How To Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist – A Complete Guide

Who wouldn’t want to earn extra cash through a simple side hustle as easy as uploading your feet pics?

You’ll find people on the internet making a tonne of money daily doing this. And yes, you can do it too. Best part? You don’t even need to reveal your face, and if done right, you might end up making a career as a foot model!

However, if you are new to this, things might appear quite overwhelming. But don’t worry, we are here to tell you how you can sell feet pics on platforms like Craigslist and more.

How To Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist? 

Are you an aspiring foot model? Well, this could be your chance of making tonnes of money!

Follow these steps to sell your feet pics on Craigslist.

  1. Go to Craigslists’s homepage and select your current location.
  2. On the left of your screen, click on “Post to Classified.”
  3. Select the category “photo/ video by owner.”
  4. Now create an enticing ad for selling your feet pics. To create an exciting one, give a good title, description, and an option for the buyers to reply to the ad. We advise adding a spare email for contact purposes instead of sharing your personal phone number or email id if you don’t want the potential buyer to find out your identity. 
  5. Once your ad is ready, you can publish it and wait for interested buyers. 

Things To Be Careful Of While Selling Feet Pics On Craigslist

While it is one of the easiest ways to make money, you should be careful about a few things as you are not dealing with strangers online. 

Here are some of the issues you can face while using Craigslist to sell feet pictures:

1. Buyers Disappearing After Receiving Photos

Since Craigslist is a classified ads website, there is no one who is overlooking the delivery and the payment parts of the transaction. So it becomes easier for frauds to receive the product and ghost you without paying. 

It is an even bigger problem for people who are selling digital products like photos, videos, etc., as they will be conducting the entire deal online. And if you are new to the platform, it can be difficult for you to convince customers to pay in advance. 

So either you up your negotiation skills or get ghosted by them. FeetFinder takes care of these problems for you by having seller protection policies in place so that you don’t have to worry.

2. Inappropriate Requests 

As mentioned before, on Craigslist, you will be dealing with the customers on your own, without any interruption or support from the platform. And there’s a high chance you will come across customers making requests that are out of your comfort zone. 

Therefore, you need to have good customer-handling skills to know how to deal with such situations.

3. Fake Payment Confirmations

Fake payment confirmations are a big problem with most small online businesses, and if you don’t have the eye for it, you can easily get scammed. 

According to news, in 2022, Americans lost over $10.3 billion to internet scams, so you can only imagine the extent of it. One can easily scam you by sending a photoshopped payment receipt, and without good platform support, there won’t be much for you to do. 

Again, on FeetFinder these things won’t happen as we take the payment on your behalf and send you a confirmation as soon as it is received, and then transfer it to your account.

4. Getting Hold Of Your Personal Information

If your plan is simply selling feet pics and not disclosing anything about your identity, Craigslist might not be the best platform for you. Because, at the end of the day, it is an ad-posting platform, and most customers only reach out to people who seem genuine. 

Now as a new joiner on the platform who doesn’t have many followers, the only way for you to come across as genuine can be to reveal your identity, like your original name, email, address, etc. by doing this, you will be risking your personal details, and they might end up in wrong hands. 

On FeetFinder, you can remain completely anonymous. 

Why Feet Finder Is A Better Platform?

If your aim is to land on the profitable side of the foot pic industry, you might want to reconsider your choice of platform. Instead of going on a generic ad platform, try websites that are more niched down. 

FeetFinder is a dedicated platform for sellers seeking a specialized marketplace tailored to the foot pic industry. The platform is only filled with users who are interested in buying and selling foot pic.

Apart from that, here are some other reasons why FeetFinder is a better platform for selling feet pics. 

1. Safe & Reliable Platform

FeetFinder is a renowned, 100% trustworthy platform that is PCI compliant. You can check out our reviews on Trustpilot, where we have over 5000 ratings and reviews, with an average rating of 4.9/5. 

The sellers appreciate how swift our customer service is and how we have kept the sellers safe from scammers. The buyers pay through the platform, and you can cash your balance on a weekly basis. So there’s no room for you to get ghosted after handing over your images/videos.

2. Genuine Buyers Interested In Feet Pics

In order to become a buyer, a person needs to put down their card details before purchasing or even messaging you. So rest assured that all the buyers on the platform are genuine and are interested in buying feet pics. 

FeetFinder is exclusively designed for purchasing and selling foot photos, you won’t have difficulty finding your perfect client. This contrasts with platforms like Craigslist and OnlyFans, where you must enhance your profile and content with specific keywords such as “Feet Pics” and “Foot Fetish.”

3. You Can Make Good Money

There is no cap on how much you can earn through FeetFinder. Many of our models make millions every year!

There is a nominal joining fee ($4.99 per month or $1.25 per month of annual subscription) that ensures that the platform is not crowded by too many sellers, and you can have your chance to make a name as a beginner. 

You get to take 80% of your earnings without any additional charges. 

And as the platform handles all the marketing, transactions, and chargebacks for you, it gets easier for you to focus on creating quality content and scaling your profile ASAP. 

4. Strong Customer Support

Although the platform is intuitively designed and simple to navigate, the FeetFinder team has gone the extra mile with their customer service. They offer round-the-clock support for both buyers and sellers, ensuring swift and efficient responses.

Whether you have a doubt in mind or facing any issues with your profile, you can reach out to customer support through the app or write to them at [email protected]

How To Get Started With Selling Feet Pics?

If you are absolutely new to the foot pic industry and wondering how to start, what to post, what to charge, and things like that, don’t worry; here are answers to these and more!

1. Learn Feet Photography

You can’t just take out your mobile camera and click photos from a boring angle and hope for it to attract buyers. Just like any other niche photography, there’s a certain way in which you should do foot photography

Here are some tips to get the most aesthetic feet pics. 

  • Use a good quality camera. If you are just starting out and can’t invest in a DSLR/ SLR, iPhone’s camera should work too. But make sure you are using good lighting, and nothing beats the natural sunlight (and it’s free, so utilize it!).
  • Use a good background for your pictures. Although they are feet pics, you can’t have a pile of clothes or dirty shoes in the frame. The image should look aesthetically pleasing overall.
  • Use props to add drama. Most people use props like heals, ribbons, jewelry, sand, flowers, fruits, etc. You can use anything that goes with your theme. 
  • Once you are done taking the photos, use some filters and effects to make them nicer. 
  • Look for some foot poses and mix them with your creativity to come up with something that suits your foot shape and style. 

2. Invest In Foot Care

It’s basic, but to make money out of feet pics, you need to have aesthetic feet. While some buyers might have different preferences, most of them like well-pedicured feet with smooth and supple skin and neatly painted toenails. 

But if that seems a lot for you, then you can start off by investing in basic foot care. Get yourself an at-home mani-pedi kit, some foot creams/ lotions, and a couple of nail paints. 

If your feet are not in the greatest condition, buy some foot cream (the one we use for cracked heals), do some DIY pedicures at home, and protect them by wearing socks. Pamper your feet periodically, as your goal should be to not let them be crust dusty and to keep them photo-ready all the time!

3. Know Your Pricing

Now how much should you charge? Well, that’s totally up to you, but if you want to know the price that can attract more buyers (since, as a beginner, you might want to focus on the number of customers first), it will be anywhere between $5 to $20 per picture. 

It is a decent price and won’t make a hole in the buyer’s pocket, so they shouldn’t hesitate. 

For videos, you can charge $50 per minute, but that also depends on how much effort and investment you are making to produce them. 

Once you get in touch with enough buyers, you can build a better rapport with them and increase your prices.

4. Analyze Your Competitors

To get some idea of what’s hot and what’s not, start by analyzing your competitors. Now you need to first decide how much you can commit to this and then pick the competitor. 

If this is just a side hustle, and you have no plans of investing in equipment, props, locations, or taking on similar costs, you might want to avoid the top creators on the platforms. Since most of them are doing this full-time and making millions.

But you can always go to their profile to take ideas and inspiration about how they label their albums or what’s trending the most right now. 


If you are planning to rely on social media to enter this industry, please don’t. You will be spammed by scammers and simply waste your time. Instead, go for platforms like Feetfinder that offer you security and a safe environment where you can worry less about fraud and focus more on your work. 

After all, no one wants a side hustle that comes with the hassle of finding a suitable customer base, targeting them, getting payments from them, and so on. 

Our best suggestion would be to go for a dedicated foot pic platform like FeetFinder, where you get to meet genuine clients and earn without worrying. 

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