How Many People Can You Follow On TikTok

In the game of social media, followers have become the most important tool. TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform where everyone wants to grow their following. However, TikTok has the following limitations and if someone exceeds that limit, it can result in a ban. 

In this article, I have tried our best to answer all of your questions related to TikTok’s follow limit. 

How Many People Can You Follow On TikTok?

On tiktok, You can follow up to 200 accounts daily and 10,000 accounts in total.

 If you follow a lot of people, exceeding the follow limit, TikTok might become suspicious of your account, it might think you are a bot. Your account can get shadowbanned for the same. 

You can follow up to 10000 accounts in total, which seems to be a fair number compared to other social media platforms like Instagram where the limit is 7500, and Facebook which only allows you to have 5000 friends. 

How Many Users Can You Follow On TikTok Per Day And Per Hour?

You can follow not more than 200 accounts per day. On an hourly basis, you can follow 25-30 accounts. If you are following people faster than the set Tiktok limit, you will receive a message notification saying “you’re following too fast” and then, TikTok will not allow you to follow others.  

TikTok has never clearly defined a follow limit on a per-day or per-hour basis. However, If you follow too many people at a fast speed, TikTok might consider your account for spammy behavior. It can become suspicious of your account. It can even shadowban your account for the same. 

 Can You Get In Trouble For Following A Lot Of People At Once?

Yes, you can get in trouble for following a lot of people at once. If you are following at a very high frequency and you receive a notification message from TikTok saying, “you’re following too fast”, then that means, you must immediately stop following people. 

If you repeatedly follow a lot of people and break the follower limit set by TikTok, then your account can even get shadowbanned. TikTok can mistake your account for spam, fake, or a bot account. Therefore, to protect the platform from such accounts, it can shadowban your account. 

You need to adhere to the TikTok following limit. Do not follow requests randomly to anyone on the platform. Send a follow request only if you enjoy watching their short videos. 

Can You Get Shadowbanned For Exceeding TikTok’s Follow Limit?

Yes, you can get shadowbanned for exceeding TikTok’s follow limit. The term shadowban is not an official term. But it is coined by internet users. It is when TikTok imposes a ban on a user but does not formally notify them. 

 In a lot of cases where a TikTok user has exceeded the follow limit, TikTok has imposed a shadowban on them. It does that to safeguard the platform. It will suspect your account to be operated by bots or might be fake and spammy.

TikTok app won’t notify you about the ban and it will stop displaying your content on the ‘For You’ page, your TikTok followers will not be able to like and comment on your TikTok video and your video views will freeze. It will not even let you post more content.

If you identify that your account is shadowbanned by TikTok, then the only way to get it removed is by appealing to TikTok’s support team and convincing them to un-ban your account. You will need to prove to them that you are not a fake/spam/bot account. 

Therefore, I would advise you, do not ever exceed the following limit set by TikTok. Don’t just follow anyone and everyone you see on the platform. Only follow a user if you like watching their TikTok content.

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Is The Follow/Unfollow Strategy Worth It Or Not?

One of the main reasons people follow multiple accounts is because they are trying to grow their TikTok account using the Follow/Unfollow strategy. 

In the Follow/Unfollow strategy, people will follow a large number of people who watch the content of their niche. If out of those followed people, some people will follow back. After a few days, you can unfollow all the people and you will be left with more followers.

But does this strategy actually work? No. 

You might see an increase in your TikTok followers but it is only for the short-run. Once, those people who have followed you back come to know that you have unfollowed them, then they can also unfollow you.

In my opinion, this strategy won’t guarantee genuine followers. You may have followers but there will not be a much increase in your engagement level. To grow on TikTok, you not only need followers but also good engagement on your content. 

The people who will follow you back, will not follow you back because they like your content. They will just follow back because you followed them in the first place. Aim for followers who follow you because they like your content. 

TikTok likes, comments and views are equally important to grow on the social network. It will get you more brand deals and sponsored content.

 If your followers are not interacting with your content, TikTok algorithm will not show your content to other users. Moreover, I’ve noticed that there are chances that your account might face a shadowban or account suspension if you follow multiple accounts at once. 

Do not aim to increase your followers with these kinds of mere tactics which will fade away in the short run. TikTok stars like Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, gained followers because of their content. If you aim to become a TikTok influencer like them, grow your following organically.

You can increase your following organically by posting regular original content that caters to your target audience, using a trending hashtag in your captions, and making videos on a TikTok trend. Also, you can also do a TikTok live (if you have more than 1000 followers) to engage your TikTok audience.

Can You Follow More Than 10k on TikTok?

No. You can only follow up to 10000 users on TikTok. It is actually a fair number and is way higher compared to other social media platforms like Instagram where the limit is 7500 Instagram followers and Facebook where the limit is 5000 friends. 

Different social media platforms set a follow limit because they want to prevent any spam and bot accounts. They want to keep their platform safe for everyone. 

Let’s be honest, it is humanly impossible to know even 10,000 users or creators. TikTok has been generous enough to set this number to 10000. Also, you rarely see a user or a TikTok content creator following close to 10000 accounts. 

If you want to follow more than 10000 people with no malicious intent then just simply create a new account and follow them. 


You can follow up to 10000 accounts in total on TikTok. On a daily basis, not more than 200 accounts. If you exceed the following limit set by the platform, you may face a shadowban or account suspension.

TikTok is very strict about its follow limit because it wants to safeguard its platform from spam, fake, and bot accounts. 


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