How To Get Verified on TikTok?

In the digital age, a blue badge on your social media account instantly increases your status. However, getting that blue tick on a platform like TikTok can be a bit challenging. Worry not, we have created this guide for you which will cover everything about TikTok verification. 

How To Get Verified on TikTok? 

There are no specific guidelines or criteria laid down by TikTok for the verification process. It has not said you need a huge following. However, to be eligible for TikTok Creator Fund, you need at least more than 100000 followers.

TikTok provides a blue check badge to a popular account. Therefore, you need to have a level of engagement on your account – then there are chances your account can get verified. 

TikTok usually verifies an account to protect popular users from getting impersonated, copied, or bullied. It is usually given to big public figures, celebrities, brands and publishers, and other high profile accounts. Also, one cannot request verification, the TikTok team verifies accounts on their own.

It is understandable why you want to get verified on TikTok. Being verified leads to more authenticity and legitimacy and it increases your status in the social media game. So, we listed down some strategies that can help you to become verified.

Post Regularly

In order to get verified, you need to build a solid presence on the TikTok app, this starts with posting content regularly. But before posting content, choose a specific niche. Research your target audience well, and analyze the type of content they like by watching their likes and dislikes. 

Create content and add your own twist and creativity to it. You can’t just post any content, you need to make sure you are producing engaging content of good quality. After uploading a few videos, analyze which TikTok video is working.

Don’t go overboard with uploading the content. Make a proper schedule, and post at the “right time”. Do some research on relevant and popular hashtags and add them to your caption. This will help you to increase your views and


Make some videos around TikTok trends and challenges. Try to create viral content. Do a collaboration or duet with some known creators. It will help you wider your reach and more people will be able to discover your content. Therefore, the key here is to be consistent with uploading your content and create a personal brand around yourself, so that you can earn the blue checkmark on your account.

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Have an Authentic Account

TikTok will not verify you if it feels your account is not authentic. To ensure that your TikTok profile is complete. You can do it by uploading a profile picture of yourself and adding a bio. It ensures you do not have a fake account. Also, make sure your account is not private. 

Moreover, follow other people on TikTok. Interact with content posted by your fellow creators. If you like someone’s content, just comment on their video, and DM them. You need to be a verified user first and gain TikTok’s trust in order to gain a blue badge from it.

Have coverage in Other Media

 If you have appeared in any magazine, newspaper, or even on online media – it can really help you to get verified on TikTok. It will make you look more legitimate and will also give you the status of a public figure.

Therefore, upgrade your PR game and do some interviews, podcasts and try to appear in the media as much as you can. It will not only lead to more exposure but by doing this, you can also get verified on TikTok.  

Get Verified on another social media platform

You can easily get verified if you have got a verification badge from other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The TikTok team will know that you are a well-known creator or a public figure if some of your other social media accounts on a different platform are verified. 

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Make Sure you’re following all the Community Guidelines

TikTok is very strict when it comes to its community guidelines. So, you need to make sure you are following all the community guidelines. These guidelines are made to keep the platform safe and friendly. 

Do not upload any inappropriate content, do not use abusive language, and most importantly do not create content that can lead to hate, violence, and hurt someone’s religious sentiments. TikTok is a platform that is generally used by younger audiences to get light entertainment, so we would suggest you avoid creating content around politics and controversies. 

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Can You Buy TikTok Verification?

No. You cannot buy TikTok verification.  

TikTok grants verification to users who it feels are authentic and have a strong public presence on the platform for free. No one can buy TikTok verification. If a company or an individual is asking you to pay for TikTok verification, they are scamming you. It is not legal and legitimate. Only TikTok can give you a verification and it is not all paid. 

Do not fall for all these scams. Stay away from many companies and people who claim to get you paid TikTok verification. You need to make consistent efforts to have a strong presence on social media and a high level of engagement to get a TikTok verification badge, there are no shortcuts. 

How Getting Verified On TikTok Helps


If someone has a verified TikTok account then it will definitely make them look more authentic and credible in front of everyone. The verification badge proves that you are some kind of a public figure or an internet influencer. If we see someone’s video from an account that is verified, we naturally tend to think that the account is credible and authentic. 


TikTok verification can help you to establish your authority. TikTok only grants verification to those accounts that have immense following and engagement. So, once you get verified by TikTok, your authority as a social media creator will go up and it can even help you to get good brand deals and sponsorships. 


If we see someone’s video from an account that is verified, we naturally tend to think that the account is credible and trustworthy. As a TikTok user, you know that the verified account is not a spam account and you are likely to follow them if you find their content appealing. Therefore, having a verification badge helps you to build credibility.


If you have a verified account, it will lead to more exposure. You can even collaborate with other verified account creators and widen your reach. Also, as you have a TikTok verification badge, there are high chances that other big creators and influencers might respond to your comments, and DMs and might collaborate with you. 

How to Get Verified on TikTok in 5 Minutes

It is highly unlikely to get your TikTok account verified in just 5 minutes.

Getting verified on TikTok is a long game. You cannot get verified on TikTok in a day or two or even 5 minutes. Be aware of any paid TikTok verification services offered by any company or an individual, they are a fraud and are scamming you.

You need to be consistent with your content, work hard on your engagement, collaborate with creators and in the long run, you can get verified. Follow the above steps to get verified in the longer run. Do not buy any services that claim that they can get this done for you.


TikTok verification means more authority, authenticity, and high status in the social media landscape. However, we suggest not being obsessive about account verification. 

If you are a content creator who is passionate about getting your account verified, be consistent, produce engaging and creative content and try to build a loyal set of communities on the platform. In the long run, if you have established a strong social media presence, TikTok will give you the blue checkmark badge by itself.


What Does Getting Verified On Tiktok Mean?

TikTok provides a user or a brand with a verification badge when it wants to protect them from being impersonated, copied, and bullied. It says, “A TikTok verified badge means that TikTok has confirmed the account belongs to the user it represents.” 

Therefore, it wants to protect popular accounts from being copied. It usually means that the account is authentic and credible and indicates a high engagement level. 

How many followers do you need to get verified on TikTok?

TikTok has not laid down any requirements on the number of followers to get verified on the platform. It has not laid down any criteria for getting verified. However, it is noticed that, to get verified on TikTok, you need to have an active account, and at least 100-500 people should follow you every day. It shows that your account has high engagement and a growing presence on the platform. 
If you are organically increasing your following, there are higher chances of your account getting verified. We would suggest you follow the steps that we mentioned above (earlier in the article), you can help to get verified on Tiktok in the long term.

How much does it cost to get verified on TikTok?

TikTok verification is free. There is no payment involved. 
Be wary of the companies and individuals that claim to get verified accounts. They are scamming you. Do not fall for such gimmicks. You need to be consistent and have a strong social media presence, not just on TikTok but overall on other social media platforms as well to get verified on TikTok. It doesn’t happen overnight and is certainly not a paid service. 
Only TikTok’s team can verify your account if they feel you have a legitimate and growing presence on their platform. Also, there is no such mechanism through which you appeal to TikTok to verify your account, it does it voluntarily.

How can I get verified on TikTok for free?

TikTok account verification is free. If someone is claiming it to be a paid service, they are a fraud. If you want to get verified on TikTok, you need to be regular with your content and need to have a strong social media presence on other platforms and in media as well. 

It is not an easy process, only in the long term if you have established yourself on the platform then there is a high chance of your account getting verified. Do not fall for fraud companies or even methods that claim you provide TikTok verification service.

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