How Many Views On TikTok To Get Paid?

TikTok, owned by a Chinese company ByteDance, is a DIY video platform that is immensely popular among the Gen Z demographic. Its quirky blend of social networking and music has captured attention worldwide!

With over 2 billion downloads, it is the world’s 6th most popular social network for creating and sharing videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

How Many Views On Tiktok To Get Paid?

If you want to make money directly from TikTok video views, you must fulfill certain conditions in order to be a part of the TikTok Creator Fund. Once you are a part of it, you can earn up to $40 for every million views on your video.

Now the question arises —  How can one be a part of the Creator fund?  On what criteria does TikTok pay? And how much exactly does TikTok pay? 

Let’s answer one question at a time!

To begin, there are a few requirements that must be met in order to make money online with TikTok:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • Have more than 10,000 followers
  • Have at least 100,000 views over the last 30 days.
  • Lastly, have an upgraded Pro account

Once these conditions are checked, a TikTok app user can apply to the TikTok Creator Fund in the app (or join TikTok Creator Next).

According to TikTok, the purpose behind this fund is to “support ambitious creators who are seeking opportunities to foster a livelihood through their innovative content.”

So in short, TikTok pays you money for your efforts and the videos you create. It also shares ad revenue with the creators of the videos.

But how much exactly does TikTok pay?

Well, according to Tubefilter, a few top influencers reported that TikTok pays somewhere around two to four cents for every thousand views which sum up to around, $20 to $40 for every 1 million views.

This means TikTok provides its community members with a fantastic opportunity to make handsome sums every month!

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How Do Tiktokers Monetize Their Content?

Apart from garnering views on videos, there are various other ways by which TikTokers generate some serious monies on TikTok. Tops the list are the following 8 methods:

  1. Brand Partnerships

A great way to monetize the TikTok profile is by partnering up with brands and helping them promote their products.

For having a brand partnership/brand deal, a TikTok user can leverage the TikTok creator marketplace (more about this later in this blog) that connects the right brands to the right influencers for partnering up and creates a win-win strategy for both parties.

Many TikTok creators who are popular on the platform and have a stellar number of following are directly approached by brands to collaborate on influencer marketing.

  1. Sponsored Posts

Another option to earn money through your TikTok account is through brand sponsorships.

Here businesses approach influencers (or vice versa) to advertise their products in their video in exchange for a fee or other kind of remuneration (this is known as sponsored post/sponsored content)

Wondering what’s the criteria for this? Well, it’s simple. For businesses to consider someone, they must have at least 10,000 followers on the TikTok app. If they fulfill this condition (including TikTok’s other community guidelines), they are likely to be sponsored by a brand on Tik Tok.

  1. TikTok Creator Fund

It is, as the name implies, a fund for TikTok users. It is intended to compensate every content creator who is doing it right on the platform.

To be a part of this TikTok creator fund, a user has to fulfill certain criteria like:

  • Have a Pro account
  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Have at least 10,000 followers
  • Received at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days

TikToks creator fund began with an initial investment of $200 million in 2021, and after its tremendous success and popularity, the company has decided to increase it to $1 billion within the following three years!

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing and TikTok have gained immense popularity over the last few years, making it a combo, hard to beat!

Affiliate marketing is a great way for users to make money. Users get a custom affiliate link from the brand which they can share on content, and when people click through and buy the product, the user gets a sales reward.

With this model, a brand can have multiple users sharing links from the same product, with each user getting compensation when someone buys their product through their link.

  1. Promoting Music

You know how quickly TikTok audios spread! It’s everywhere, including other social networking platforms — and this is the exact reason why brands/musicians pay users for using their audios in their TikTok videos.

So, another amazing way users make money with TikTok is by adding certain audios to their TikTok clips. If the TikToker has an attractive following and engagement, musicians will pay them to advertise their music in their TikTok videos.

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  1. Selling Your Own Merchandize

Irrespective of what content you are making, selling your own merch is any day a great way to earn money.

To connect on a more personal level, TikTokers make and sell merchandise to their fans and generate a good income out of it.

Be it t-shirts, bags, wallets, mugs, notebooks, etc. there are tons of ways through which TikTokers generate revenue.

  1. LIVE Gifting

If you are brave enough to go live on TikTok, there is a prize in store for you!

When you live stream on TikTok, your followers can send you coin donations/virtual gifts (which can be traded for cash).

There are also certain criteria that a TikToker needs to fulfill:

  • Should have at least 1,000+ followers to go live
  • Must be at least 16 to go live
  • Need to be 18+ to earn coins/points

Many TikTokers get money from donations made during such live streams. However, there is a limitation here: this cannot be done on a regular basis. Such contributions should be quite natural.

  1. Creator Marketplace

Just like dating apps connect their users with their most possible matches, the creator marketplace connects influencers with brands.

This is the perfect place for brands to find their ideal influencer and for influencers to connect with the right brands, making it a great space for influencers to earn money.

There are a few criteria for this as well, the user needs to:

  1. Have more than 10,000 followers
  2. Post at least 3 videos in the last 28 days
  3. Be over 18 years of age
  4. Have more than 100,000 video likes in the last 28 days

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The Highest-Earning Creators on TikTok

TikTokers who generate entertaining content, especially involving dancing and music, typically receive the highest engagement and hence earn the most money.

Here is the list of some highly-influencer TikToker who have successfully turned their TikTok content into a cash printing machine:

Dixie and Charli D’Amelio

This power-duo sisters from the United States have unquestionably ruled the TikTok space since 2019.

D’Amelio came into the limelight after her younger sister Charli DAmelio gained popularity on TikTok with her videos.

Dixie and Charli have now won the hearts of billions on the internet, with over 57.4 million and 144.6 million TikTok followers & 3.2 billion and 11 billion likes, respectively.

With their shared knack for creating viral videos on the platform, the 18- year old Charli and the 21-year-old Dixie are TikTok’s 2nd and 3rd biggest earners, earning over $4 million and $2.9 million, respectively!

Addison Rae

Born in 2000, Addison Rae Easterling is an American TikTok influencer who is ranked to be one of the top earners on the platform.

Securing herself a spot on the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, she has over 88.5 million TikTok followers and 5.8 billion likes. She captured the attention of millions on the platform in late 2019 with some outstanding dancing videos, lip syncing, and comedy sketch pieces.

According to Forbes’ top TikTok earner’s list, Addison has earned $8.5 million from TikTok alone in 2021, surpassing Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s entire earnings!

Source: Forbes

Michael Le

Dancer and social media personality Michael Le aka “justmaiko”, is one of TikTok’s most popular personality..

This stunning 22-year-old TikTok star has a net worth of over $4 million and rules TikTok with his appealing looks and dance routines.

Known for his “Hips Don’t Lie” performance on an escalator (how amazing is that!), this TikToker is one of the most followed influencers on the platform with over 51.5 million followers and 1.4 billion likes!

His YouTube channel is no less impressive. There he has a total of 2.67 million subscribers!

According to Forbes, Michael made a whopping $1.2 million in 2020, when he had about 40 million TikTok followers. He obviously makes much more than that now since his following count has increased significantly!

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch’s fan base can be summed up in one word: Crazyyyyyyy! With over 90 million admirers and 2 billion likes since April 2020, she is the third most-followed individual on the platform.

Marie Bella Policarpio Pocklington (yep, that’s her real name) shot to fame after posting the most-viewed video, a mesmerizing lip-sync routine to Millie B’s “Soph Aspin Send.”

This former US Navy officer has a net worth of $12 million and has earned more than $3 million through Tiktok alone!

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How To Get More Views On Tiktok

Now for the big question: “How on earth do I get more TikTok views?”

Well, that’s a tricky question. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. But again, it’s not rocket science as well.

You have to have a plan, a desire to make viral content, and then follow these (super) essential tips:

Tip #1 — Optimize your content for FYP

If you want to get some good views on your TikTok videos, you have to make sure you are making content that will land on other people’s For You Page.

The nicest aspect of the For You page is that it functions similarly to the home page of a social media account, but you don’t have to follow the individual to see their content. It is a place where any creator’s content can pop up.

In order to optimize your content for the FYP, here are a few quick tips:

  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Use trending audio
  • Make short videos
  • Stick to your specific niche
  • Post during peak time

Tip #2 — Grab attention in the first 2 seconds

The attention spans of people are shrinking day by day. And with a fast-scrolling platform like TikTok, hooking someone’s attention is highly essential to increase engagement.

To do this, make the first 2-2.5 seconds of your video really fascinating – you can include a question, an interesting image, some clickbaity stuff, and things along those lines.

Tip #3 — Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are like a magical weapon for increasing the virality of your content. Understanding the hashtag idea and selecting the appropriate hashtags is critical for this.

The first technique is to niche down your hashtags and use the ones that are relevant to your audience.

Another way is to use hashtags such as #FYP or #ForYouPage, which helps to push your content to TikTok app users’ For You Page.

Whatever your plan, be sure you’re leveraging hashtags that make your content easier to find on the platform.

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Tip #4 — High video quality

The four foundations of creating aesthetically engaging material are good lighting, steady footage, clear picture, HD video quality. With phones, cameras, and tech evolving rapidly over the years, a high-quality video is the bare minimum requirement to create viral content.

A tripod, ring lights, and a good camera is the first step toward creating content that will have your viewer’s attention.

An excellent way to get views on TikTok is to hop on new trends and trending audios.

Every week/day/hour there’s a new song on the platform that grabs everyone’s attention (very honestly, these songs are really, really catchy!) followed by millions of people making videos on the same track.

So make sure you groove to these trending audios right on time and capitalize on them to get some great TikTok view numbers 😉

For this, keep a keen eye on the “Trending Sounds” section of your TikTok account in order to know what your next audio choice will be.

Tip #6 — Make short videos

TikTok is a short-video platform, so making a video somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds long works best for getting a good number of views.

Even though TikTok gives an option to make videos for up to 10-minutes, it’s best to restrict your content to just a few seconds.

Shorter videos are more likely to be viewed all the way through by your viewers without tiring them out!

Tip #7 — Be regular and be consistent

Being active and consistent on the platform is the mantra you need to ensure that your audience remembers you and your videos,

When you are starting out, posting one video once in a blue moon won’t be sufficient to get the kind of views you desire for. You have to be dedicated and consistent in your content creation.

Hop on to new trends, make how-to videos, show a BTS of your life, or do literally anything but make sure you’re active on the platform!

Tip #8 — Leverage other socials for cross-promotion

With so many social media channels available, make sure you leverage them to get more views on TikTok.

You can simply share a snippet of your TikTok video on Instagram and Facebook stories, or any other social media platform and redirect your audience to the original TikTok video.

This way you can get more eyes on your content without putting in too much effort (come on, after spending hours creating a 15-second video, posting a story shouldn’t even seem like a chore!)

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