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How To Code A Social Media App? [ANSWERED]

Social media has changed how we talk and spend time with each other. We got so used to this changed informational and communication landscape, that we now can watch more social media platforms popping up. In the last 15 years, so many social media apps emerged that we can’t even count them all.

About 4.5 billion people, which is more than half of everyone in the world, use those, which is virtually insane. Given the vast number of people participating in social media, it’s clear why developers like yourself are eager to capitalize on this trend by creating their own unique platforms.

However, starting a new social media app isn’t a simple process. In this article, we’ll examine the best way to develop and code your own social media app. Before you start coding, you need a concept.

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Developing a Concept

In order to code a social media app, you first need to have a concept in mind to guide your coding. You will make key choices about the development of your app based on the purpose and the audience for your app.

After all, there are many types of social media apps, and you need to know which kind you are creating in order to define what you need it to do. Some of the most common types are:

  • Media sharing networks – apps for creating and sharing user-generated video, audio, and text.
  • Dating networks – apps for facilitating romantic relationships.
  • Business / professional networks – apps for jobseekers, employees, and businesses.
  • Communication networks – apps for developing making friends and social contacts.
  • Entertainment networks – apps for networking around common hobbies and interests. 
  • Academic networks – apps for scholars to network around academic and research purposes.

You will be able to make the strongest choices in developing your coding strategies to meet your users’ needs when you have a strong vision for your app to guide you.

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Coding Your Social Media App

Anyone who has coded an app knows how time-consuming and complicated the process can be. It also requires exceptional coding skills. Many who code gain their knowledge by taking college courses in information systems, information technology, computer science, or other similar subjects.

If you are enrolled in one of these courses, you probably need help with your programming homework assignments. That’s one reason you may already know that you can pay experts online to provide you with programming homework assistance.

When you code with AssignmentCore, you’ll receive expert assistance from some of the world’s best programmers, who will produce original, creative, and functional coding homework to meet the requirements of your exact assignment so you can focus on the real work of learning coding.

When it’s time to code your social media app, the unique nature of your project will mean that you’ll have to make some key decisions about how to best meet your needs and goals. 

9 Easy Steps to Code a Social Media App

However, most coding projects follow some of the same basic steps:

  1. Define the purpose of your app. The first step, as noted above, is to figure out what the purpose of your app will be and who the audience will be. Once you have decided on the type of social network, you also need to define the major features of your app, its key functionalities, and the target audience you hope to reach. Think about what that audience expects to be able to and what concerns may arise.
  2. Choose a development platform. Will your app be an iOS or Android exclusive, or will it work with both? Most apps benefit from being available on both platforms if you want to reach the greatest number of users.
  3. Choose your programming language. While every language has its pluses and minuses, common languages like Swift, Kotlin, and React Native can be good choices, as long as you research which languages meet your purposes and provide the right combination of functionality and ease of use for your needs. 
  4. Develop a user interface. Apps are not going to be successful if your users can’t figure them out. That’s why you need to develop a wireframe or prototype to work out the interface and then test a mockup to ensure users can navigate it easily.
  5. Build out the app’s backend. Your app is more than its interface. It also needs a backend database to store user data, posts, comments, etc., and it will need server-side development, since the backend is where most of the app’s work takes place. 
  6. Add user authentication. Your app won’t have every part open to everyone. You’ll need a secure authentication system to let users create and manage their profiles.
  7. Code social features. Every task your users will perform, from creating content to making contact with other users, will need coding. 
  8. Test and launch the app. Run tests of your app across many different devices and operating systems to ensure that it works well no matter how your users access it. When it’s read, launch your app in various online marketplaces and welcome your users!
  9. Remain vigilant. You aren’t finished just because your app is live. You’ll need to monitor its performance, gather feedback from users, fix bugs, and roll out updates. 

One final word of caution: As you develop and code your app, you may want to consult with a legal expert to ensure that you are meeting all of the privacy requirements and other legal obligations in the jurisdictions where your social  media app will be offered.

Shaurya Jain
Shaurya Jain

Shaurya jain is a blogger at Attention always. He is an expert in social media marketing & PR. He keeps experimenting with Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms to stay up to date. When he is not writing, you can find watching reruns of Brooklyn 99.

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