How Many People Can You Unfollow On Instagram

To improve overall user experience, all social media platforms create new rules, enforce their already-existing ones, and provide frequent updates.

These rapid upgrades frequently leave us perplexed with many dilemmas.

If you’ve ever wondered how many people you can unfollow on Instagram, what’s the best method for doing so, and how to avoid getting banned from the site, then today’s blog post is for you!

How Many People Can You Unfollow On Instagram?

Instagram users are limited to a maximum of 200 unfollows every day, This number varies anywhere from 100 to 200 based on factors such as the age of the account, and its activity level, among many others.

According to various sources, the maximum limit might be as high as 200 if your account is more than three months old, and it could be in the hundreds if it’s newer than that.

However, there is a catch; these limits should be used systematically, gradually, over time. So, if you go ahead and follow all 200 accounts in one fell swoop, Instagram may flag your account as suspicious and block you.

Remember the one golden rule to shield your Instagram profile from any risks — DO NOT SPAM!

This means you shouldn’t be too aggressive while adding or removing Instagram followers. Take it slow at first, starting with 50 new accounts per day, then 100 the next week, 150 the week after that, and finally, 200 in the 4th week!

In a similar vein, if you look at the daily restriction, you may easily hit it by starting with just 10 unfollows an hour and progressively increasing the number until you meet the daily limit. I’d say, never mass unfollow people, it can lead to even suspension and ban.

Does Instagram Implement Unfollow Limits?

Yes, there’s an Instagram unfollow limit and Instagram follow limit that every user needs to obey.

There is one common misunderstanding, though. Never forget that the Instagram app views following and unfollowing as the same action. That means the daily total of follows and unfollows is the sum of both.

This restriction is set at 100 for brand-new accounts on the network, and at about 200 for older accounts.

Just to be on the safer side, I can rightly assume there is a daily cap of 150, which works out to about 4,500 unfollows per month.

Factors That Influence Instagram’s Limit

The question now is: What variables affect these limits?

Let me go a little bit more into each of the elements that influence the unfollow limit of Instagram:

Account’s activity

It’s no secret that Instagram, like other social media websites, gives priority to those who are most active on the platform.

The more you upload content, interact with other accounts, search other accounts and use the platform, the more trust Instagram will place in you and the higher your unfollowing limit will be.

The explanation for this is rather straightforward: the more active you are on your account, the more people will like, engage with and follow your account, and the more trustworthy your account will appear on Instagram.

Amount of Followers

Here, the simple idea is: the more followers you have, the better.

Think of this as an exam you’d take in school; to earn a spot on the “teacher favorite” list, you’d need to score exceptionally well. In this case, Instagram is your teacher, and your grade is the number of people that follow you on Instagram.

When you have a lot of followers on the platform, your authority score goes up, which in turn increases Instagram’s confidence in your account and raises your unfollowing cap.

Age of Your Account

Who would you be more likely to trust, your best friend of the past 7 years or someone you just met? I think, you would best friend obviously, right?

Similarly, Instagram will naturally trust your account more if it has been there for a longer period of time, and as a result, it will award you with a greater number of credits when compared to other newcomers on the platform.

Hence, accounts that have been around for a while have a distinct advantage over those who are just newbies on the platform.


Due to the prevalence of bot accounts that people buy to boost their follower count through fake accounts & ghost followers, simply having a large number of followers won’t cut it.

The frequency with which users interact with your content and the number of likes and comments your posts receive are the factors that really matter.

If this number is large, Instagram’s unfollowing restriction will be relaxed for you and you’ll be able to benefit more.

Type Of Account

Last but not the least, the type of Instagram account you have — business, creator, or personal — also affects this restrictions ceiling.

Typically, personal accounts are the ones that are used by individuals for their regular social media browsing.

Creator accounts are for influencers and content creators on the platform, and business accounts are for business-related profiles.

Business and creator accounts usually have a higher exposure hence, their Instagram limits are also on the higher end as compared to personal accounts.

How to Mass Unfollow People On Instagram Safely?

There is one very crucial thing you must remember if you want to mass unfollow users from your Instagram account: Instagram has set a following and unfollowing limit that it expects its users to abide by.

To be safe, I’d suggest, avoid unfollowing more than 200 users per day on the platform. If you unfollow many users at once, you run the danger of being banned from the site as per Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

Also, you must be seeing way too many third-party apps that promise to let you unfollow multiple users at once. Although some of these tools do function, it is extremely dangerous to give them access to your login information.

Therefore, be careful not to share your personal information or login credentials with these apps since doing so could be extremely harmful in the future.

So, the most natural and safest way that I’ve discovered to mass unfollow people on the platform is to follow this pattern:

Unfollow a maximum of 200 accounts per day on the platform, this way you will be able to unfollow almost 6000 accounts per month!


What Happens If I Unfollow 1000 Followers On Instagram?

You should not unfollow so many followers at once on Instagram because there is a cap of 200 unfollows per day.
Therefore, once you go over that threshold, Instagram will interpret it as spam or bot activity. Your IG account may be temporarily suspended or permanently banned if it is reported for such behavior.

Why Is Instagram Stopping Me From Unfollowing?

If you try to unfollow too many people at once, Instagram will penalize you. The limit is initially set at 100 and can increase to 200 for long-standing users of the site.

In addition, it is recommended that you unfollow no more than 10 people every hour to avoid having your Instagram account banned for suspicious bot activity.

So if you’re having trouble unfollowing individuals on Instagram, it’s probably because you’re breaking the above-mentioned Instagram policy or Instagram rules.

Can Instagram Ban You For Unfollowing A Lot Of People Too Fast?

Yes, if you unfollow too many people at once, Instagram may temporarily ban your account. For this reason, it is usually best to unfollow individuals gradually—around 10 at a time!

Is Follow-Unfollow Method Worth It To Increase Your Followers?

Earlier, using the follow-unfollow approach was an excellent way to improve a user’s following-follower ratio and give their account a cleaner appearance.

Here, the strategy is rather simple and clear: you follow several accounts in your niche, and then you unfollow them after a while when they follow you back.

Although it used to be a tried-and-true tactic, Instagram has recently tightened up its regulations. You are now limited in the number of accounts you can follow and unfollow per day, and if they believe you are breaking this limit, they will most likely block your account.

Therefore, depending on how frequently you follow and unfollow users on the platform and whether it complies with the limit imposed on the platform, this approach may or may not work.

How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram a Day?

Users of Instagram are only permitted 200 unfollows every day, although this amount may range from 100 to 200 depending on a variety of factors, including the age of the account and its degree of activity, among many others.

If you’re fairly new to the platform, your cap is somewhere around 100, and if you’re an experienced Instagram user, your cap is something in the vicinity of 200 each day!

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