Why Can’t I Post On Instagram? [ANSWERED]

Have you ever tried to upload a photo or a story to the social media site Instagram but were unable to do so? Far too annoying, right?

Well, if you have ever dealt with such a thing, or if you are currently dealing with one, you can take a deep breath and relax as this blog is written specifically for you.

We have compiled every reason why such an Instagram error could occur and have the ideal fix to get you out of this jam!

Why Can’t I Post On Instagram? + Its Solution

If you’re having trouble uploading content to Instagram, it’s probably due to a cache-related issue, an image/video format issue, a temporary ban on your account, excessive use of hashtags, an out-of-date app, spotty internet connectivity, or the use of a third-party app.

Let’s examine these factors in greater detail and determine how to best deal with them!

Instagram’s cache are basically the temporary files that are saved in the phone’s memory that help to speed up the app. 

But how exactly does cache speed up the app? Well, it stores the data from the frequently visited pages (like any friend’s Instagram profile), so that the next time you visit it, it takes less time to load.

Basically, cache files largely help in boosting the app’s overall performance and user experience.

Now, over time, these cache files can build up, occupy a substantial amount of space in the phone, and even become corrupted. So it’s crucial to make sure you “clear the cache” frequently.

If you don’t regularly clear the cache files, this could cause the app to malfunction and display errors and can be the potential reason why you aren’t able to upload content on the platform.

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In such scenarios, hitting the “Clear Instagram Cache” and freeing up some storage will be very helpful. On both Apple and Android devices, clearing the cache is a simple process that can be done by simply following these quick steps:

#1 — iOS device:

Step #1 — Head on to your iPhone storage.

Step #2 — Search Instagram App and tap on it.

Step #3 — Lastly, tap on Offload App.

#2 — Android users:

Step #1 — Head on to your Phone Settings menu and tap on App.

Step #2 — Next, use the search button and locate the Instagram app.

Step #3 — Lastly, tap on Storage and then tap on Clear Cache!

Issues With Video/Image Size and Format

Another possible reason why you aren’t able to upload posts on Instagram can be due to size and format issues with your photos/videos.

Instagram will display an error message or stop the upload process if the photo or video you’re trying to share does not conform to Instagram’s specific requirements for file size or format.

For example, if you try to upload an Instagram photo or video that’s too large, it could take a long time to upload or even cause the app to crash.

Or, if you try to upload an Instagram video that is not in the recommended format, Instagram will not process such a video and will stop the upload.


If you want to avoid these Instagram posting-related problems, make sure that the Instagram posts, Instagram reels, and Instagram stories you plan to upload to Instagram fit the platform’s **size and format requirements.**

Temporary Ban On Your Account

If Instagram has restricted (a.k.a banned) your account for a certain period of time, it is called a temporary ban.

A temporary ban usually happens if a user violated any of Instagram’s community guidelines or when a user’s profile gets reported on the platform.

This idea of temporary bans is particularly relevant in today’s time as many users on the social media platform are actually posting explicit content that can be harmful to the mental health and innocence of young people who use Instagram.

For all of these reasons, Instagram has laid down a few guidelines that Instagram users are expected to adhere to strictly in order to maintain the platform’s decorum and keep everything under control.

If there is a violation, Instagram flags your account, bans it, and prevents you from using the platform generally. This includes liking posts, posting content, leaving comments on other people’s posts, and even sending DMs.

The length of such bans is usually determined by the severity of the violation and your prior history and usage of the platform.


You can directly contact **Instagram support team** and submit an inquiry if you believe you haven’t violated any of their rules. They typically fix Instagram issues within 24-48 hours!

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Including Too Many Hashtags

If you use Instagram, you are aware of how crucial hashtags are for building brands, boosting visibility, and creating viral content.

And you’ve probably heard that too much of a good thing is bad, and that holds true here. Using too many hashtags in your posts will actually hurt rather than help your Instagram account’s credibility and visibility.

Instagram has set a cap on the number of hashtags you are allowed to use in a caption or a comment, and if you go over that limit, Instagram’s spam filters are triggered.

When any such spam filter is triggered, Instagram views your account suspiciously and has the power to restrict it from posting any more content.


So if you find yourself having trouble uploading posts to the platform, make sure you check all of your most recent posts to see if you have overused the hashtag strategy anywhere.

The spam filters get triggered for a lot of other reasons as well like using too many hashtags, posting multiple pictures, or multiple photos, commenting on too many posts, sending a lot of follow requests, etc — so be sure to steer clear of all such bot-like behaviors!

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Outdated App

The next probable cause is that you haven’t updated to the most recent version of the Instagram app and are therefore using an older version of the app.

Leaving an app out of date raises the probability that it will contain bugs, incompatibilities, and even vulnerabilities, all of which can have a negative impact on the app’s performance and your overall experience.

So if you haven’t updated your Instagram app yet, this can potentially be the reason why the app is stopping you from uploading videos and photos on the platform.


Since Instagram frequently releases updates to fix any issues that might pop up, this can be easily fixed by downloading the most recent version of the app.

Therefore, you should always ensure that the Instagram app on your mobile device is up-to-date by clicking the “update” button in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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Poor Internet Connection

Instagram, like all social media platforms, requires a consistent and reliable internet connection in order to function properly.

Therefore, if you are experiencing a problem and are unable to upload content to the platform, it is likely because of a poor or unstable internet connection.

Since Instagram cannot access enough internet to load the interface, load the Instagram feed, and other features, the app behaves improperly and can prevent you from using the platform normally when you have a slow or unstable internet connection.


To avoid this kind of trouble, make sure your internet connection is steady before hitting the “add post” button on Instagram. Strong Wi-Fi or a stable mobile data connection will allow you to accomplish this.

Usage Of Third Party Apps

Instagram clearly states in its terms of service that it prohibits the use of any unauthorized third-party apps to carry out any activity on the platform, including posting content, liking posts, leaving comments, etc.

But if you are using a third-party app to upload content, Instagram has strong tech that is capable of detecting such activity and blocking your account from posting content on the platform

Instagram is quite strict in this regard because unofficial third-party apps do not have the same level of security as the official Instagram app.

 Using these apps can put your account in danger. There is a possibility of your account getting hacked as these third-party apps generally save your login information.

To ensure that you are able to post on Instagram without any issues, make sure you do all the in-app activities from the official Instagram app and refrain from using any other third-party tools.

Now that you are aware of the specific reason why you are unable to post IG stories, photos, or videos on the platform, you need to ensure that you adhere to all of the platform’s rules and regulations, and never let Instagram prevent you from posting content again!

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