Why Can’t I Repost On TikTok In 2023?

TikTok, a short video sharing platform, has been dubbed “the most adored app of the decade” with its meteoric rise in popularity. The app’s success can be attributed in large part to its ability to consistently surprise and delight users with new and innovative features and capabilities.

The option to “Repost” videos has been one of the most talked-about new additions to this social networking site. I’m going to address some of the significant questions received about it!

Reasons Why You Can’t Repost On TikTok?

If you are unable to repost on TikTok, the possible reasons could be: an out-of-date app, the removal of the feature by TikTok, the creator disabling the repost option, or your search into the incorrect tab.

I’ve listed down the potential reasons in greater depth:

1. You Have Not Updated The App

TikTok is the undisputed king of updates, releasing new features seemingly every week and these enhancements are continually improving the app’s usability and productivity with each passing day.

Reposting videos on the platform is one of the new TikTok features that let you share other people’s content from your TikTok profile!

So if you are unable to repost on your TikTok account, it is likely because you have not yet updated to the newest version of the app yet! This has even happened with me.

Therefore, constantly make sure that your app is updated and that you’re leveraging all of the additional features that the platform brings!

2. It Isn’t Available To You

TikTok, like most social media platforms, doesn’t immediately roll out new features to all of its users or make them available in all countries.

In fact, in the beginning of 2022 users noted that just some of them had the option to repost videos, while others couldn’t find it anywhere, suggesting that the feature/update was still in beta testing phase.

This indicates that they roll out the new feature to users gradually, which can be the cause of your inability to repost any TikTok videos.

3. User Has Restricted Others From Reposting It

For whatever reason, not everyone on the site wants their videos to be shared or reposted by other users, and this could be the exact reason why they have restricted the repost option from their TikTok content.

If a TikTok user doesn’t enable the repost feature that allows their original content to be reposted by their followers, no one else will be able to share their videos on the app.

In other words, this is just another possible explanation for why you can’t repost a particular TikTok video on the platform.

4. Checking The Wrong Tab

This is one area where users frequently have confusion. Videos on your “For You” page or the “Discover” tab are the only ones with a repost or share button. This means you can only repost those videos that TikTok’s algorithm pushes to your For You page!

If you’re not seeing the repost option in a video, it’s probably because you’re watching the TikTok video in the “Following Tab” or the “Inbox Tab.”

There’s one further restriction that applies here: video content that you view on a user’s, or a follower’s profile cannot be reposted. As a result, the TikTok Repost button will not be visible to you.

How To Enable Repost On TikTok

For enabling the repost button, there are tons of things that you can do:

#1 — Update the TikTok app

To download the latest version of the app onto your phone, simply go to your App Store or Play Store and hit the “update” button. This is most likely the quickest and easiest method for enabling repost on TikTok.

#2 — Clear the app’s cache

Another quick and simple way to speed up, debug, and improve the performance of your TikTok app is to clear the cache. This will also get rid of any problems that might be preventing the “repost” button from showing up on your screen.

Check out this article for easy steps on how to clear your cache from the TikTok app!

#3 — Hold off for a while!

Sometimes, an app won’t immediately make a new update or feature available to everyone on the platform. Therefore, the simple reason why you are unable to do a TikTok repost is that this feature has not yet been made available to you.

Simply wait for TikTok to roll out the new repost feature to you, and then you can start hitting that share icon!

#4 — Reach out to the TikTok Support team

If you have tried everything on your end, waited for quite some time, and the repost button is still not appearing on your screen, you can simply contact the support team of the app and explain the problem to them.

The support crew for TikTok is pretty helpful, and you can expect a response from them within 24 to a maximum of 72 hours!

Why Did My Repost Button Disappear?

When a social media app introduces a new function or update, not everyone automatically gets access to it. Rather than immediately rolling out those features as permanent additions, it tests them first.

If you’ve noticed that the button to do a TikTok repost has vanished, it’s probably because the app is in the midst of a testing phase.

So, what actually occurs during this stage? The TikTok team, curious as to whether or not the new feature is well received, tests it out on a small group of users first. After receiving positive responses to these questions, they proceed with the future proper release.

Similarly, if they believe users are misusing the feature or there is a bug that must be fixed, they remove it from the platform, refine it, and relaunch it.

Sometimes the feature is removed for no other purpose than to generate a “we need the feature back” feeling within the user base, increasing the likelihood that the feature will be widely adopted the next time it’s made available.

Get ready to rock on this social network and enjoy all of this new feature now that you understand how exactly the TikTok repost works, why the repost features on videos aren’t available to you, and how you can actually fix this issue!

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