How many reports to get banned on TikTok

TikTok is a friendly and safe social media platform. It has more than 1 billion active users who are mostly young. Since the platform is mainly driven by User-Generated- Content, TikTok has laid down strict community guidelines to keep its platform safe. 

There are incidents where you may encounter some indecent content; you might even see fake accounts copying other creators’ videos or someone who is spreading hate and violence. In such cases, you should report the user who you feel is not following the basic community guidelines laid down by TikTok.

How many reports to get banned on TikTok

No exact number of reports can get a user banned from the platform. There are cases in which even one TikTok report is enough to get the user banned. However, there are also cases where users can take up to 10 reports for TikTok to review someone’s account.

If someone is getting reported for any reason (fake reports), TikTok will not be that user. The TikTok moderators are humans and they decide to ban someone or not. Mass reporting will work when there is a genuine reason behind it. It can be because someone is posting inappropriate content, using abusive language, spreading hate, etc. 

The number of reports is also dependent on the severity of the violation. If someone has just minorly violated TikTok’s guidelines, in that case, TikTok might just issue them a warning. In the other case, where the violation is severe, TikTok will just need one report to ban that user. For instance, if a user is found blackmailing other users or cyberbullying them, they might get banned straight away by TikTok. 

How many violations to get banned on TikTok

If you constantly keep violating TikTok’s community guidelines, that might lead to a permanent ban from TikTok. It depends on the degree of your violation. If someone has minorly violated a community guideline in one of their videos, they might not be banned, but TikTok might issue them with a warning. 

However, if some user is involved in spreading hate, and violence, is promoting self-harm, and blacking other users, he/she will definitely be banned by TikTok. Therefore, if you violate some TikTok guidelines, you will be charged with a penalty in the form of a ban, warning, and in some cases, a permanent ban. 

Types of TikTok ban

There is a single ban on TikTok. It has created different levels of bans, and it imposes them depending on the severity of the violation. Let’s look at the types of bans and how long those bans can last.


Shadowban is an indirect type of ban in which users are not even notified that they are banned from the platform. If a person is shadowbanned, TikTok will not show its content to anyone. Their videos will not be displayed on the ‘For You’ page of the app, also comments on their previous videos will not show up. 

TikTok imposes this ban when there are minor violations in the content posted by the user. TikTok shadowban can last up to 1-3 days. 

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Live-Streaming ban

When a TikTok user violates community guidelines on a live stream, for instance, a user is using it to spread hate, incite violence, or is being abusive or shares someone’s personal information (without their consent) then it might result in a live stream ban. The ban might last up to 24 to 48 hours. Hence, be mindful and follow all the community guidelines to avoid this type of ban. 

Temporary ban

If a user violates any community guidelines, it can result in a temporary ban from the platform. It can last from 1 day to 2 weeks. Therefore, it is important that you follow all the guidelines laid down by the TikTok app. Also, be mindful of your language and behavior towards other users. Abusive language can also lead to a temporary ban. 

Permanent ban

If a user repeatedly violates TikTok’s community guidelines, then it might lead to a permanent ban from the platform. If a user constantly posts inappropriate content, even after TikTok issued a strict ban or a temporary ban, their account will get permanently banned. Also, a user cannot recover your account they are encforec with permanent account ban.

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What will get you banned on TikTok?

TikTok will not ban someone without a reason. However, at times, TikTok can also wrongfully ban a user (it is a rare case). If that happens, we suggest you contact TikTok support and make an appeal. 

But in most cases when a user gets banned from the platform, there is always a solid reason behind it. Let’s look at the reasons for which TikTok can ban users.  

Inappropriate Content

If a user posts inappropriate content that violates the community guidelines laid down by TikTok, then they might get banned on the platform. The inappropriate type of content includes sexually explicit content, misinformation, hate speech, etc. If a user constantly uploads such content, they might even get permanently banned. 

TikTok is very serious about keeping the platform safe and decent, as most of its users fall in the demographic of 16 to 23. If you ever come across content that you feel is violating TikTok’s community guidelines, report it immediately. 

Abusive Language 

If a user is seen being abusive in his/her videos, then there is a high probability that the user can get banned. Abusive language also includes using TikTok as a platform to incite hate, encourage violence, and promote illegal activities. 

TikTok expects its users to behave cordially and respectfully with other users. If a user is constantly abusing a content creator in their comment section, spreading hate, and necessarily spreading fake information, then even that user can get banned from TikTok. 

Copying someone else’s Content

TikTok is strict about its copyright laws. If you use someone’s content without their permission and they report you, that can result in a ban. Therefore, if you ever decide to use someone’s content, take their permission and give them due credit for that in your TikTok video. 

Also, if you make a fake account in someone else’s name, that can get you in trouble. TikTok’s algorithm is strong at detecting fake and spam accounts that post copied content. Even making videos around buying and selling likes and followers is strictly banned from the platform. 

Not following the Community Guidelines

TikTok is very serious about its community guidelines. These rules are made with the intention to keep the TikTok community safe. Therefore, if they find a user who is not following even a minor community guideline, they might get banned by the TikTok app. 

Read community guidelines carefully and analyze your content if it is breaking any community guidelines. It can range from inappropriate content, blackmailing, content that hinders national security, etc. Don’t make a lot of content about controversial topics that can get you in trouble.

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How long is a TikTok ban?

The ban might last from 1 day to 2 weeks and if a user is banned permanently, they won’t be able to recover their account. The duration of the ban is dependent mainly on the intensity of the violation. If a user has just minorly violated a community guideline in their video, the ban may last up to 3 days.

 However, if a user has violated TikTok’s community guideline by blackmailing or bullying another user, or using TikTok to incite violence, then the ban duration will be long and severe.  

Can TikTok Suspend Accounts?

Yes, TikTok can suspend accounts. When a user uses VPN, if it goes off, TikTok might detect it and suspend your account.

Also, if you are below the age of 13, it will immediately suspend the account. Also, if you make a new account and follow other accounts too fast, TikTok’s algorithm might think you are a spammer and suspend your account. 

If you feel your TikTok account is suspended wrongfully, you can appeal to TikTok and fill out their feedback form. You can also contact TikTok’s support team and explain to them your case, only if it is genuine. 

If you feel a user violates TikTok’s community guidelines, report that person immediately to TikTok. There is no specific number of reports that can get the user banned. In some cases, even one single report is enough to get the user banned, but in others, even after the user is reported many times, TikTok might not ban the user.

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