Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views

TikTok, the most popular app of the decade, is a short video platform that allows users to make 15-second videos showcasing their talents and letting the world appreciate them for the same.

Today, each and every content creator has one goal in mind: making their content go viral (which actually goes without saying).

But what if you spend hours planning your video, a few more making it, and a few more editing it, just to upload and realize that it has 0 views? An awful feeling, right?

Don’t fret; we have you covered so that you won’t have to deal with this issue on your own!

Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views?

The reason your TikTok videos are getting 0 views is that they violate community rules, or you’re using a VPN, or they advertise illegal goods or it can simply be because you’re a newbie on the platform.

Let’s take a closer look at all the potentials reasons why your TikTok video has 0 views (zero views):

Shadow Ban

In layman’s terms, a shadow ban simply means that TikTok has temporarily restricted access to your profile. This will result in a “0 views” situation because the TikTok algorithm isn’t going to promote it to the For You pages of your target audience or followers.

TikTok has a comprehensive list of community rules and expects its users to adhere to them strictly. Violence, bullying, nudity, drugs, hateful speech, sexual harassment, using copyrighted music, and sharing false information are just a few examples.

You should check to see that you aren’t breaking any of these rules!

TikTok is also more likely to shadow-ban your account if it appears that you are engaging in “bot behavior,” such as posting a large number of videos at once or following numerous users in bulk.

To ensure that your action has a natural, human feel, make sure you are not spamming.

Inappropriate Content

Every social media site has defined rules and restrictions that it expects its users to abide by, whether it be for an Instagram reel, a YouTube video on a YouTube channel, or a TikTok video.

Similarly, there are a ton of things that the TikTok community has flagged as inappropriate. Here is the list:

  1. Dangerous acts and challenges.
  2. Nudity or promoting of sexual activity.
  3. Content that encourages suicide or self-harm.
  4. Harassment and bullying.
  5. Hateful language.
  6. Violent graphics and/or content that promotes or encourages violence.
  7. Using abusive language.
  8. Featuring the use of banned weapons or showcasing illegal activities.
  9. Copyright and trademark infringement.

Source: TikTok’s official website

If any of this is included in your video, the platform will not support such content and the TikTok algorithm will not push it any further.

So make sure you get a thorough understanding and respect the TikTok community guidelines before posting your content.

Just a quick tip here: TikTok’s policies are updated pretty frequently, so it’s important to review them regularly to be familiar with the recent additions/changes.

Abusive Language

Viewers come from a wide range of ages, and the site is careful to ensure that no inappropriate information is made available to them.

The purpose of the TikTok community guidelines is to create a global platform where people can share their true skills and inspire others, hence the use of offensive or insulting language is strictly forbidden.

As a result, the platform does not condone or encourage the use of offensive language by its creators in the hopes of increasing their video’s watch time or level of viewer engagement and instead restricts the publication of such content.

Therefore, if any of your videos contain the use of abusive language, it is highly probable that TikTok will not push your video content to your followers, and this might be the reason why your TikTok video has a 0 view count despite your efforts!

Controversial Subject

There is always some news that garners attention for being controversial; make sure your video’s topic doesn’t quite fall under this category.

Stick to topics that you are confident are appropriate and stay away from anything that might be viewed as excessively controversial.

Avoid anything that would be offensive, anything that might harm a community’s feelings, or anything that might cause a rift among users, as the platform’s technology is designed to automatically detect and restrict such content.

New Account

According to a survey, one in three American social media users maintains numerous profiles on the sites they use. This is why people in the TikTok community tend to be suspicious of newcomers.

Due to the large number of fake accounts on social media, it may take TikTok some time to build trust with new accounts. During this period, your TikTok views may be frozen at 0.

So if you find this issue relatable, now is the moment to do what it takes to earn TikTok’s trust and see the TikTok algorithm act in your favor!

Looking for the right way to do this? Well, here’s what you can do:

  1. Make your profile look authentic by including your photo, bio, and other details.
  2. Increase your engagement by interacting with the work of other creators
  3. Produce high quality videos on the platform, use hashtag strategy, and get more likes and engagement on your videos.

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Use Of VPN

VPN is the abbreviation for “virtual private network,” which masks your real IP and gives you a new one.

Since a VPN can hide your IP address, it could be used for cyberbullying and other unlawful actions.

As a result, TikTok discourages its users from using VPNs while using the app, so if you’re using VPN, it can be the reason why your TikTok views are stalled at a 0 view count.

Although VPN can be to a user’s benefit, it is restricted on the TikTok app. You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to learn about any trending hashtag, improve your TikTok content game, and stay ahead of the competition, but you need to do this work methodically.

Never use a VPN on the TikTok account you want to use to upload your videos from, rather use a VPN only on a secondary account if you want to.

This way you can protect your primary account and also reap the advantages that come with a VPN.

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TikTok is a social media platform that supports independent users who produce their own unique, quality content.

Despite it being a great way to increase viewership on other social networking platforms, reposting is not encouraged on the TikTok platform,

Therefore, be sure to get the original creator’s consent before reposting their video.

Similarly, if you use someone else’s copyrighted work on TikTok without the permission of that person or without a legitimate legal purpose, it will result in breaching the platform’s regulations, and your video will be banned, resulting in a “0 views” cycle.

So ensure you avoid any kind of copyright infringement as that will stop your video from going viral.

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Video Is ‘Under Review’

The TikTok community has guidelines that you must follow, and your video will be reviewed if it interferes with those guidelines.

TikTok is likely to flag your video if it contains any violent or sexually explicit content, hate speech, derogatory language, contentious statements, or similar material.

After your TikTok video has been submitted for review, it usually takes the safety team around 48 hours to determine if it is appropriate. During this review period, it’s likely that your video will not receive any traction and you will find yourself not getting any views.

Another plausible explanation for this: if any of your past videos were flagged or reported by any other TikTok user, TikTok is likely to view your future uploads with suspicion and review them.

Solution to this? —

  1. Firstly, make sure you abide by the guidelines provided by TikTok
  2. Secondly, if you feel you haven’t violated any rule/regulation you can simply raise a ticket here
  3. Thirdly, just wait for 48 hours till TikTok’s moderators check and evaluate your video

Bad Internet

Lastly, it can simply be your bad internet at fault.

Your TikTok likes, video views, and comments may not have been updated yet if your internet connection is slow or if TikTok’s server is down, which may be the cause of your TikTok views being stuck at a “0 views” and “0 likes” loop.

Here, you may just turn off your internet and then turn it back on, or you can move to a different network to refresh your TikTok analytics and check the views again. This should fix the issue!

Now that you’ve got a firm grasp on what not to do on TikTok and how to avoid the 0 views loop, you can go ahead and start hitting the TikTok floors, in style!

Just remember the golden rule — Respect and obey TikTok’s community guidelines. Rest everything will be in your favor!

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