Why My TikTok Videos Are Not Getting Views?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms for someone who is aspiring to be a content creator/ influencer. Usually, it is said that getting views on short-form content is easy. However, I’ve observed that there are times when you might feel getting viewership on your TikTok videos can be challenging and tricky. 

Reasons for No Views On Your TikTok

There can be a number of reasons for not getting views on TikTok. For example: if you are new to TikTok, getting views will take some time as TikTok has not even indexed your account. 

In this article, I will explore the reasons for not getting views on TikTok. Don’t worry; I will also provide you with solutions to fix these issues. 

Low engagement

After you upload a video on TikTok, the app checks how many TikTok users have liked it and commented on it. It will also check your followers. This is also called engagement. 

Engagement rate is often tied with completion rate; it simply means how many people watch videos from beginning to end. If you have a low completion rate and watch time, it will have low engagement. 

TikTok uses engagement as one of the significant metrics to rank your video on the ‘For You’ page. If you have low engagement on your videos, it will likely not rank it, and people won’t be able to discover your content, leading to fewer views on your videos. 


I’d say that you can fix this by creating exciting and engaging content for your target audience. 

The first step is to study and analyze your viewer. Understand what they like watching and try different formats. Be creative. To get started, create videos around TikTok challenges and trends. The video quality also matters a lot. Make videos of good quality.

The key here is to make quality content specific to the target audience.  You can also conduct lucky draws for your fans and viewers from time to time. The prizes do not need to be expensive, but they must be recognizable and have personal characteristics, such as custom badges, custom keychains, custom ribbons,
custom pens, etc. which can attract and improve your users and increase their viewing

Multi niche content (not focusing on one niche)

You might be posting videos of different niches. For example: if your dance videos are getting high engagement and then you start posting cooking videos. Then, it is highly unlikely that videos are the other niche that will get more views. 

So, even if you have a profile that gets a lot of views on one particular niche but if you suddenly change your niche and start posting random multi-niche content, your viewership will easily go down. 


The solution here that has worked wonders for my clients is that, one account should focus on one particular niche. For instance, If you have high viewership in dancing videos, keep posting the same on your account. Do not mix it with cooking or cat videos. One account, one niche. 

If you can afford to get a TikTok PRO account, then you can analyze this yourself. 

Your account might be new

If you are a new user, then TikTok might not even have indexed your account. It does this because it wants to segregate fake accounts from real people. 

If you post a video right away, as it is not indexed, it will not be displayed on the ‘For You’ page and people won’t be able to discover your content. 


Do not make a new TikTok account and start posting immediately. Engage with other content on TikTok. Watch some videos, like, comment, add a profile picture, and write a bio. 

This will help TikTok realize that your account is not fake and when you post a video, it will get indexed and displayed on the ‘For You’ page. 

Inappropriate content

If a user is posting content that is violating TikTok’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, then TikTok will straight away ban or in some cases shadow ban their account. 

Posting content that has nudity, violence, etc are some examples of inappropriate content. TikTok will not allow other users to discover such content, leading to no views on your videos. 

If you are copying other creators’ content and re-uploading it on your account,it will get you zero views. TikTok’s algorithm is smart enough to catch it. Sometimes, if a user does that, they are also issued a copyright warning. 


Only post the content that follows TikTok’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Read the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines carefully before uploading any content on the TikTok app. Always post original content, and do not use other creators’ content.

You aren’t using the right hashtags

If you are posting content without using trending hashtags, you will not get views. Hashtags will help other people to discover your video. TikTok’s algorithm will rank them in the relevant hashtags you use. 

Hashtags will help you to increase the visibility of your content and boost the engagement rate. Branded TikTok hashtags are a great way of building a community around your brand. 


While uploading the video, always use trending hashtags. Use hashtags related to your niche. Do not club hashtags of different niches. For instance: if your video is about dancing, use hashtags related to that and not anything else. 

Also, combine your niche hashtags with the trending ones to increase your viewership. Please don’t go overboard with using hashtags. Too many hashtags can confuse TikTok’s Algorithm. Use not more than 5-8 hashtags. 

You are using a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows anyone to create a private network that cannot be traced. 

Usually, people use VPNs so that they get viewership from other countries. However, if you use an account that previously didn’t have any VPN and now it suddenly has a VPN, then it is likely that your viewership will go down. 


If you want your videos to be shown in some different country, you need a new fresh TikTok account on a different device with a VPN on. This method can help you to get your videos discovered by people living in some other countries like the United States.

You may not get a lot of views if you are not using the trending songs. You need to be selective about the audio you use. Songs are trendy when a lot of other creators are using them and people are watching videos related to that particular audio/beat. 


Use trending songs in your short videos. They will help you to boost up your views. In fact, they make your work easier as you would not have to rigorous search for audio. Look for trends, do trending challenges and use the song and make some really creative out of it. 

TikTok No Views After an Hour

The reason you don’t get views after an hour is mainly TikTok’s algorithm. It requires a chance to go through your video, and view the content. However, no one really knows how Tik-Tok’s algorithm functions. 

We have jotted down 5 reasons why your video is not getting views after an hour

You are posting at the wrong time 

You have shot a video and edited it nicely. You have got that urge to post it. However, was it the correct time to post? No. One factor that all the newbie creators ignore is the posting time. You should be calculative about when to post your content. 

The reason you are getting no views after an hour can be because you posted the video at the wrong time when there is very less user engagement. According to the report by Influencer Marketing Hub, the following are the ‘best times’ to upload your content. By the best time, they simply mean there is a higher engagement rate at that particular time. 

DayBest Time
Monday6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM
Tuesday2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM
Wednesday7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM
Thursday9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM
Friday5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM
Saturday11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM
Sunday7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM

You can also read here about strategies that can get you more views after you post. 

Target Audience

You are creating good content, but does your target audience like it? Probably, no, as you are not getting views after uploading the video. So, the key here is to curate content and cater to your target audience. 

It is necessary to know and define your target audience. Understanding their likes, dislikes, and the type of content they like to watch will lead to more views. Try to build a good relationship with users who are part of your TikTok audience.

Non Exciting Content

You may not be getting any views because you are producing non-exciting content. You are not making trending content that engages other users. This can happen mainly because you don’t understand your target audience well.

If your content is not working, I will say just experiment with different forms of content, use trending songs in the audio, and do TikTok challenges. Be creative. 

Not using the #FYP tag

If you are not using the #FYP tag that is recommended by TikTok, it may lead to no views on your videos. Use the #FYP with other trending hashtags to gain more views. However, please don’t go overboard with hashtags, use only 5-6 hashtags that are relevant to your niche. 

Not following the community guidelines 

If TikTok’s algorithm finds out your video is not following the community guidelines and Terms of Service, it will stop showing your video to other users. In some cases, this can even lead to a ban or shadow ban. 

Read the Community Guidelines carefully, if your content is even minorly hurting them, make sure to correct it. Do not upload content that has nudity, violence, controversial political opinions, etc. 


The main reason behind not getting views is content. However, there are several other reasons for not getting views. If you are new to TikTok, you may not get views as easily as your videos. Not using trending hashtags and posting at the wrong time can also lead to no views. Sensitive content that is not following community guidelines will not be shown to other users. Lastly, if your content is not exciting, viewers may not be attracted to it. 

Shaurya Jain
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