How To Go Live on TikTok Without 1000 Followers

Live streaming has become so popular in this digital age. The uncut, unfiltered, and unedited version of someone just excites the audience. It helps creators and users to connect with their followers and build a loyal set of communities. Additionally, on TikTok, creators can also receive virtual gifts from their followers. 

Here we have created a guide for you that includes all the basics about doing a TikTok live stream. 

How To Go Live on TikTok Without 1000 Followers

A TikTok user at least requires 1000 followers to enable live streaming, there is a way through which users who don’t have that bare minimum following can also go live. This method has worked out for a lot of people. But, at times, it may not work for someone. 

TikTok is clever enough to understand that someone is tricking them. Even though this may not be the sure-shot method to enable the live feature in TikTok without having 1K followers, still you should at least give it one try. 

Step 1: 

Open the TikTok App and go to the Profile icon symbolized as Me which is at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: 

Go to the Settings and Privacy option by tapping on the three-dot menu which is in your TikTok Profile.

Step 3: 

In Settings and Privacy, you will find an option of Report a problem, tap on it. 

Step 4: 

 Look for Live/Payment/Rewards and tap I can’t start a live. It will ask you to write in detail about the problem you are facing with going live. 

Step 5: 

Write down a convincing reason and ask them to enable live streaming on TikTok for you. This is the most crucial step. If you are not good at writing, ask your friend or a relative to help you out. 

Step 6:

 Enter an active Email on which TikTok can reach out to you and press Send in the upper-right corner.

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How To Go Live On Tiktok?

Going live is the best way to interact with your followers in real time. You can not only receive virtual gifts but also through this way, your TikTok followers can know you better. It helps in building a loyal community.

 So, here are five easy steps through which you can go live on TikTok. 

Step 1: 

Open the TikTok App and tap the Create icon (plus sign) which is on the bottom of the home screen. 

Step 2:

Swipe all the way and tap on the LIVE button. Choose an image, and add a title for your live stream. Make sure that the image and the title are appealing to your target audience. When they read/see it, they should be enticed to come and join your live stream. 

Step 3:  

Once double-check everything including your camera, lighting, title, image, etc, and then tap on  Go LIVE to start your stream.  It will do a countdown from 3 and then you will finally live. 

Step 4: 

If you want to access settings and features during the live stream, tap on the three-dot menu. You will find their options to add filters, and effects, delete and filter comments and flip your camera. 

Step 5: 

If you want to end your TikTok live stream, press on the X that is present in the top-left corner of your screen. 

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Tips For Going Live On TikTok

Doing a live stream can be challenging. Here we have curated a list of tips that can make your live stream a success.

Define An Objective For TikTok Live Video

Always have a purpose to do a live stream. Do not go live arbitrarily. You need to give your followers a reason to attend your live session. It can be offering premium and exclusive content or a giveaway, incentivizing your followers to join your live. 

Make it interesting and entertaining enough for your audience to join the live. You should have an objective when you do a live broadcast. Keep the conversation around that objective and try not to have a dry and boring atmosphere. Talk to them, be real and entertaining. 

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Plan the Structure of Your Live Stream

Live streaming is not as easy as it looks on the screen. It requires preparation and planning. If you go live without being prepared then there are huge chances of messing up the stream. Take some time out and plan what you are going to say in the live stream since you are the live host.

 Don’t prepare a script (you need to keep it real) but at least have notes of important points that you are going to address in the stream. Have a proper structure to your stream, think about your introduction, body, and how you are going to end the live stream- it will help viewers to stick around to your live stream. 

Pick the Best Time Slot

Whenever you plan to go live, pick a time slot when there is a maximum engagement of the users on the platform. If you do a stream at the right time, more people will come to watch your live stream. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, these are the ‘best times’ that see maximum engagement:

DayBest Time
Monday6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM
Tuesday2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM
Wednesday7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM
Thursday9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM
Friday5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM
Saturday11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM
Sunday7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM

Promote Your Live Session Beforehand

You need to promote your live stream a few days in advance so that viewers are aware of it and tune in at the given time. On TikTok, you can do it by enabling the feature of LIVE Events – this way your followers will know when you are going to live. 

Also, promote your live stream on different social media platforms. Upload an Instagram story or a post if you have a good following on Instagram. The idea is to promote your live stream on a maximum number of channels so that more people come to watch your live stream. 

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Collaborate With Other Creators 

Collaborate with another content creator, this will not only make the live stream more engaging but also it will help you to reach a wider audience. Their viewers will be able to discover you and vice versa, it can lead to you getting new followers and increased viewership. 

You can even contact big creators or anyone with a good background and interview them about the topics that can interest your followers. Make sure, they are not boring and formal, find ways to keep them light as TikTok is all about entertainment. 

Keep It Short

Keep the live stream short and sweet. It should not be more than 30 minutes. By keeping it short, more people will stick around with the live stream and it will be less monotonous. Also, this way, the chances of you making mistakes in the live stream will also go down. 

Set The Scene

Set up your live stream in a clean space where there is good lighting. If you are a professional creator, we would suggest you use a ring light, it will instantly elevate the lighting. Also, make sure there are no background disturbances and noises. Create a good-looking atmosphere whenever you go live.

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