How Much Is a Lion On TikTok?

You’ve probably heard the term “TikTok Lion Gift” thrown around a lot if you’re a Tikok user, and that’s what today’s blog is all about!

I’m going to explore the TikTok’s entire gifting feature in more detail and learn more about the Lion Gift, including its price and special features.

How Much Is A Lion worth On TikTok?

The cost of a lion on tiktok is 29,999 TikTok coins which is about $400.

TikTok lions fall into the category of one of the most expensive gifts that can be bought on the platform.

Now before getting into the gift, let’s understand what exactly live gifting is!

TikTok has constantly been the platform that doesn’t copy other social media platforms but rather gives ideas that other social media platforms want to copy.

One such feature is the live gifting option that lets users and followers send TikTok Live Gifts to their favorite creators during their live streams on the platform. These virtual gifts can be in the form of animations, emojis, or special effects that appear on the screen during the live stream.

These gifts range from as low as 5 coins to as high as 49,000 coins costing approx. $5 to $500 — making them an affordable as well as an extravagant way of showing love and appreciation to influencers on the platform.

Now coming to the TikTok live Lion Gift, I know that you might be wondering why the lion gift price is so high — the reason for this is that both users on the platform and the creator will enjoy the visual feast that this provides.

The Lion Gifts displays a lion roaring towards the audience, representing a grand gesture of praising someone on the stage!

And guess what? These Live Gifts are more than just stickers or gifs; they also provide content creators with a way to monetize their work on the platform — making them all the more valuable!

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What Is The Most Expensive Gift On TikTok?

If you want to make some TikTok influencer feel really happy and want to convey your best compliments to a creator — worry not, TikTok has a plethora of expensive gifting options for you in-store.

Let’s take a closer look at the five most expensive presents along with the TikTok gifts worth that is offered on the site:

  1. TikTok Universe: 34999 coins
  2. Lion: 29999 coins
  3. Rocket: 20000 coins
  4. Planet: 15000 coins
  5. Interstellar: 10000 coins.

For a whopping 34,999 TikTok coins, or about $500, you can get the TikTok Universe gift, making it the most expensive TikTok gift in the store.

A visual picture of the universe is displayed on the screen, making the TikTok universe an extra special visual gala gift on the platform.

Now coming to the monetization of the gifts, when you send any such gift to a TikTok creator on the platform, it gives them some gift points which helps them in earning some real money on the platform and monetizing their account

A content creator on the platform can therefore exchange a Universe gift (or be it any other gift) you send them for real money by following a few easy steps, like:

Step 1 — You send them the gift

Step 2 — The TikTok gift points are turned into TikTok diamonds and added to their virtual wallet.

Step 3 — They trade in the gems for hard currency via Paytm or another service.

It’s worth noting that each diamond’s value is 5 cents, or $0.05, so, a creator’s collection of 100 diamonds is worth $5!

The downside is that TikTok takes 50% of all revenue as a commission. Therefore, an influencer on TikTok might make $2.5 for every 100 diamonds.

Other TikTok Gift Prices

Here I’ve curated a list of the range of gifts that you can buy on the platform and send to your favorite content creator, all with different budget caps, making the whole gifting a lot easier!

  1. Rose: 1 coin
  2. Finger Heart: 5 coins
  3. Thumbs Up!: 5 coins
  4. Panda: 5 coins
  5. Italian Hand: 5 coins
  6. Accept This Rose?: 15 coins
  7. Love Bang: 25 coins
  8. Big Love: 35 coins
  9. Tea: 70 coins
  10. Sun Cream: 50 coins
  11. Rainbow Puke: 100 coins
  12. Confetti: 400 coins
  13. Concert: 500 coins
  14. Trophy: 500 coins
  15. Applause: 600 coins
  16. Gold Mine: 1000 coins
  17. Legendary: 1000 coins
  18. Ice Diamond: 2000 coins
  19. Submarine: 5199 coins
  20. Planet: 15,000 coins
  21. Lion Gift: 29,999 coins

How Can You Buy And Send TikTok Gifts?

For sending a TikTok gift, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  1. You can send gifts only during live streams or in the comment section of the posted videos.
  2. You should be at least 18 years old to send a gift to a TikTok video or during a live stream on TikTok (or 19 in South Korea and 20 in Japan)

Buying TikTok Gifts

Before sending a video gift to someone what you first need to do is, recharge your wallet and add some virtual coins to it.

Follow these steps to recharge Coins from your TikTok account:

Step 1 — Log into your TikTok app, and tap “Profile” at the bottom.

Step 2 — Tap “Settings and privacy”, then tap “Balance”

Step 3 — Tap “Recharge” and choose the coin package that you’d like to purchase.

Step 4 — Lastly, follow the in-app instructions and complete the purchase!

Coin Packages:

Here’s a quick view of the various coin packages that users can choose from:

Source: TikTok

Sending TikTok Gifts

Here are the 3 easy steps for sending  TikTok gifts during Live Streamings

Step 1 — Join the TikTok Live Video/ Live Stream of a creator and tap on the “Gift Icon” present on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2 — Now “Choose the Gift” you’d like to send

Step 3 — After selecting your Gift, just tap on “Send” and it’s done!!

Now for sending TikTok gifts in the comment section, here are the 4 quick steps:

Step 1 — Tap on the “Comments icon” of the video you’re watching

Step 2 — Now, tap on the “Gift Icon” present next to the Add comment option

Step 3 — Next, “Select the Gift” you want to send to the creator

Step 4 — Lastly, “Write a comment” and hit the “Send” button!


TikTok’s unique design and fun features have made it the go-to app for young people, and it’s only gaining popularity.

I’d say, It’s safe to assume that in the not-too-distant future, TikTok will expand the current selection of TikTok gifts and take the whole gifting concept to a whole new level.

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