs, sound effects and background music. In addition to that, it allows its users to add any other song of their own to their videos. The best feature of this app is, that it lets you export your videos to any other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. It has a lot of innovative video filters, stickers, and emojis. 


Another app for music lovers which is similar to that of TikTok is Funimate. It allows people to edit and share their music videos with others. It has a lot of innovative video effects, filters and transitions that can help you to make your music video unique and creative. Just like TikTok, it hosts a lot of weekly contests and challenges. You can also create videos on this app and share them on other social media platforms. 


This is a great platform for those people who have just started making and editing videos. It does not have advanced video effects or filters but it has a super easy video editing tool that will help you to create good-looking and creative videos in any niche including beauty, cooking, comedy, fitness, etc. It also allows you to share these videos on other apps. 


Cheez is an app just like TikTok where you can create and share videos, interact with other users and earn rewards. One unique feature of this app is that you can get rewards for watching and engaging with other people’s content. 

It has a good editing interface with a plethora of video effects, stickers and filters. It hosts weekly contests, there are even battles between users and has several fun activities happening all the time. It is popular for its videos in niches of vlogging, fashion and comedy. 


If you are concerned about your data and privacy, then Dubsmash is the perfect app for you. It neither tracks your location nor does it collect any user data to sell it to third parties. It allows you to record and share short videos with others, similar to that of TikTok.  

You can share those videos on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Also, Dumsmash’s parent company is Reddit. It thrives to inculcate diversity in its content, unlike other similar short-form video-sharing apps. 


Byte is another app which functions very similarly to that TikTok. Like TikTok, it also has different sections for various niches including, comedy, anime, pets, magic and fashion. You can create small bytes (videos are called bytes here) on this platform and share them with others. They can be only 6.5 seconds long. 


Chingari is a social media app developed in India by Sumit Ghosh, and Biswatma Nayak in 2018. When TikTok got banned in India, Chingari’s user base expanded exponentially as it was a short-form video creation and sharing app, just like TikTok. 

The app has very similar functionalities to that of TikTok. It lets you create and share short videos with the app’s community. Just like TikTok, it hosts a lot of weekly challenges and contests. It also has advanced AI-based video effects, filters and stickers. You can create dance videos, funny videos,etc — anything that is entertaining.


Triller is an amazing app, which is just like TikTok in a lot of ways. However, it focuses more on music. It has unique features like auto-editing that will help you automatically edit your videos in just a few seconds. It will add filters, the right music, and lighting and make your editing easy for you. In fact, before becoming a social media platform, Triller was a video editing platform. 


MuStar is another app that is focusing on short-form content. One unique quality about this app is that it gives a lot of attention to battles between the users. Lip-sync and dance battles are very famous on this app. Other MuStar users will judge the two users and rate them with ‘stars’. Whoever has the most number of stars at the end of the battle, wins. 

The concept is to pit users against each other but the app is more or less like TikTok. Users post short entertaining videos and the app’s interface has very similar video effects, filters and stickers to TikTok. If you are someone who loves competing, then this app is just perfect for you.

Vigo Video

Vigo video is another TikTok-like mobile app that lets you create short videos and share it with your friends and followers within the community. You can create fun dance videos, cooking videos or even showcase your other skills like comedy, beauty,etc. It has a lot of innovative filters, video effects and has some unique beauty filters like it evens the skin tone, removes blemishes,etc. 

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Video Star

Video Star is a short video creation and sharing app that focuses on music videos. It does not allow users to create videos in the format of a vlog or other formats. However, it has some great user reviews on Google PlayStore. Also, just like TikTok, it has tons of amazing video effects, filters and has a huge library of music. For people who love music and funny videos, this is a great social network app. 

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